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[France] [8.0] Tibera - Full Global Tibia 8.0 with lots of new features from the later versions! [April 28, 2023, 18:00 CET]

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Played the first version, looking forward to trying this one aswell
We are glad to hear and you are so welcome!
This version of Tibera has much more to offer than the previous one.
Actually Im also looking for a team. Not sure if mine is joining but I hope so. On the other side I will be open for team creation ingame like in old times.
Tibera will launch on Friday, April 28th.
3 Day(s), 19 Hour(s), 05 Minute(s), 00 Second(s)

Less than 4 days remaining - sign up at www.tibera.net
Why need to spoof high score list
i found out 15 + characters was Created: 23 April 2023 (18:46) exactly same time?

Hi @bolibompa, thank you for reporting this, if someone created 15 characters that is too much.
We will limit this to 5.
No need to spoof anything, our previous setting was 15 characters per account and it has now been changed to 5.

Thank you and have a great day!
"Never reseting our servers" what is this the 10x launch?
This is our very first reset with huge update to a lot of systems.
You must be confusing Tibera with some other servers.

We are also adding many new features from the later versions of Tibia that we managed to merge into our server.
Giving you the ultimate Tibia 8.0 experience with close to endless amount of content.
Client is now available for download on the website.

You will find a large green "Download Client" button on the left.

Tibera opens in 2 hours and 10 minutes!
Really wish I could recommend this one but I cant. Theres 0 elements of 8.0 as this is a straight up 10.x map. People are donating but not receiving their points and the staff is offline now and haven't been online once after releasing it making it look like a cashgrab.

Do NOT recommend playing this one
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