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[Germany] [Custom] Ascalon Revival - July 28th 2023!

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ascalon back :D
fucking spartans all spartans is hunted from now
Definitely will be there for the launch.

Are there any major changes from the previous time it was up?
Definitely will be there for the launch.

Are there any major changes from the previous time it was up?
The biggest change is the new client which required a substantial amount of work to migrate from the standard 8.7 client.

Aside from that, there are many small improvements such as
-Axe, club, and sword are now a single skill, called melee fighting.
-Everyone has green stamina by default (premium only provides increased souls, premium outfits, and premium checkpoints now)
-New areas. You'll discover a couple of new areas to explore in all the cities.
-Very minor balance changes (mainly reduced defense and attack bonuses from quests and special items)
-Several crafting and enchanting stations have been added.
-NPCs no longer prevent you from starting their mission if you're already on a mission from another NPC.
-The Daily Task NPC now gives a substantial chunk of experience upon completion, making it worthwhile for less casual players to get a small experience boost every day.

The focus wasn't on creating a lot of new things, but to bring back the original with a few improvements. We'll see how it goes and how we can progress the server into the future!
It has been years since I last played Tibia/OT's... And I looked back at OTLAND to see what is new, and come across this. I recovered my account here simply to say this is one of the greatest OT's I've ever played and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wish you all the best and much love and enjoyment... Best wishes @Evolunia & thank you and also to @Fare for allowing this to be carried on.

I wonder if anyone plays OT's from a simple laptop with the Macbook trackpad (no mouse)... I may want to try it... May die a good few times... Curious..
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