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[GERMANY] [7.4X] [Competitibia] [Custom Real-Map] [Shipping] [x1] [LEARN SPELLS] No Resets MC LIMIT

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Considering opening USA world. Gonna need post nut clarity. Will let everyone know later about more info
added boats and original map back this custom stuff seems to confuse people and they ask me where djinns etc so since there is so much explaination it be easier to just use original 7.4 map boats are enabled. etc.
why surrender with boats xd following this project only cuz of this :D... xd you gotta find the grind ;) xd
The death penalty make u lose like 4 levels on top of that and then running for ur bp from somewhere to there was kind of pointless
why surrender with boats xd following this project only cuz of this :D... xd you gotta find the grind ;) xd
good point I had a tought about direction of the project and decided that I will bring the old map back. more over.
I am gonna work on the new concept of everything and the final version will now be 7.6 with some of the old mechanics still included
(new wands were barely used so we are gonna introduce Real Wands and Create some custom wands which are now gonna be the "new wands") as they will be reworked into more pvp oriented wands.
The season is now finally over.
The winner of Current Season
Player Hallzerk

Normal HP on that level
Hallzerks HP:
means he used 176 Red Gems!
Normal Mana on that level:
Hallzerks Mana:
violet gems used 171!
Whopping 140 magic level.
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Season two is coming soon. this is just a teaser of current works
Season two is about coming back to the roots and grabbing interest of players back with what first got them into the server.
No boats you have to travel everywhere on foot and use your temple positions wisely.
Djinns have been cloned to sit in both areas of ankrahmun and jakundaf for generalization and overall help in making it less of a journey to actually sell lot and not forcing playerst to walk to ankh.
Tomb monsters have had their XP reduced to disregard the "quick XP method for mages"
Edron dragons have been added back ( I edited map manually to make it fit.
first goroma island added near ghostland with secret entrance.
Hero loot was optimized and xp from them decreased (too op originally of loot compared to other monsters)

this is last chance to log back in to the server if you wanna see your character and say your goodbyes.

Gather tomorrow 8pm will be bosses spawned, and boxes given to players along with equipment etc. for fun
after that wednesday we will be starting to host live test server before season 2 where we will be testing new balance of vocations and stuff.
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getting vps today seems like there is not any available in the US?
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i got vps from ovh and managed to compile this sweaty tfs 0.4 somehow.
unfortuantely i could not get a nice usa host only available was canada and thats too far to be any use to brazilian players so they will have similar ping to eu server i figured.
hopefully month or two and we can start world there too.
tomorrow is the transition its gonna be a long term world :) I have a lot of ideas for content so stay tuned!

I have to go to work today and tomorrow so I wont be able to finish the starting date has been moved to tuestday until further notice.
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starting friday. client is updated on website :)
this is gonna be a lowrate server no more seasons enjoy the game guys!.
every account registered PRIOR. received 3 days golden account.
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The website had a critical error which didnt allow playyers to register accounts nor create characters that was fixed
all accounts have been wiped because of that error(test server accounts)

We are going live on friday so dont forget to register before that to get few days of free golden account for yourself :)
This is gonna be a longterm edition so its gonna be amazing to see what people are gonna come up with this time.

You gonna have to learn spells and the task rewards have been made to near minimum so basically if you dont collect loot you're gonna receive very much similar amount of reward from the task or less than what every gold piece would be.