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Dec 13, 2020
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Hello everyone!

As you probably know, at 18.12.20 at 18:00[PL] the latest "light" server starts and if you have followed our discord (which you are welcome to do!).​
You know for sure that we promised you changelog a week before the server starts.
This day has just come. The day when we will share the results of our work with you by
the last few months. Before you start reading the changelog, I would like to add that
We've learned from the start of s2 and we're not going to write down here things that will come in the course of editing. This is
list of things that come into play on the day of the start. Of course, we are happy to share with you what we plan to add after the start, but
We want to avoid accusing you of promising a lot and nothing will come of it.​

New Engine!​


Let's start with the biggest and most difficult (for us) change, namely the transition to a new engine. It is not a change that adds new content, it is not a new monster or quest, but in our opinion it is the most important change. What does it even mean that we have switched to a new engine? For you a smoother gameplay (the difference in ping and smoothness of the whole game is noticeable to the naked eye) for us it opens new possibilities. Things that were complicated and time-consuming to do on the old engine and poorly optimized on the new engine are done much faster and easier for that some things are already ready and built into the engine.

Unfortunately, switching to the new engine is tantamount to moving all the scripts from the old to the new, which is incredibly time consuming and we do not rule out the possibility of errors (although of course we do our best to keep them as few as possible).​

New Priowiki(Beta)​


Pg - Wiki (https://priogames.com/newwiki/) This is a trial version, information is updated every day. Many thanks to @Graffnastics, because without it the new wiki wouldn't have existed! The wiki is written from scratch, it is a very innovative project, because the vast majority of it updates itself from game files, so that there will always be up-to-date information for your players, and we will spend this time updating the game. If you notice an error or have a suggestion, we invite you to our discord on channel #suggestie-wikipedia​

Balanced Pvp​

Let's start with the balance. As you probably know some time ago there were open pvp tests that we are quite satisfied with and we think that the balance is done better than ever. If you want to read the exact changelogs, I refer you to the topics created for this purpose:
link1 link2
All the changes included in the above posts have been made to some of the changes that we decided to make after the tests were finished, namely:
Goku +500 hp for last transa
Brolly ki dmg +3%
Bardock divination reduced turf time from 30 to 20 seconds
Bardock giga meteor storm -2% dmg
Gohan ki dmg +2%
Cell destructo disk range +1 sqm
Janemba melee dmg -3%
Janemba 2000 hp from last transa transferred to reborn transa
C18 -5% ki dmg
Namek Warrior chobakuretsumaha +2% dmg
Cooler abso changed from 7% ki 7% melee to 5% ki 7% melee
Freezer abso changed from 5/5 to 6/6

Of course, one of the major changes is the new transformation (god transform). To use it we have to reach 750 lvl and do a quest (you will read about it soon)​


New Planet-M2​


We are obviously talking about m2 and it is not small
planet, because m2 is more extensive than any of the gt planets (imegga,behey,kelbow,giants,lude). Thanks for the creation of the original version of the map are due to Vicodin, without him m2 would certainly not look as good as it looks now. To enter the planet m2 we have to have a reborn we will find there many new opponents of the challenge mission and...​

New Sagas GT​


It is not one two or three, but 14 new sagas of course all compatible with the theme of dragon ball GT. In addition, previous sagas have been weakened. As we still have a good piece of DB GT sagas left, we do not want a situation where the last saga will kill 1000 lvl buu per hits.​

Balanced Sagas:​

We have weakened the Saga a little bit for the reborn ones:
all sagasdo to ledgica -4% dmg

Ledgic - 8% dmg

Sagi na giants -8% dmg

Sagi kelbow i behey -10% dmg

Heal all sagas -20%

Don Kea guardsy z 8/10/13 kk na 7/9/11 kk

Gale z 15 kk na 13 kk

Sheela z 20 kk na 15 kk

Ledgic z 50 kk na 28 kk

Angry Giant z 30+35 kk na 20+25 kk

Zunama z 50 kk na 40 kk

Trzej para z 20/20/20 kk na 20/23/26 kk and nerfed healing​

improving the economics of the game:​


We were not satisfied with the state of the economy on the server so we mixed up a little here too. The improvement of the economy consists of many small changes to improve the situation in the game.
Adding daily collect points (you will read about it below)
Items review, you can read about here > Changelog items (https://board.dbp.prioritygame.pl/showthread.php?tid=1688).
Adding new creature items and not 1 or 3 and a whole lot of items that do not necessarily have to (but can) be used for quests and their only use will be to sell to npc
Changes in item prices in the USA. You can see the full price list on our new links wiki:​
sellior link
giant hunter link
Increase the drop of zeni from the mobs from yeti upwards

Changes in item drops:

Annihilators, hyper annihilators and ultimate annihilators will no longer drop saiyan items
Armored oozaru drastically reduced drop saiyan items
Added new saiyan general mobiles that will drop saiyan itemki
Drastically reduced droprate mistic shirt and turban with bio
removing mmistic loot shoes from giant spiders
reducing the droprate mistic legions from the super sayians
removing mistic glover drops from ulti anhi
reducing droprate mistic weapons with cooler,brolly,janba,super saiyan
removal of the m glover drops from c13
added new mobki namek chosen from which we can zlocic mistic balla

Kibito itemy

Removal of kibito shoes as lvl reward

kibito boots no longer fly with salamander

drastically reduced droprate kibito shirt with bio

drastically reduced droprate kibito legow with c13

added new mobile heaven protector from which we can gild a kibito set

biotsuful mask reducing droplet from biotsufuli

destructor armor strong droplet reduction with super destructor

nail, robot eye, caterpillar track, screw light increase droplet

emerald belt no longer flies with super elderly people

added new mobiles namek fighter from which we can get emerald belta

jigoku goz set lightly reduced droplet with hell beasts

magic belt removal of droppings from super saiyans, kaddish and evil kaddish

namek set+tenshin set+samurai set droplet reduction

goku itemki droplet reduction with super saiyan

slightly increase the caddish item drops

slightly increase the mermaid comb droplet and bunch of kaddish hair with evil kaddish

removed the loot of evil kaddish weapons from the monsters

reducing the droplet of the skin room with hell beasts

a significant reduction in the bone drop

Significant reduction of big bone drops from gigantic triceratops

reducing mummy bandage drops

green ball change the name to caddish ball and remove it as a reward from the rebellion quest and add it to the caddish drops

mistic crystale price was increased from 11 cc to 18 cc
now we get 4 mistic crystals instead of 1 for mistic turban​

New Monsters​

long with the new planet and the extension of namek, we have a total of 11 new monsters!​

New Items​


There are hundreds of new items from all kinds of creature items through quest items to new eq parts.
Sigma set

Namek sage robe

Whis rod

Improved emerald belt

Kaddish stone

and much MORE!​

Uprage System​

Item categories in the upgrade system have been redistributed and now we will find much more items in categories 1 and 2 and much less in category 3, which will make it much easier to improve the eq in the early and middle stages of the game.
In addition, from now on balls and blasts require 2x more items to upgrade!​

New Quests​

Definitely the biggest and most important quest here is the God Quest, which we have to complete in order to use the latest transformation. Quest is very complex and interesting. Unfortunately, many people may be a little disappointed that the quest is different from anime DBS. We decided to do it because doing a 100% anime compatible quest would look like nothing else and copying what you can see on other ots. We also didn't want to mix and do a half-and-half matching quest, which is 50% anime and 50% anime we invented, because it would look at least weird, but I hope you like the quest so much that you won't be disappointed by the lack of connections with anime c;
new lude-missing energy quest
Two new quests per m2
New quest for whis rod
New quest on kaddish armor
New quest to get evil kaddish items​

Change Quests​

Some of the quests simply gave terribly useless prizes and the only reason for doing quests was the status of points and hp. The changes are not huge, but I hope they will make the quests more enjoyable. As for what exactly we have changed in the quests you have to see for yourself​

Losses After Death​

We are aware of the fact that our pvp system was not 100% developed. Although we know that some people liked it very much, we decided that we need to change something:

The freight limit for red skull was increased to 15

The black skull's frag limit has been increased to 23

After death we never lose the eq

Up to 150 lvla we don't lose an expa after death on good/neutral karma

Over 150 lvla for death on a good/neutral feed we lose exp from 20 to 60% depending on lvla

If we are killed by a player with 250 lvel more we do not lose the expa

The above rule does not apply if we have a scully or if our lvl exceeds 450

On bad karma we lose the expa as we have so far (but we do not lose eq)

When we have red skulla the drop of expa is tripled

Twice a day we can buy a bless (from npc lejous after finishing a quest with him).

Bless protects us completely from the fall of expa on good karma. You cannot buy a blessa more than 2 times a day.​

Daily Collect System​

The system of points: Most of you probably know our daily collection system. Most of you probably also know that it wasn't entirely profitable. We have added a point called collect points to the system, for which you can buy very valuable things from some mysterious npc. The more difficult the task, the more points you get, and as for the npc itself, where you can exchange these points for prizes, it has two separate offers:

Regular offer - a regular offer of items that you can buy at any time from npc (of course, if you have enough points for this)

Weekly offer - a different weekly offer for each player. When we ask npc about our weekly offer for the first time, he will choose 3 items from the whole pool of items in the offer and only these 3 items (although they are not just c items;) will be able to buy this week. If we don't like the offer very much, we can change it for a fee once a week. If we like the offer very much, but unfortunately we will not be able to earn points for something we want to buy in a week, we can keep the offer for the next week (of course also for a fee c;).​


New system consisting in unlocking entries in bestairius (separate tab in the game) with a scouter. Once we have a mobster in the bestiary, we can (by killing a given monster) unlock bonuses on this mobster.
For example (random numbers) Yeti

Stage 1: Kill 500 - reward +5% exp for yeti

Stage 2: Kill 1200 - reward +5% dropping with yeti

Stage 3: Kill 2500 - reward +10% exp and drop from yeti

Stage 4: Kill 5000 - reward +2 snake points
his is currently the initial version of the system and it is possible that we will expand it much more in the future.​

Legendary Items(rarity system)​

Do you remember when I promised that we wouldn't add information here about things that won't be at the start? Rarity system is something we are currently working on, but we can't promise you that it will come in on the start day. This is the one thing that we may not be able to do, but if you don't see it on the start day, be sure it will come soon. What is this system about?
When the item falls from the mobster (we talk about parts of equipment such as belt or sword) we have a chance that this item will be "unique", namely it will have a chance to appear in our eq with one of the three additions:


If you are lucky and you manage to assemble such an item, you will be able to enjoy additional statistics on this particular item. I will add to this that not every item of the legendary will be the same about them.
We can meet a situation where we have, for example, 10 magic belts and each of them is different! We think that this is a great variety, especially for people who love so-called RNGs and for people who like to grind.​

substantial changes​

Combining all the depos (except for the year-round depo) into one

Adding auto selection on space

Blocking the use of hfs in pvp

Many cities and places (graphic)

Smart autoloot system (the autoloot will now throw sprinkled items where we keep them and not in 1 better backpack)

New achievements

The restrictions on selling the character were removed (we no longer have to wait 3 days from the creation of the character so we can immediately sell / give someone a character from the receipt) but increased the cost of changing the character in the scroll.

And many other interesting things that you will have to see with your own eyes
We invite you!
OTS IS STARTING AT [12-12-2020] 18:00 [POLAND] 13:00 [BRASIL] 11:00 [MEXICO]



May 21, 2008
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Hello, i was about to test your server but it's offline; any news??

also, how do i find information about the other server, 'master' is it working?
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Hello, i was about to test your server but it's offline; any news??

also, how do i find information about the other server, 'master' is it working?

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