Real map based in Hell Viper's files from 6.x ver.


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Apr 22, 2016
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Hell-O Kitty
Hello everyone~ ! :p
First of all, thanks for taking some of your time to check this thread.

Some months ago I found the Hell Viper's files, this person saved the minimap from Tibia at version 6.x. I thought it was so pretty damn cool because I didnt had the chance to play the game at that time! Im sure that those files are from below 6.4 version (just because there's no Venore&Edron) so I suspect it can be exactly from 6.2 (At june from 2001 - Ab, Ice islands and Fields of glory introduction) or .3 (At september from 2001 - minor update without important map changes?).

I'm not sure how I made it, but I got the Tibia Map Viewer and I can see the files and after spending several weekends researching in those files, I enden up with the idea of... "Why no one creates a map based in this files?" of course, its a lot of work making it from scratch, but to be honest things haven't changed much from 6.x to 7.72 (leaked map from CipSoft).

After comparing the files from the minimap and the leaked map files, you can actually just copy-paste a LOT of the leaked map and it will fit perfectly with the Viper's files so I decided to take my free time and start to -at least, try- recreate the map with RME. I don't have any plans to start a personal project or OTserver, I just want to recreate the map to see how things really was in that time, I also thought it could be a nice piece of map for Devs that likes to include custom in their real maps servers because it has A LOT of free space but it's still real map. So if I finish it -who knows lmao- I'll release it for free to the community.

Anyway, Im not a programmer, I don't know coding, also I'm not a pro mapper, actually I'm a newbie in all the ways (I thought that mapping could be much easier, but nope, lul) but I'm a perfectionist and I've noticed it helps ;). In the beggining I wanted to make the map with 7.4 graphs, but I'll use OTHire distro to test the map ingame and I just couldnt make the map 7.4 work with the distro, so I ended up doing it with 7.6 graphs (and to be honest, I think it's better).

How I'm planning to do this insane idea? Well, there's an interesting old thread that talks about a 5.0 project, Peonso posted there a way to shape bmp images to RME:
Creating server based on Tibia 5.0
(and Tibia Map Viewer has an option to export the minimap to bmp :rolleyes:)
I also found an Tibia photos archive by Dark Gladir, it maybe doesnt has much information but at least it can help me:
Tibia Screenshot Archive - Google Drive

When I finally set the things and started to mapping I just realized things would get much harder than I thought. My actually main problem is the mountain shapes, they look different in the minimap than how they looked ingame, I suspect that some kind of patron used by CipSoft mappers its envolved but I just can't realize or notice it, it confuses me a LOT.

This is how the mountain next to the Rook temple looks in the Hell Viper minimap:
This is how it looks in my RME:
...and this is an image from Gladir's archive of how it looked ingame:
Now that I'm seeing the images in the post preview, I suspect the patron could be adding +1 sqm to west&south mountains, but how to know which exactly sqms without ingame screenshots of that time?

Im not used to ask for help, but this is blocking my mind and I can't keep working in the map without getting it clear, it really bothers me. By far, I've been just copying and pasting the mountains from the leaked map files and removing its mountain borders and they look exactly like the ingame images from Gladir's archive but I'm afraid that I'm wrong or if there will be some sqm mountain missing.

I've finished all the +floors (by eye thanks to Gladir's archive images since the minimap from 6.x didnt showed higher floors from ground; in the future this will be another problem for sure, lol), ground floor and -1 floor from Rookgaard now. Here's a little preview from ground floor:

Aerial view of the whole island (I'll not screenshot it by segments to show it in highquality, I feel lazy now):

Aerial in highquality from the Town:

In the town I've made the mountain by eye, looking in Gladir's archive images (it has enough info about Rook, but not for Main)
Also, the random wooden floors in the map are suppoused to be missing plants/trees that I couldnt recover from any place. It has some minor changes I made for aesthetic like the beach in the west side or the wheat fields next to the barn.

TL;DR: I'm trying to recreate the Hell Viper minimap from Tibia 6.x. So, now, to be specific, I'm asking for help about the mountains shape topic, If someone can enlight me I'll be glad to read you! (Just take a look to the spoilers and you will see my problem).

Of course, you can also share your opinion about this idea of recreating the Hell Viper minimap, about how I should proceed, or if you just have information that could help me around this. Just don't be mean, It's my first time working directly with otservs things so prob I'll have a lot of fails, also I'm pretty shy but I finally opened this thread because I really want to work on this map! *sigh*