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Darkrest.Online - Nostalgia Redefined - Discussion Thread

Update 1.0.18

Bug Fixes and Security:

  • Implemented launcher security updates to enhance the overall safety of your gaming experience.
Balance Adjustments:
  • Late-game crafting has received balancing tweaks to ensure a fair and rewarding crafting system.
  • Adjusted the health points for task bosses to better match the intended level of challenge.
Quality of Life Improvements:
  • A new prompt has been added before quitting all game clients when closing the launcher, saving you from accidental exits.
Gameplay Mechanics & Experience:
  • Firecamps will now properly deal damage, adding a new layer of environmental interaction.
  • Introduced a Dark Monks respawn area between Darashia and Ankrahmun, adding more variety to your hunting options.
  • Rookgaard continues to evolve with another map update aimed at providing a more enjoyable starting experience.
  • Improved the effectiveness of Hydra's paralysis spell for a more challenging encounter.
Performance and Responsiveness:
  • Increased the respawn time by an additional 10%, bringing the total increase to 35%, for a more dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.
As always, your feedback is invaluable for continued improvements, and we're keen to hear what you think of the new changes.

Update 1.0.19


New Features:
  • The Task System is now fully operational! Engage in a variety of quests to earn rewards and level up.
  • Tooltips are now functional in the trade window, offering you a clearer understanding of item stats during trades.
Performance Enhancements:
  • Pathfinding calculations have been moved to a separate thread, ensuring smoother gameplay with less lag.
  • Added optimizations for ore respawns and general spawn behavior for a more consistent gaming experience.
Balance Adjustments:
  • Adjusted gold costs for item rarity—early game players will find it easier to acquire rare items, while late-game players will encounter a slight nerf.
  • Buffed Poison Arrows for a more effective combat experience.
  • Reworked base statistics for all vocations to bring better balance among different character classes.
Quality of Life:
  • Gatherable items will now appear under your character's feet when you're at full capacity.
  • A new change ensures that spells are prepared and set for the Rookgaard experience, allowing for a smoother introduction to the game's magic system.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug with arrow slot bonuses.
More exciting news! Multithreading will increase performance and the pathfinding in TFS needed improvement. I’m really impressed with the frequency of updates and the speed with which fixes go live. Nice work!
Update 1.0.20
  • Resolved an issue affecting movement speed tied to items.
  • Fixed unusual monster behavior for a smoother PvE experience.
  • Addressed the 'slow follow' issue to improve character responsiveness.
  • Corrected how the task system saves values, ensuring that your progress is consistently tracked.
  • Adjusted Barbarian fury gains in PvP—you will now properly receive fury during PvP combat.
  • Nerfed the "Mana Recovery" bonus to maintain gameplay balance.
  • Reduced the damage Knights inflict using the sudden death rune for a more balanced combat scenario.
  • Implemented the ability to use keys to enter any room, offering you greater flexibility in navigating spaces.
Update 1.0.21

Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected erratic monster target-changing behavior for more predictable engagements.
  • Resolved an issue where the launcher would start maximized, it should now launch in the tray only.
  • Monsters will now be able to use spells while retreating at low HP.
Balance Changes:
  • Introduced a new melee damage formula for both players and monsters to improve combat dynamics.
  • Modified crafting costs for rarity items to create a more balanced economy.
  • Nerfed the "Utito Tempo" spell for better game balance.
  • Fixed issues concerning the conjuring of runes, ensuring a smoother magical experience.
  • The field of vision for monsters has been expanded from 13 to 15 SQMs. This change will affect how monsters interact with players and their surroundings, making engagements more dynamic.
Update 1.0.22

  • Runes: You can now use runes on stones, trees, and other environmental elements, as well as on invisible enemies.
  • Rookgaard Quest: A new quest has been added to the Rookgaard area for you to explore.
  • Level Doors: These will now display the required level to pass through.
  • Trap Damage: We've reduced the damage caused by traps from 30 to 5, providing a more balanced experience.
  • Tasks: Task progression is now properly loaded upon login. Monster kills with summons are also properly added to your task tracker.
  • Spawn Blocking: Players can no longer block monster spawns, allowing for a more fluid gameplay.
  • Wild Warriors Boss: This boss is now accessible, giving you another challenging adversary to face.
  • Tooltip Settings: The default tooltip settings have been adjusted to display tooltips in 100ms, for quicker and more convenient information access.
  • We've made several adjustments to various monster spawns and their behavior.
Update 1.0.23
  • Special Doors in Quests: All quest-specific doors should now be fully operational.
  • Follow Mode: Has been improved to work instantly across all scenarios, for more fluid gameplay.
  • Runes: The weight of runes has been reduced.
  • Burst Arrows: The damage formula has been adjusted.
  • First Wand and Rod Usage: Mana cost per shot has been decreased to just 1 mana, making it more accessible for beginners.
  • Monsters' Spells: Missing spells effects that caused some monsters to be weaker have been fixed. Expect more challenging encounters!
  • Respawn Code: Entire respawn logic has been rewritten.
  • Monsters AI has been improved.
This seems pretty dope! I'm wondering how the cap modifier will work? What happens if you fill your cap using +cap items and then unequip them?
Closed Update 1.0.24

Gameplay Mechanics & Experience:
  • Trainers Removed: To enhance gameplay balance, trainers have been removed from Frodo's Tavern.
  • Strong Dwarves Task: We've added a new task involving Strong Dwarves for you to tackle!
  • Damage Over Time Conditions: The DoT conditions for monsters have been fixed for more accurate and consistent damage.
  • Spell Fixes: Issues with 'Adana Mort' and 'Exana Mas Mort' spells have been fixed.
  • Action Push Bug: Fixed a bug that prevented players from pushing a creature while attacking, providing a smoother combat experience.
  • Bear Trap Visual Bug: A visual bug concerning bear traps has been fixed, making traps easier to identify.
Balance Adjustments:
  • Mineable Ores: Some mineable ores will now take longer to respawn, adding a new layer of challenge to resource gathering.
  • Leeching Bonus Buff: The Leeching bonus has been doubled for better sustain in fights.
Closed Update 1.0.25

Gameplay Mechanics & Experience:
  • Armor/Defense/Attack Formulas: We've made some adjustments to these essential game mechanics. Check out the updated values on our melee calculator: https://darkrest.online/?subtopic=melee-calculator.
  • Rookgaard Setup: Your adventure now officially begins at Level 1 in Rookgaard, with new features such as random respawn spots in temples and revised Oracle NPC interactions tailored for our custom vocations.
  • Tapestry Preservation: Tapestries will no longer disappear from your house.
  • Stone Durability: Small Stones now have a reduced break chance, changed from 6% to 3%.
  • Travel: "Bring me to" works on ships now. The NPC will also let everyone know where you travel on the default chat.
  • Rookgaard PVP: You can no longer directly attack other players on Rookgaard.
  • Loot bags: Items from the ground will not be removed after the daily server save.
Economy and Rates:
  • Rates Adjustment: Experience, skill, magic level, loot, and respawn rates have been set for the official launch.
  • Item Rebalancing: Items' bonuses will now refresh automatically if they've been buffed or nerfed.
New Features:
  • Premium Store: We're excited to introduce our in-game premium store, providing a range of items and boosts for players.
  • Viking Outfit: Introducing a new Viking outfit for your characters!
Quality of Life:
  • Vocation Visualization: Added images to help you visualize your vocation choice during account creation.
  • Premium Features Display: All premium features are now visibly displayed within the client for easy access.
We are happy to announce that a week after launch, we hit another player's online record of 200 players (without MC and macros!).
We are not updating this thread anymore, but feel free to join our thread in the Server Gala, here: [CANADA][CUSTOM] Darkrest Online (https://otland.net/threads/canada-custom-darkrest-online.286207)

This project is made in tfs 1.4 correct? Or what about Niki's 1.5? I will test it today!!
Specifying our engine is hard, as we use an engine built by smashing two engines together and editing to support multithreading.

I'm having a lot of fun on this ot!
Tibiantis killer
It's great to hear that you guys have fun!
This seems pretty dope! I'm wondering how the cap modifier will work? What happens if you fill your cap using +cap items and then unequip them?
still no reply. So I guess when soft boots gets worn out and you no longer have your +cap you will drop them or just lose em. How does it work? Is this discussion or only updates thread?
still no reply. So I guess when soft boots gets worn out and you no longer have your +cap you will drop them or just lose em. How does it work? Is this discussion or only updates thread?
you wont drop/lose them u will have negative cap but shows like 0 cap u wont be able to carry more stuff like u would die with aol and lose few lvls while having 0 cap