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[GERMANY][Custom/10.98][BETA] AngeLOTS - Custom Highexp Reborn Server - OTCv8 - Friday 6PM/18:00 CET

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Dec 14, 2017
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  • IP: ( IP will be changed in the future )
  • Client: Tibia 10.98/Custom Client
  • Uptime: 24/7
  • Hosted in: Germany, on a vps with 500 mbits Internet connection.
  • Exp rate: 999x custom
  • Map: Custom based map created by me and many maps from Otland
  • Runes: Custom Runes
  • Loot rate: Custom
  • Server type: PVP
  • Skills & Magic rates: Custom

Why do we start a BETA?
We starting the beta to find enough bugs to make a stable open tibia server.
We want to hear the feedback of the community..
In that case:
If you dont like something or you miss something in AngeLOTS then feel free to tell us and we may add it in the future.
If you find a bug or some critical bug, you will be rewarded on the official start of angelots.

Ingame pictures:


Main information:
AngeLOTS is a custom highexp reborn server which is build in tfs 1.3 10.98
Some features about AngeLOTS

Season System:

AngeLOTS will give you every month a new season which allows you to get unique stuff and world drops!
What do I mean with world drops?
World drops are items which are based on the season and once the season is done, you cannot loot these world drops anymore!
Dont worry, characters wont be reseted or something like that :D

Reborn System:
We are using a custom reborn system which allows you to get stronger for every reborn you doing
The amount of health & mana you get for doing reborn is different to every vocation.

Talent System:
After some amount of reborns you will receive talents point ( 1 point for every 10 reborn ) in that case you can choose if you want to be a tanky or a dmg guy

Items System:

Since we think tibias items system is kinda boring, we have added a custom based items system which has been created by a member of Otland which allows you to make yourself stronger by using custom runes/stones:
With the following item you can add a random attribute to your item:

Can be looted by bosses
Boss will drop always one
With the following item you can remove the last attribute:

Can be exchanged by Muriel for 1 random attribute rune which is placed south of Hydra spawn
With the following item you can remove all attributes:

Can be exchanged by Muriel for 5 remove last attribute rune
With the following item you can change the last attribute:

Can be bought by Berthold for which is placed north-east of angelots city
With the following item you can change all your attributes ( example if club fighting attribute is 3 it can be 5 after changing it. )

Can be exchanged for 5x change last attribute rune
With the following item you can store all attribute from your item in a rune and using it on a other item:

Can be bought by Levi which is placed south of city ( in his house )
Example of a item:
You see an Golden Armor (Arm:2000, critical hit chance +1%, critical extra damage +6%, hitpoints leech chance +1%, hitpoints leech amount +5%, manapoints leech chance +1%, mana points leech amount +5%, protection all +2%).
Energy Damage +3%
Distance Fighting +2
5% to cast Ice Strike on Attack dealing 1-354764 damage
Ice Protection +3%
Magic Level +1
Max MP +107512
It can only be wielded properly by players of reborn 25 or higher.

Summon System:
You are able to catch your own summon :D
Where can I find these summons?
In hunting zone then summons.
You can catch a summon with the follwing item:
Keep in mind the chance to get the summon is 10 to 100 also 10% and the item will break after using it on a summon.
After you was succeful you will receive this item which you can use to spawn the summon:

Mining System:
You can farm items for PVP or for Crafting or for something else.
Stones has a chance of 10% to break
after 2 min the stone will respawn.

Crafting System:
You will be able to craft stuff for yourself which could be useful for quests or pvp or maybe house decco :D

More systems and stuff will be added in the future!
Let me know if you have any question!
Your Levi999x.

Sorry if you didn't understand everything well xD my englisch isn't the best :D


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May 18, 2014
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so far, only under Rebirth 11, but from what i can tell.
Spawns are small so if you get any kind of actual population there will be bottleneck hell trying to get to the first unlockable area due to its rebirth being a bit of a grind.

Typo in spell "utani deatn hur" supposed to be death not deatn in !spells
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Apr 6, 2013
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i can't create account in site sorry, nao consigo criar a conta no site
ainda nao consigo criar a conta no site
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