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[8.6] Basic Evo

Chestnuts Are u jokeing ? i used the map in my server know what? alot of monster bugs,Npc is gone ingame and in map editor is npc there. Well ur server is fuckt up.

it worked just fine for me? maybe learning english first could help?
i cannot download i need premium at the webbsite can u fix another one pls ;/
Thank you for this engine. Im baseing my ot on it right now im im modifing all the exps and addings tons of quests.
is this for giving away or just showing off it is for giving away pm me the ip and I will take it
any ideas how to run it on tfs 1.2? already have it compiled and works without any problems on 8.6 but after replace data and mods files cant run.. probably cause functions have been changed since tfs 0.4.. how to convert them? is it even possible? or should i start from beginning and add newer version by myself and configure all this shi.... ;>

I have this old 8.6 Evolutions data folder here..
Features: Its a basic Evolutions map. So its same quests, tps, trainers, games and events that you see again and again. This is just a clean data folder without many aditions, so a decent starting point to make your own server out of.


(Depot Squares are wrong in map editor because my items.otb doesn't match, but they are 'glowing switches' in game)

I'm not sure if its 100% bug free so just to be safe we'll call it 99.5% bug free ;)

Rep++ If this helps you out!

PS: A 'Donator' Set has been created on this data pack. Search 'Corrupt' Items in items.xml. e.g 'Corrupt Helmet'
virus detected lol