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Attempt to call a number value


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Feb 8, 2021
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Could someone help me with a question? I'm facing the following issue. As soon as I start my server on Ubuntu 20.04 machine, it begins to show some errors out of nowhere and doesn't execute any script anymore. When I open it on my PC, it doesn't give any error and works perfectly. Any solution?

I'm using the 'optimized_forgottenserver' multiprotocol.

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show the bonusOnline.lua script....
These errors are not related to any script, because as soon as it starts to bug, it gives errors in all scripts that are executed, it must be related to the OS version or some missing library.

Or there is a lack of synchronization of something, as it only starts to bug after I do something that pulls information from outside the game.

Ex: Open Gamestore or Market

He is not even able to pull the amount of coins in the market
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