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TFS 1.X+ [8.0 dg by nekiro] [TFS 1.5] Walking lag/delay


Jun 28, 2023
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Hello community! 🫡

Walking with arrows or map click results with the same behavior - character stops for a very short moment and then moves forward. It happens very often with some short moments of absence (usually out of town).
It happens both on cipsoft client and otc, and only when map is big.
It doesn't happen on tfs original map or any other relatively small map.

Local VM: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS, 8 GB RAM, 2 cores 3,7 GHz. I am the only player on the server (Btw I reinstalled VM already a few times, and the issue is still occuring).
Maps used for testing: my custom map and RL map from this thread and both result with the same walking issue.
For the purpose of testing I used only clean repos with following results:
tfs 1.5 dg 8.0 by nekiro - walking issue on big map
tfs 1.5 dg 8.6 by nekiro continued by millhiorebt - walking issue on big map
tfs 1.4 10.98 - 0 issues, works perfect

I'm wondering if this problem is somehow connection related. When I run tfs 1.4 10.98 then OTC properly shows the ping and the game is going ultra smoothly. When I run tfs 1.5 dg by nekiro then OTC for some reason doesn't show ping at all and the problem with moving starts to happen.
Its called being a leech.
You suggest that someone "optimize" something that you are completely oblivious to, you suggest someone spends money on something that is not a problem here.
Stop cherrypicking posts that fits your narrative. Follow this in more general manner and you will stop making life hard for yourself.

That is also possible, the commit I suggested will partially fix that issue even if you broke it during the downgrade.
But of course, it's better to fix the origin.

Nothing meaningful changed there. All it takes is very basic C++ knowledge.
I suggest you hire someone trustworthy to do it for you.
Before throwing stones at someone gratuitously, see what the person said before jumping to conclusions!
Before throwing stones at someone gratuitously, see what the person said before jumping to conclusions!
There is nothing to optimize and its not related to general performance.
It's you suggesting I am a scammer and throwing stones, are you mentally challenged?
Has anyone fixed it yet?
We have a potential solution, but for me it is too inconsistent with the tfs 1.5 dg by nekiro source code.

Wouldn't it be here?
Thats right, this is the correct answer.
0 monsters and 0 npcs are spawned on the map. I am the only player on the server. Literally nothing is going on. You want to tell me that the code can't handle one player moving on the map?

Did you manage to have any success in your attempts?
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Most likely wrong speed formula, otc/cip client calculates its own speed duration, if it doesnt match the tfs one you can feel it like a lag, because server/client wont let you take a step before the time passes.
Without wanting to abuse your goodwill, wouldn't you be able to kindly help us?
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