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[USA] [8.60] Rebirth-Highexp | 29 September 9:00 CEST

Server Website/AAC
Server Address
Server Port
Client Protocol

Peter Pan

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Sep 18, 2023
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Server Website: Latest News - HigEXp (http://rebirth-highexp.online/)
Server Address : rebirth-highexp.online
Hosted in: USA, New York, on a dedicated server with 700 mbits Internet connection.
Server port: 7171
Uptime: 24/7
Client : 8.60 / old Clinet
Map: OLD , full trap and rpg map
Launch date: 29.9.2023

Server Rates

*Loot rate 10x
*Skill rate 1000x
*Magic rate 50x
*Experience static 500x

*Reset System: Damage 2.5 Character-10% more hp/mp-10% exp
*Buff: Every Time You Get 25xReset Get Buff Add 25% hp-mp-100+skill
*Target Spells : 100% Attack Hard 1 spm player Get after 20 Resets
*Quest Donate: You can get Reset And enter Quest Free (donate Staff/Donate SD/ Aura 10% protc/Boost Character Damage)
*clarification: Each level is reset to be better (Weapon/Spells/ You will have more
hp-mp) , not a donation only 30%

(Maximo UPGRADE 10/10 ).

1 -Frist Add weapon+ 100 Pepitas de Ouro+25 Online Tokens+100 Spooky Blue Eyes. (over some in order)-(You need to use pure energy To clear 10% before each time)(or you lose weapon 100% You take responsibility) .

Lecch (Upgrade)
Knight Weapons: 1-3% life leech / 1-1% mana leech
Paladin Weapons: 1-2% life leech / 1-2% mana leech
Mages Weapons: 1-1% life leech / 1-3% mana leech

Minerar Pick
You Can use pick drop Coin change it from shop
Outfit 50% hp-mp
Dodoge Critcal
Low Exp ring
Exp Eggs
vip City
refinamento items
Lecch stone
Hyper key use for Roleta
Caslte Auto System Start Time 10:00 PM
50% Exp+
Castle key lucky items Best in Server
Promotion 1x for Winner guild 50%+ Speed Attack
Task System
Add Fast Exp/Gold ingo/Exp Eggs 100%
Gem 1000/2000/3000 +power Character 30 min
Exp ring 5X Double exp
Cave Prive Best EXP
Hyper key for Best items use Roleta

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