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[Chile] [Custom] GreedOT | (Starting 5 November 2022 (7:00 a.m GMT-4 Chile))

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Dec 17, 2011
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Santiago - Chile
General Information

→ IP: greedot.net
→ Client: Own client
→ Uptime: 24/7
→ Hosted in: ZGH (Chile)
→ Website: GreedOT
→ Exp rate: Custom stages
→ Map: Greed (made from sratch)
→ Server type: PVP/PVP-E
Skills, Magic Rate & Loot: 4, 3, 3

Greed Online is a custom server built on TFS 1.5 downgrade 8.60 from Nekiro, Znote AAC, and OTCv8. Everything on Greed is unique content, you start in a fresh brand-new map made from scratch. The gameplay is very fast, you will have two teleport rooms, each one corresponding to our main cities, Kilika and Mi'hen. You will also recognize a few parts of real-map places that have been added to our map, such as Roshamuul, Krailos, Formorgar, or quests such as Pits of Inferno, Inquisition, Wrath of Emperor, just to say some of them...



Implemented LUA systems
We have many! many! LUA systems in Greed. They're implemented to make game experience more fast and accurate. So here's a list of LUA systems in our server. We got this fully working systems: fluids system, bless check on temple ankh's, original bless cost, passive critical and dodge system (gained by level), perfectly working spellbook, training system with eternal food and passive mana/soul/stamina regeneration, 25 daily chests with 3 random rewards on each one, fully working toolgears, shimmer swimmer, autoloot with !autoloot edit, automatic blessings until level 30, passive boss spawns on server start-up, anti mage-bomb, automatic server save and start-up (10:00 a.m Chile), fully working enchantment system, paladin training weapon (triple steel ball bola), Tibia 12 potions. There's more... but I guess I have wrote the most of it...

Implemented LUA quests
We have many real-tibia quests adapted to Greed Online, in addition to the 25 daily quest and normal quests distributed on the map. Here's the list of fully working quests that has full questlog, role-play NPC interactions and LUA events/scripts. They're sightly modificated in order to increase the difficulty of them and can be watched on video at website's Quest section: Pits of inferno (with all working levers and bosses), Inquisition Quest (with every mission), Wrath of The Emperor (all full missions except 02), Fire Axe (mixed with naginata script), Firewalker Boots (requieres maxilla maximus), The Annihilator (can be done from 1 to 4 ppl), Blue Legs (with full questlog and amulet forge), The Ultimate Challenge (Arena), Umbral Weapon Creation (Eruaran), Demon Helmet Quest (with parchment room), Arito's Task, Padreia's Task, Boozer's Task, Killing in the name of... (full with boss room), Demon Oak Quest (requieres Demon task), Orc Fortress (with NPC), Behemoth Quest (with lever).

About Killing in the name of... Our task system is pretty standard, you can repeat tasks many times, and access to a boss room with teleports that can be used as soon you report the requiered task. Every task gives you points, that eventually will unlock access to special tasks, such as Demodras, Tiquandas Revenge and Demon (they're linked to other quests).


Downgraded content

Greed Online wanted to keep 8.6 protocol. That's why we took and downgraded some content from Tibia 12, and others, but, without changing the essence of 8.6. We also remind that the server is mechanically 8.6, this means that all the spells are from this protocol version.
We have added the following monsters with their full loot, attacks, spells and defenses: Guzzlemaws, Silencers, Hideous Fungus, Humongus Fungus, Armadile, Stone Devourer, Humorless Fungus, Orewalker, Lost Berserker, Lava Golem, Lamassu, Feral Sphinx, Manticore, Crypt Warden, Priestess of the Wild Sun, Vile Grandmaster, Cliff Strider, Ironblight, Putrid Mummy, True Dawnfire Asura, True Midnight Asura, Choking Fear, Yielothax, Ghost Wolf, Gloom Wolf, Skeleton Elite Warrior, Undead Elite Gladiator, Mooh'Tah Warrior, Moohtant, Minotaur Hunter, Minotaur Amazon. Hope I haven't forget any...

We also have some downgraded items such as: drill bolts, crystalline arrow, envenomed arrow, spectral bolt, all crude/umbral/master weapons, mushroom backpack, mycological bow, shimmer swimmer, all shimmer weapons, oriental shoes, crystalline sword, diamond arrow, prismatic bolt, glacial rod, muck rod, wand of everblazing, crystal crossbow, wand of defiance, ultimate spirit potion, ultimate mana potion, supreme health potion, mino lance, mino shield, cowtana, maxilla maximus, etc...
And for the last of downgraded content, we got outfits: Demon, Winter Warden, Void Master, Siege Master, Royal Pumpkin, Lupine Warden, Hand of The Inquisition, Death Herald, Champion, Ceremonial Garb, Beastmaster. For premium players we added Tibia 7.6 oldschool outfits.

Shop & Premium
Definitely Greed is not a pay2win server. We want to challenge you. That's why premium has a list of benefits that have a perfect balance on being usefull vs being overpowered. Becoming premium will last 30 days and guarantee: 15% extra experience, the ability to transfer character city on temples (faster travel than boats), more autoloot slots (40) and unlocked oldschool outfits.

About our item offer, we have the greed currency that represents the website points in-game, we got two regeneration items, Greed Shield and Greed Boots, that has less regeneration than soft boots or terran rainbow shield. The three tools, sneaky, squeezing and whacking. Brand-new 4 sets for each vocations (with balanced stats addition that challenges but not beats end-game pieces) and some utility items.

Other information
It's important to know that Greed it's been built with lot of passion and hard work. I have a second game-master which I trust, so the staff is officially GM Ralke (creator), and GM Heff (community assistant). We're always on official's Greed discord, trying to solve questions and reports that comes from players. We want to be a solid server with great staff response. So please, feedback and rate us constantly! To play you must download the client from the website, it comes with all OTCv8 features that the most of you might know. Be aware that you won't be able to enter to the server by using other clients.

Thanks for reading our presentation, be prepared to join us at 30 June 2022 (10:00 a.m GMT-4 Chile).
Regards, Ralke!​
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yee i think 16:00 btw bad advert only 7 characters in highscore but maybe i join check this server
Good luck :)
not started wtf fuck this ots.. not recomended

Server started at 10:30 a.m (GMT -4 Chile). We're a bit bit late because I just confused GMT -3 summer clock with GMT-4 winter clock change, and server automatic startup took a bit longer to occur. Have fun!

chile? lol you want all your playerbase playing with 300 ping?

We planned to be hosted on Chile from the beginning. It has good average ping for south america, and brazil and run normally for EU/NA.
Definitely playable for EU/NA, the only issue could be during pvp.
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I like the idea on a server hosted on Chile. To people saying:
"chile? lol you want all your playerbase playing with 300 ping?"

There are tons of players from Venezuela, Chile and BR (probably more than EU and NA) that are waiting for cool SA servers, so... non sense argument btw

About the server, I liked, but tbh I prefer low rates server without stages. Hope you have success
I like the idea on a server hosted on Chile. To people saying:
"chile? lol you want all your playerbase playing with 300 ping?"

There are tons of players from Venezuela, Chile and BR (probably more than EU and NA) that are waiting for cool SA servers, so... non sense argument btw

Thanks for the feed! Very appreciated. And yes, you got a clear point, Chile doesn't have much servers that offers this kind of custom content. And there's old players on my country that just left the OTServers, I would love to get them back :)

About the server, I liked, but tbh I prefer low rates server without stages. Hope you have success

Great to know! About the low rates, yeah, I started the alpha and beta of Greed with mehah's otclient and anti-bot protected client, it was going good with experience x2 but there was too many content that players just missed. This was because they didn't have enought level to access comfortably to this areas (for example, Guzzlemaws, Sphinxes and hardest quests).

So I thought about it and wanted to do it more dynamic. I really expect that people use quests such as Wrath of Emperor, Pits of Inferno, that we're a real hard job to do and we're not used on those instances.

In good time ralke, that server is very good, I was in the beta and the truth gives a lot to talk about, great, I invite you, I'll probably be spying on you haha, have fun <3 it's a very, very good server <3
Solved some minor issues, some teleports and minor map bugs. Added more training slot spaces on Kilika and Mi'hen (based on what I saw, there was players that couldn't train because the slots we're full). Overall the server is running very smooth, without problems and players seems to be very happy. In conclusion, everything is going well! :)

In good time ralke, that server is very good, I was in the beta and the truth gives a lot to talk about, great, I invite you, I'll probably be spying on you haha, have fun <3 it's a very, very good server <3

Thanks a lot! I appreciate your support <3

Yeah and posting few hours before launching..

Seems like a joke

Well I can agree and disagree... I can't directly think that I will attract a very large playerbase taking into account that I am not so well known, or that my server is not so well known. I think things are going well and on time. A beginning is always a bet, in which you make decisions and hope that beyond being correct, they will lead to good results.

What I honestly hope is that my server entertains you, but of course, for that, the first thing is to play it, and I hope that the feedback received is in relation to this point. In any case, I receive your comment, and I assume that there could have been other ways. But here we are, waiting for everything to go well.

very unique server!
sadly little bit laggy for eu ;/
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+ very active admin!
Did some maintainance today based on users feedback. This didn't took more than a minute to update. So here's the list:
  • Updated client, now players can select they frame rate between 0 and 144 FPS (max).
  • Fixed open_gl client, now it opens and won't show missing data.zip error.
  • Made all the exit teleports from task bosses direct to boss room.
  • Fixed Fazzrah task teleport, has an AID instead of UID (dumb mistake).
  • Raised knights and elite knights base damage (from 1.0 to 1.2).
I also added oficially the tasks page on the website.


very unique server!
sadly little bit laggy for eu ;/
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+ very active admin!

Thanks a lot :)
A few screenshoots sent by our community to bump this thread, 20 days have passed since the open ^^
Infinite thanks to thoose who started their journey on Greed and stay :)


unknown (3).pngunknown (4).png
unknown (1).png

I would love to upload more pics, but unfortunatelly there's a limit of 5 images.
Here's the charts of theese last days and the evolution of the server on time since the start (30 june)...


Thanks for reading,


Latest updates:

- Added perfectly working PVP arena with infinite potions, runes, and ammunition

- Updated packet compression and otcv8 features
Extended View Adjustments + Packet Compression + Otcv8 Features · matheuscollier/forgottenserver@5ccdda0 (https://github.com/matheuscollier/forgottenserver/commit/5ccdda04a198c9875946ba15a6b7e73f9aed5bda)

- Added new event Monster Hunter (13:55 p.m everyday). Consist on killing the higher ammount of creatures mentioned by the system. The one who gets the higher amount before 14:30 p.m win.

- Added a videotutorial of how to correctly add Vithrax vBot-1.0 to the client
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We have achieved 1 months online! Thanks to all who have passed through the server.
There will be more surprises as the days go by...

Changelogs from:


# From now on Ghazbaran will appear on Fridays and Saturdays, every time he dies, a message will be sent to the entire server saying that he will appear in 4 more hours.
# Added new teleport to Mi'hen and 2 small houses in the temple; more shortcuts to remote areas will be added in both cities to reduce the time between hunts
# NPC Maroda moved and Nhadala NPC added to Mi'hen temple
# Changed Oldrak's location to the house near Demon Oak.
# Changes were made to the structure of the temple and the entrances to the PVP arena to be more direct.

# Added npc Anderson (travel) to Calm Lands, Roshamuul, Mount Gagazet and Vengoth
# Added Orshabaal raid on Sundays and Mondays in Kilika Cemetery demons (with 4 hrs waiting to respawn once killed)
# Added 50% extra damage to Orshabaal
# Fixed Nomad Cave hole (for Arito's task)
# Fixed tp back in War Golem (Mi'hen)
# Added Warzone tp, Zalamon's Room, Kilmaresh Catacombs in Kilika
# Increased amount of Elf Arcanist in Mi'hen elf zone
# Added house Mi'hen #60 and Mi'hen #61
# Added option to travel to the temple by boat from Kilika and Mi'hen (Nielson and Cid)
# Removed Monster Hunt event, did not work as expected

Today change logs. We're adding content very often, and the server now offers more content than ever.

# Added 50% extra speed to Orshabaal and Ghazbaran's haste spell
# Added dragon lords to Mi'hen's dragon lair, the one next to Pirates
# Added new teleport in Kilika's room, direct to Hrodimir

#Added 50% extra damage to all inquisition bosses
#Fixed boss Golgordan (it was bugged)

#Final update to OTCv8, added latest vBot v4.8
#Bot contains autosupply, autosell, full cavebot option, fixed combobot, among others.
#Updated downloads page http://greedot.net/downloads.php

#Added Ferumbras with 50% extra damage and 50% extra hp.
#Added Ferumbras raid to Thursdays, and will spawn again 6 hours after being killed
#Added custom monsters for citadel tower (minion of ferumbras, plague of ferumbras, etc).
#Added demon outcast task to access Citadel and Mini Rosha
#Added mini rosha with enfeebled silencer and weakened guzzlemaw