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[Germany][Custom / 8.60] InsanityOT | Custom Client | HIGHEXP | Prestige Ranks | 100+ bosses | 300+ custom items | + more

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Mar 7, 2009
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Welcome back to InsanityOT! We've been gone for too long, nows your chance to try the server again.
InsanityOT is its own take on extremely highexp. You will go through thousands of prestiges throughout your time here on the server, you will have trillions upon trillions of health and mana and dozens of spells to play around with.

How to connect?:
1. Go to our website and download our custom client (insanityot.hopto.org)
2. Insert the server IP (insanityot.hopto.org) and port 7171. Client is 8.60 (You must use our custom client, regular client will not work)
3. You can either create an account on the website, or simply use 1/1 and create an account ingame. Its up to you.


What does it do?:
Necromancer is a mana user. It uses his mana to survive and casts spells in order to attack creatures or monsters. However necromancer has a better 'dark' energy which means that his magic attacks are stronger than a regular mage would be. Necromancer needs spell tokens in order to get new spells or to do quests.

What does it do?:
Priest is a holy version of druid. Priests have the ability to heal others but also to do alot of damage. Necromancers are ofcourse stronger but priests have more mana gain than a regular Necromancer. Priests also have to buy their spells with spell tokens or do quests for them.

What does it do?:
Archers are a mixup between guards and mages. They base their lifes on health and mana and their melee attacks are very powerful if trained well. Archers have to buy spells with spell tokens or do quests for them.

What does it do?:
Guardian is a more powerful version of tank. Guardians have alot of health gain per level and they also do a great deal of damage with both spells and weapons. Spells needs to be bought with spell tokens or done quests to gain them

What does it do?:
Assassins is the only vocation who doesn't need to buy spells as their gainable through level up. Of course each vocation have gainable through spells either by doing quests or prestiging due to reaching certain ranks. Assassins is the strongest vocation among them all

What does it do?:
Tank is a more tankable version of guardians. They have 35% more health gain per level but 50% less strength in overall. They are the weakest vocation but the most surviveable aswell

What does it do?:
Runesmith is the type of vocation who starts with 185 hp/0 mana. But the thing about Runesmith is that they dont get hp! They only get mana..
Runesmith starts out with one spell, a wave. To get new spells they need to get 10 spell tokens and type !conjure as this chooses a rune randomly from 14 different options.

In Insanity OT in order to get equipment you need to upgrade. You hunt bosses for dusts cause each boss drops something unique and has a certain chance of dropping spell tokens aswell. When you get 5 dusts you can go to the equipment room and click on the item and it will tell you if you have enough to buy the item or not. The sets are based on magic levels, health and mana regenerations and protections.
You can also get equipment by killing world bosses like Rollius and Amazonia. They drop lottery birds and other items such as successfully boss items. These items have a 100% chance to succee when used.

We got around 30 different gainable sets through game and we are trying our best to make donations not overpowered so each player wether if the player is or is not a donator is still equal within damage.


As in most prestige based servers you prestige at level 717217. But we made our prestige system special! Cause you are able to reach prestige ranks and gain a effect. This effect can be enabled/disabled with the /enable and /disable command. Each prestige rank gives you a new effect and more spells aswell. You can pick 1 spell from 3 different choises each prestige ranks. Prestige NPC will offer you quests depending on your prestige aswell if you say no after questioned to prestige. If you meet none of the requirements you will be passed on to being canceled. You will automatically prestige as soon as you hit the right level, from 0-5 its 350k and thereon out its 717k to prestige. No relog needed!

+ much more!




Note: Please expect a few bugs here and there in the beginning, using this kind of client is also very new to us! Thank you.​
Just a headsup! We had a small update yesterday morning (forgot to post it here!) and most of the lag should also be fixed now for the most part maybe. There's still some stuff to be fixed for that though
Make sure to join our discord to read our patch notes! Join our server aswell if you wish to try out our take on highexp :)
Discord: Join the InsanityOT Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/aDxeBrBcg7)
Server: insanityot.hopto.org
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