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[POLAND] [13.32] | IglaOTS | Real Map with Custom cities and spawns | Retro Open PVP | Start 15th March 19:00 CET

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15 years of using the name Flyingboots and not once has it ever been flagged as "vulgar" or "forbidden". Wut...

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Answering to post of @Naterion. This is not scam at all, we had some technial problems at start thats why we boosted daily rewards with following stuff:

First day: Exercise Weapon with 14400 charges
Second day: One hour Exp Boost
Third day: 10x Prey Wild Cards
Fourth day: One hour Exp Boost
Fifth day: Exercise Weapon with 5000 charges
Sixth day: 10x Prey Wild Cards

Server started 2 hours ago, most of the people use free wand to skill right now, next time please check the information before you write something, because from our perspective it is very unfair. anyway, have a nice Sunday :)
Check our giveaway on Instagram. Click on the image to read the details and take part.


Dear Players​

With a slight delay we would like to inform you what we have introduced in last two days:

  • [Fix] Exeta Res and Exeta Amp Res, not keeping the monsters,
  • [Fix] Loyalty not updating for players,
  • [Fix] Using Wheel Promotion Scrolls causing lag,
  • [Fix] Paralyze Rune not being strong enough,
  • [Fix] Passive Charms now works without other items with Imbuing,
  • [Fix] Avatar from legs not hitting Critical Hits,
  • [Fix] Shielding not increasing when exercising on trainers while on xLog.
  • [Fix] Unable to throw runes/spells - First go downstairs message, (more fixes will be required in the future)
  • [Fix] XP boost price, not correctly displayed in the gamestore,
  • [Fix] Deepling Spellsinger not being hostile,
  • [Change] Reduced reward from Rat Task from 20k to 2k,
  • [Change] Reduced PZ time for killing a player from 15min to 10min,
  • [Change] Daily Bosses spawns to be next to the stairs entrance,
  • [Feature] Forge Items have been added to the game.

To describe more in details what are Forge Items.

  1. Players can sell their Equipment in order to obtain: Interim Tokens, which can be exchanged for Forge Items.
  2. Forge items were introduced to make collecting items for forging easier.
  3. Check our Interim and Supreme Smiths offer in the Adventurer's Guild.


Dear Players, We are more than happy to announce events this week:

Friday: Double Bosstiary
Saturday: Double Bestiary
Sunday: Double skill

Happy Hunting!

Dear Players,​

With today's update, we have introduced:
  • [Fix] Training area reworked, to prevent players loosing monsters aggro,
  • [Fix] WZ4-6 Bosses not respawning if all SQM are occupied by players,
  • [Fix] Spells and runes exhaust rework to fix the issue with not being able to throw runes/spells.

It's Double Skill Day!

Best Regards and Happy Hunting!
IglaOTS Team

Dear Players,​

With today's update, we have introduced:

  • [Fix] Influenced and Fiendish monsters spawn mechanics. Now player will meet them more frequently.
  • [Fix] Leeches from Wheel skills no longer requires a weapon with Imbuing.
  • [Fix] Percentage values in the Cyclopedia - critical character data is now displayed correctly.
  • [Fix] Gnomprona pods are now correctly spawned.

Best Regards and Happy Hunting!
IglaOTS Team
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Dear Players,​

With today's update, we have introduced:

  • [Feature] Daily Boss area as Non-PVP zones.
  • [Feature] Increased monsters spawn time at Issavi by 50%.
  • [Feature] Removed Mana and Life Drain from - The End of Days (Magma Bubble Fight).
  • [Fix] Reduced The End of Days spawn amount from 8 to 6.
  • [Fix] Soul War - Safe spots will not trigger taints.
  • [Fix] Soul War - taints exclude bosses (double spawn).
  • [Fix] Soul War - lower taint frequency trigger.
  • [Fix] Interim Tokes usage to lower forging price.
  • [Feature] Gut Charm - now works as a Passive one.
  • [Fix] Custom Witchcraft Boss - Custom Backpacks now trigger - bonus Loot.

Best Regards and Happy Hunting!

IglaOTS Team
Dear Players,
We are more than happy to announce events which gonna take place this weekend:

Friday: Double Bestiary
Saturday: Double Bestiary&Double Bosstiary
Sunday: Double Skill
Monday: Double Skill

What's more, since the holidays are the perfect time to encourage new players to join our server, we would also like to announce:

Low level exp stages boosted:
1 - 50 level: x30
51 - 100 level: level: x18
101 - 250 level level: x12

Daily Rewards boost:
First day - Exercise Weapon 5000 charges
Second Day - One Hour Exp Boost
Third Day - Exercise Weapon 2500 charges
Fourth Day - 10 Prey Wild Cards


Dear Players,​

A bit late, due to the Easter rush, however, with today's update, we have introduced:

  • [Feature] Players will receive more dmg in pvp. Damage reduction was changed to 40% down from 50% (change does not affect party members)
  • [Fix] Custom mitigation calculation fix - according to this post, on discord?
  • [Fix] Jungle flail attack values. 44 fire / 8 physical as intended.
  • [Fix] Interim tokens will correctly decrease normal tier transfer price.
  • [Feature] Interim tokens will correctly decrease convergence tier transfer price.

Best Regards and Happy Hunting!

IglaOTS Team​

Casino is now open!​

Please note, in order to fully enjoy the map, you must update your client to the newest version. Otherwise your Game Client will face a crash, due to new items being added to the game.


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