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Kakele Online: Alternative for playing Tibia


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May 6, 2024
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Hello fellow Tibians!

Kakele Online (Mobile MMORPG - 2D MMORPG - 2024 MMORPG - Kakele Online - MMORPG (https://www.kakele.io)) is an MMORPG that harks back to classic games from our childhood. With classic MMORPG systems, players can embark on an epic journey while enjoying a variety of familiar features. As you start your adventure, you'll have the company of a capybara to help you free its family from evil hunters and grow stronger together. Additionally, the game is cross-platform, available on iOS, Android, and Steam, allowing players to access a single account across all platforms, whether at home or on the go.

To clarify, Kakele is NOT an OpenTibia server. We have developed it from scratch and have built our own assets. Please let me know if this is still against the rules.

Here is why our game might just be your next mobile/PC MMORPG love:

Cross-Platform Play: Available on iOS, Android, and Steam. One account for all platforms, whether you're at home or on the go.

Unique Companion System: Start your adventure with a Capybara pet! Help free its family from evil hunters and grow stronger together.

Memorable Quests: Epic quests like the Annihilator and other landmark challenges that are sure to remind you of your past adventures.

Growing Community: Join our community across 10 servers worldwide, with peak times seeing up to 1000 players online (in total). We are planning a new server with prizes soon!

Low Latency Gaming: With servers in North America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.Translated game: Kakele is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish.

Regular Updates: We're committed to the game's continuous development, with new content and improvements every 4 months, driven by community feedback.

Global Wars and Fortresses: Engage in massive global conflicts and defend or siege war fortresses.Endless Dungeons: Explore instances, map events and infinite dungeons for endless fun and challenges.

Classic RPG Elements: And of course, many of the classic systems you love! Such as housing, bosses and party system!

Here is a trailer video from the latest expansion that was just launched:

Kakele Online has been a labor of love for us, started as a fun project and grown into something much more. We didn't have the opportunity to hype it before launch. We have built it slowly from the ground up, with a lot of hard work and the help from players. We're thrilled with how far we've come and eager to see how much further we can go with your support. We are a team of 7 full time employees and 3 part timers now! Check out our journey on YouTube to see the game's evolution if you are curious.

We hope you'll give Kakele a try during your mobile/PC gaming sessions or even when you're just taking a break from Tibia. Feel free to ask any questions here or join our Discord community for more interactive help and discussions! We will also be on the Gamescom Latam event presenting the game, which we hope to meet many of you and attend in the CipSoft session as well.Thank you for letting us share our passion project with you.

We're excited to welcome more adventurers into the world of Kakele!

Thanks all,
ViVa Games