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low exp

  1. Trollheim

    [France][10.98/Custom] Trollheim Online - 26th May 2023

    Trollheim Online Official Launch 26th May 2023 About Trollheim Online is Open Tibia Server that is developed since 2017 based on TFS 1.2, but updated to TFS 1.4.2 and some features from 1.5. The main aim of this OT is to bring back excitement in playing tibia from hunting, looting unique...
  2. Cwift

    [France] [7.72/Custom] RetrOTs / Long Term / Low EXP / Regular Updates / New spawns.

    Welcome to RetrOTs, from rookguard to mainland retorts is a very rewarding game. NEW EU WORLD (France) OUT NOW! 19/02/2021 With success in Australia we have decided to launch a EU server. The server base is 7.72 we have added a lot of content into the game which gives it a much different feel so...
  3. M

    [USA] [12.40] [Global Map] [Custom] Striker OT

    hello fellow tibians as the tittle says striker ot a new real map (yea yea i know lol only the one millionth one right) anyway to the fun stuff it will be a custom real map not just vanilla crafting systems all those creature products are now useful mining and woodcutting coming soon custom item...
  4. GM Blade

    [France] [8.60] BLADERA - [LOW EXP] [RPG] [RL MAP] [PVP]

    Hello guys, we would like to introduce you an epic Low-Rate Pvp-Enfo RPG Real Map Server - BLADERA.EU! If you are bored of servers where you get a 200 level in one day and the server is dead after 3 days - YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! On Bladera you will find: skull system (5 daily frags to...
  5. GM Blade

    [Germany][8.60] NOOBWAR [Best Low-Level-WAR OTS] [Start: 29.06 12:00 CET]

    Hello, we would like to introduce you an epic server, which used to be very popular - NOOBWAR! For people who didn't have the pleasure to play on it yet - this is a low-level-war server where you start with level 13, experience for monsters is very low (from 0.4x at level 13 to 0.02x at level...
  6. Phemus

    [Mexico][8.60] Zarex Online | Custom-RPG - START June 21, 2019

    •Ip: www.zarexot.com •Accounts: Zarex - Createaccount •Version: 8.60 •Port: 7171 Site: Zarex - Latestnews E-mail: [email protected] Forget all the hundreds of Real map servers now and welcome back the old and epic Evolution map servers! Zarex OT is the best and renovated Evolutions map...
  7. Zorenia

    [Germany][7.72] Zorenia Custom Low-RPG - Rookgaard Beta!! 18-01-2019

    Zorenia - 7.72 Project Page General Info: Site: Zorenia (http://zorenia.servegame.com) (Under construction) Client: 7.72 (own client) Antibot: Auto bot detection and banishment active Exp: RPG (to be decided in range of X 3/4 or staged) Release: Rookgaard beta 18-01-2019 Uptime: 24/7 Dedicated...
  8. Zorenia

    Zorenia || New Project || 7.72 Custom RPG Server

    Zorenia - 7.72 General Info: Site: N/A Version: 7.72 (own client) Exp: RPG (to be decided in range of X 3/4 or staged) Release: N/A Mission: Old School lovers out there! Welcome, to the project page of Zorenia. First of all, a little bit of celebration over here within a couple of weeks I hit...
  9. freaked1

    [Sweden] [10.00] Gragon Custom PVP-RPG [Dungeons][PREY][Autoloot]

    GragonOT is live! Connection Ip: gragonot.com Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.00 Website: Gragon OT Hosted in Sweden, 100/100mb connection. Features Custom map, originated from EVO (~67 MB) Many quests, ranging from easy to long and hard quests, hidden treasures around the map. Tasks, some that...
  10. K

    [VENEZUELA] Danera-Ot

    Ot Map Rl of low exp, low skills and an aggravating difficulty for the player. We have many events, custom sets, custom maps, custom quest among others. hosted in a 100% secure vps, with the facility of donating in several countries with multiple routes. The way to get the vip items is totally...
  11. Crixpx

    [Canada]RL 100% Heroic Lands Fast Attack Free Tibia coins :D <3

    www.heroic-lands.com New server with 1 week online, are all invited to discover a new gaming experience The server has the following characteristics Stages Level = 1 to Level = 19 -------- x120 Level = 20 to Level = 50 ------- x100 Level = 51 to Level = 80 ------- x45 Level = 81 to Level =...
  12. adrianoswatt

    [BRAZIL] Lab Z Games Global [8.6] {Test Beta}

    → I announce the first server, in final stages of programming, of the Lab Z Games. → This - with Global 8.6 theme - will have a Beta Test on 03/03/2017 at 8am (morning). → We are working tirelessly on the scripts, creating and perfecting innovative systems in order to give continuity to the...