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[Canada] [13.21] Elysiera | low-rate non-pvp | Global content with customizations

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Oct 20, 2023
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Introducing: Elysiera

Elysiera is a Tibia server that is meant to be very chill. Our slow paced rates will give you time to enjoy a lot of the content you know and love, along with our custom systems. Our community is very friendly and our Staff is very open and constantly discussion new features and other things with the community on our Discord.[/SIZE]

You can find the most up-to-date info on our wiki: Server Info (https://wiki.elysiera.com/en/server-info)


Loot: 1.5✕
Skills/Magic Level: 3✕
Experience: 10✕ to 2✕


  • Free, infinite, training weapons: These are 20% as effective as regular exercise weapons, but last forever!
  • Basic exercise weapons: Baseline weapons (5x more effective than the infinite ones). You get them in game at store, for gold, tokens or Elysiera Coins
  • Enhanced exercise weapons: 20% more effective than Basic. You get get them in game for gold, tokens or Elysiera Coins
  • Masterful exercise weapons: 30% more effective than Basic. You get get them in game for gold, tokens or Elysiera Coins


  • All 7 regular blessings available (you start with the basic 5 for free)
  • Use !bless in game to buy blessings
  • Free until level 100
  • From level 101 -> 399: (level - 100) * 60 + 1000 (per blessing)
  • Levels 400+: 20,000 (per blessing)

Level rewards​

You get some basic gold rewards at a few levels:

  • Level 8: 20 Hunter Tokens
  • Level 50: 20,000 gold
  • Level 100: 50,000 gold
  • Level 150: 100,000 gold
  • Level 200: 200,000 gold


  • Custom Dyanmic spawn system: a lot of our the spawn densities are dynamically generated making many hunts more fun and productive.
  • Custom creatures: Pits of Inferno, Nargor (and more coming) have been updated for a more rewarding gameplay.
  • Diamond arrows are 1sqm larger and deal more damage.
  • Wands/rods damage scale up with magic level and level, and can chain up to 4 creatures
  • All melee skills have been merged into Melee fighting.
    • Swords are powerful single target weapons that deal more damage faster
      (+20% attack speed, regular damage formula).
    • Axes can chain up to 5 creatures that are standing besides eachother
      (-20% damage).
    • Clubs deal area damage the same size as diamond arrows
      (-50% damage).
    • All training weapons and imbuments that previously affected sword, axe or club will affect melee. Fist fight fighting is melee and has been slightly buffed.
  • New skillRunic fighting: You level up runic fighting everytime you damage an enemy with a rune. Runes receive a boost in damage based on the caster's runic skill. This skill levels up faster the more monsters you hit with a rune; damage dealt is irrelevant!
  • New skillLuck: You level up luck by looting rare items. Luck gives you more loot and also gives you critical hit chance!
  • Every character starts with a base of 50% critical hit damage. This adds up with imbuments. For example, a player with a Powerful Strike imbument will deal 100% critical damage.
  • New skillTonicity: You level up tonicity by simply drinking potions. Higher tonicity makes potions more effective, in terms of both their minimum and maximum output.
  • New skillDexterity: You level up dexterity by simply taking damage. The more damage you take, the more you'll level up this skill. Currently dexterity only provides a small passive chance of triggering "dodge".
  • The MAXIMUM resistance any creature can have to any element is 30%. This means that every element is somewhat viable in every situation.

Exclusive Items​

These exclusive items offer unique quality of life perks:

loot pouch
Loot Pouch: You're probably familiar with it, but if not, it's an infinite pouch that you can use as a loot container for everything you loot from monsters. This way you can loot anything and everything your capacity allows. In additino to that, The Lootmonger will also buy all of the items in your loot pouch at once! All you have to do is find the loot pouch in their shop and sell it through that.
imbuing crystal
Portable Imbuing Crystal: You can use this as an imbuing shrine! Imbue your items from anywhere.
teleport cube
Teleport Cube: With it you can chose any town, the adventurer's guild, or any house you have access to to teleport to, from anywhere (if you're not in battle, of course).
backpack of elysium
Backpack of Elysium: A special backback with 200 slots!

Kill Tasks​

Players can do up to 2 tasks a day (3 if VIP), they can be started using the task tracker in your inventory.

Kill tasks are timed trials, you have 30 minutes to kill as many of a certain creature as you can. There are a few task tiers:

TierHunter TokensGoldExperience
A20300k50% of a level (maximum level 1000)
B15200k50% of a level (maximum level 500)
C10100k50% of a level (maxiumum level 250)
D1050k50% of a level (maximum level 100)
In order to complete each task, you need to achieve one of the 4 ranks: commoner, journeyman, epic, legendary. Most tasks follow the same patterns, respectively:

  • A-Tier: 500, 650, 800, 1000 kills
  • B-Tier: 400, 550, 700, 900 kills
  • C-Tier: 300, 400, 500, 700 kills
  • D-Tier: 200, 250, 300, 400 kills
And in turn, each rank will give you a boosted gold and experience reward:

  • Commoner: Experience 1✕, Gold: 1✕
  • Journeyman: Experience 1.2✕, Gold: 1.1✕
  • Epic: Experience 1.4✕, Gold: 1.2✕
  • Legendary: Experience 1.6✕, Gold: 1.3✕


When hunting in a party, the requirements change a bit. The formula is requiredKills * partySize * 0.8. So for example:

2 people, C-tier, commoner: 300 * 2 * 0.8 = 480
4 people, A-tier, legendary: 1000 * 4 * 0.8 = 3200

Party boosts

These would passively activate if players are in a party with the other vocation and exp share is active. The boost only activate once, but multiple pairs can be active at the same time. This would still encourage a full party to be formed.

Knight ↔ Paladin:

  • Divine Dazzle: gives affected creatures a speed boost on +20 (boots of haste), this helps the knight get a quicker box
  • Train Party: increases party skills by 5% (primary skill; i.e. magic for mages, distance for paladins, does not affect other knights) (does not stack with other knights)

Knight ↔ Druid:

  • Heal Friend: healing group cooldown reduced to 0.8s instead of 1
  • Chivalrous Challenge/Challenge: pins creatures for 8 seconds (instead of 6)

Knight ↔ Sorcerer:

  • New Spell: Sorcerers get Aid Friend exura med sio "" : heals target for around 60% of what Heal Friend does for 250 mana (130 more than Heal Friend) with a 2 second group cooldown (to make it penalising to use since you can’t heal yourself for 2 seconds)
  • Fair Wound Cleansing: gets a 5% increase in healing
  • Wand chains up to 8 creatures

Paladin ↔ Sorcerer:

  • Protect Party: reduce damage taken by party by 2%; no area graphics, target in-range party members directly (exp share range)
  • Expose Weakness: 1sqm larger and increases damage by 6% (instead of 5%)
  • +2% critical chance for Sorcerers
  • +20% dexterity for Paladins

Paladin ↔ Druid:

  • Divine Dazzle: challenges affected creatures (for 6 seconds) (unless they are already challenged by a Knight!)
  • Heal Party: heal 50 hit-points per second

Sorcerer ↔ Druid:

  • Strong Ice Wave: larger area (same as Terra Wave/Energy Wave)
  • Enchant Party: adds 2 magic level (instead of 1)
  • Druid/Sorcerer gets +8% life leech
  • Druid/Sorcerer gets +4% mana leech

Druid ↔ all vocations:​

  • Party buffs are permanent and need not be recast
"Custom creatures: Pits of Inferno" ya mean 15 years old features? lmfao...... Pass
This is the exact reason why it is done. We've updated the rewards and gave monsters more modern abilities appropriate for the modern power level.
Alternatively, we can leave PoI as a waste of space.
Why do some mobs have some weird icon with their name. I don't notice any difference. I was hoping there were some elite mobs. To get some more diversity and danger...
I'm just exploring on the server to check out some new content. I've not played on a real map server for years.

Why not reward ppl with like 150-200 coins for reaching lvl 200. This way I can at least check out some ppl with the new outfits.
Now everyone wears the standard boring stuff....

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