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To the top, come check out Blazera this Christmas break!

Raid Enabled with next server save:
-Grinch Clan Goblins - collect santa tokens and return them to him on Vega Island for a reward!​
We have so much planned for the new year, come join us on Blazera!

[Jan 28th Change Log]

-Custom Client update, new visual changes include water tiles, borders, lava, elemental fields and a few others.
-Also noticed a few sprites not in synchronous mode, they have been fixed.
-Server file structure optimizations made to begin further updates/content patches.

Please restart your clients for the changes to take place!
Blazera will be updating and resetting on February 9th @ 5PM EST!
Mark your calendars and invite your friends to join the adventure filled with new dungeons, bosses and game mechanics. Featuring new updates, balance adjustments and many more changes; stay tuned for more details! As always, previous donations will be able to be claimed through your account page.

Character Progression:
Over time, we've introduced XP boosts to the game through various channels such as task rewards, defeating bosses, and participating in events. Additionally, players have the option to purchase boosts directly from Boosted Dan, enabling an increase of up to 200% in XP for a duration of 6 hours. Recognizing concerns about the low XP rates at the end game and the dependence on boosts, we've adopted a more player-friendly approach.

To address this, we've restructured the overall XP progression from level 8 to 300. In a bid to create a more balanced gaming experience, we've also made specific adjustments: task boosts have been reduced by 60%, the XP limit for Magical Items is now set at 10%, and the maximum boost limit from Dan has been capped at 40% with a maximum duration of 2 hours. Notably, the new tiered dungeons now feature monsters with increased experience gain. These changes are designed to enhance overall gameplay and provide a fairer and more enjoyable journey to higher levels.

Quest Point Boss Access:
Moving forward, players will now be able to access quest point bosses individually, eliminating the need to wait for the global 1-hour respawn. Players can now take up to 5 other players into the room when pulling the entrance lever. Each boss can be completed once every 24 hours, allowing for collaborative play. However, only the player pulling the lever will be checked for and receive the daily storage.

Open World Dungeons:
The realm is evolving, and dungeons are now seamlessly integrated into the world. Common dungeons for low levels can be found in the dungeon hall, while Epic and Legendary dungeons are scattered across exploration areas, not accessible through modal windows or talk actions. These challenging dungeons offer increased dusts, gems, and special rewards, including mounts, outfits, auras, and wings. Depending on the dungeon type, a crafting stand is available in the reward room, providing an opportunity to craft magical items before departing.

As previously mentioned, crafting benches for rare, epic, and legendary items are now located in dungeon reward rooms based on the dungeon tier. This means that only in a legendary dungeon will you find a legendary crafting bench. Additionally, Prefix/Suffix Rollers have had their price lowered and are now limited to one use per day, Orb of Enchantment has also had its price lowered.

To enhance the longevity of the magical item grind, we've decreased the amounts earned from salvaging gemmed, orbed, and crafted items. In return, tiered dungeons' rewards have been increased to balance manual player dust count compared to botters.

Player vs Player:
Significant adjustments have been made to PvP dynamics, including a 50% increase in frag limits for both Red and Black Skulls, coupled with a 33% decrease in frag timer removal. Nerfs have been applied to critical attacks and stone skin amulets, while ultimate spells like Rage of the Skies will cause 50% less damage when 10 or more players are on the screen. Overall player vs player damage has been reduced by 5%.

Spell Pack & Potions Adjustments:
In recent years, we incorporated spells and potions from later versions of Tibia, including the ultimate mana potion, cure condition spells, and knight healing spells. Recognizing the need for balance, we've reverted to the default spells pack of 8.6, making adjustments to achieve the desired balance rather than introducing new spells or potions.

Timed Real Tibia Boss:
Currently, most end-game bosses and unique addon item creatures spawn every hour; however, moving forward, they will spawn three times a day – in the morning, around lunchtime, and in the evening. The raid system will continue to spawn them at random times. This change aims to increase the rarity of end-game items and improve the overall economy.

Teleportation System:
Our teleport room has been a staple for players seeking to complete quests quickly and a favorite for lower-level players looking for empty spawns. From now on, players level 120 and below are granted free access when returning from spawns; however, once above this level, it will cost 1x Blazera Tokens. Everyone will still have free access to spawns, but returning will incur a cost. This change accompanies the addition of the Teleport Rune to the Donation Shop and Greedy Goblin. This item, when used outside of battle, returns players to Thais Temple, granting access to the return teleport in the bottom right of the temple, which takes you back to the location where you used the rune.

Planned Server Updates:
Moving forward, we're transitioning from frequent updates (usually daily) to planning server updates every Monday. This encompasses client, server, and map changes, with necessary quick fixes continuing to take place after server save. The primary goal is to strategically focus on development goals for the week, allowing testing of new features from Monday to Friday, ensuring any needed quick fixes are implemented and patched by the weekend for smooth gameplay during peak times.
[More details will be added to this post as we continue development]

[Jan 29th Change Log]
-New talkaction "!pz" will display time remaining for your in-fight conditions.
-New shorter talkactions "!boost" and "!boosts" will display the current character boost bonuses.
-Frag Limits have been increased by 50%. [Red Skull = 3 -> 6, Black Skull = 6 -> 12]
-Time to decrease frags has been lowered from 6 hours -> 4 hours.
-Limit for XP attribute has been decreased to 10% for all vocations.
-Limit on Multi Shot attribute has been increased to 10% for all vocations.
-Death Protection on Stone Skin Amulet has been reduced to 60%.
-Lowered dusts gained from salvaging gemmed, orbed and crafted items for longevity of gameplay and to combat inflation.
-Critical Attribute Max Increased Damage reduced from 2x -> 1.5x.
-Decreased the XP Bonus by 60% from [Task] Shaman to balance all our boosts out.
-Decreased the maximum percent you can add to boosters purchased from Boosted Dan to 40%.
-Increased the cost per hour by 50% on items created by Boosted Dan.
-Decreased the max hours option on items from Boosted Dan from 66.67%.
-New Item: Teleport Rune, used to return from your spawn to temple, then use the portal in Thais Temple to return you back to the previous location you came from - cannot be used in combat.
-Teleport Rune Return Portal added to Thais Temple, used to return to your previous location.
-Teleport Rune added to both in-game store and webshop for 50 points for 50 uses.

All adjustments are subject to future changes based on community feedback.

[Jan 30th Change Log]
-The teleport room is open to free use for anyone 120 or below, after that it will cost 1 Blazera Token for each return. (This change goes hand in hand with the teleport rune feature added yesterday)
-GM Tool added for Anonymous Server Announcements.
-Further changes applied to the custom clients look styles, please restart the client for changes to take effect.
-Sprites changed include: Camp Fires, Carpets, Bear Rugs, Water Turtle.
-Sprites added include: Pirate Ships, Boats, Sails. (To be used in the new dungeon)

[Feb 2nd Change Log]
-Overall PvP Damage for all vocations lowered by 5%.
-Added Exana Mort back and removed Cure Curse.
-Removed Exura Gran Ico, Exori Ico.
-Removed Ultimate Mana Potions from Shops and Loot Tables.
-Rebased spells to be strictly 8.6, the only other spells are the remaining cure conditions spells.
-Slightly increased the healing power of Exana Mort.
-UE's deal 50% less damage when 10 or more players are on the screen.
-New Death Effect Animation added.
-Top Online Leaderboard Broadcast added to display every 45 minutes.
-Orb of Enchantment price lowered from 35 to 30.
-Prefix/Suffix Reroller Runes lowered from 70 to 40.
-Server Save moved to 1AM EST.
-Server will now remain closed until reset.

[Feb 3rd Change Log]
-Reorganized Quest Point Bosses with a structured layout: the first row features 30-point bosses, followed by rows of 60 points, and so forth.
-Unlock three bosses at each quest point stage, enhancing the gaming experience with a more enjoyable grind.
-Set a 24-hour exhaust for each boss, with flexibility for future adjustments to enhance gameplay.
-Adjusted the Quest Point Boss Arena Map, eliminating the ability for players to stair-hop bosses.
-Implemented a system preventing players from leaving Quest Point Boss Arenas prematurely; once committed, players must fight until death or survive for 15 minutes to be automatically ejected.
-Removed the private 90 Point Quest Spawn Area featuring Orshabaal, Necropharus, Ferumbras, and Morgaroth on an hourly respawn with additional monster spawns.
-Updated newcomer messages to include accurate frag information.
-Ensured Urmahlullu The Immaculate functions appropriately as a boss.
-Introduced Johnny Storm as a new addition to the 120 Quest Point Bosses.
-Moved Jaul to the 300 Quest Point Bosses tier.
-Replaced "/bosscheck" and "!bosscheck" commands with "/weeklyboss" and "!weeklyboss."
-Implemented a 24-hour exhaust for Prefix and Suffix rerollers per use to prevent abuse.
-Set Display Effects for Casino Gambling Machines.

[Feb 4th Change Log]
-Set chance of quest point bosses becoming magical to 20%.
-Reduced Amulet of Luck to 100% & updated Game Store and Item Descriptions.
-Updated Frag Details in Unjustified Points Window on Client to represent new limits.
-Adjusted Boss Loot for Magic Egg System Bosses to scale more effectively.
-Lowered Max Amount of Magical Luck Percent earned by leveling to 25%.
-All Monster Egg Bosses now offer XP Boosts for 1 hour for killing them starting at 5% and increasing by 5% until Legendary at 25%.
-New Colored Outline Shaders are now used with Magical Creatures to easily identify the tier.
-Removed Mr Bananas and Sir Spook from Casino to avoid confusion on tasks.

[Feb 5th Change Log]
-Removed hourly spawns of special bosses and set to every 6 hours when killed.
-Added !bosscheck;/bosscheck to display the timers for Special Bosses.
-Added !weeklyboss in replace of the old command.
-Level 20 Rewards for Knight switched from Small Health Potions to normal Health Potions.
-Updated !talkactions;!commands with all proper commands and categories.
-Character Owned Outfits now display properly on the website.
-Registered Gnome/Lion Items in Movements & Weapons to allow use.
-Updated Quest Point Bosses Map to display rewards on signs & stands.
-Adjusted Loot for Quest Point Bosses to match tiered style.
-Adjusted XP/Health to match each boss across each tier.
[Limited Use of Teleportation Room]

[Quest Point Boss Daily Access]

[Teleport Rune / Spawn Return]

[New Carpet Visuals]
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OTServList Highlight, Discord Adverts, Twitch Promotion, Facebook Campaign and other means of advertising are now in effect. Don't miss out on this adventure!

2 Day(s), 17 Hour(s), 34 Minute(s), 54 Second(s) remaining until Blazera starts fresh!
Make your accounts/characters now and get ready!

3 New Tiered Dungeons with Smelting Stands waiting for crafting in the reward rooms!
Find these dungeons hidden out in the world map, common dungeons still can be found in the dungeon hall.


Read change logs above or in the discord channel.

[Feb 7th Change Log]
-Donations within the last 6 months have been returned to accounts.
-Easily view donation information from shop history page on the website.
-New Monsters: Pirate Reaver, Pirate Swashbuckler, Pirate Ship, Pirate Privateer, Pirate Raider, Tentacruel, Frost Elemental.
-New Bosses: Captain Jack, Frozen Giant, Crypt Keeper.
-New Dungeons: Pirate Cove, Frostfang Mines and Lost Tombs have been placed into areas on the map for discovery and removed from talkaction/dungeon modal window options.

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Further Changes applied before server restart:
-Quest Point System has been rewritten and optimized to patch issues that were reported.
-Character Web Page updated to sync with Quest Point changes.
-Paralyze Patch applied to Magical Item System to prevent issues.
-Dungeon Reward Tables have been set/optimized to scale accordingly and reward magical supplies.
-Quest Point Boss & Monster Egg Boss Loot Tables have been rescaled for balance.
Countdown until Blazera resets!
Blazera Resets Friday, Feb 9th @ 5PM EST.
Day(s), 14 Hour(s), 46 Minute(s), 1 Second(s)
All players have been deleted, please create a new character.
All donations from the past 6 months have been restored.​
Any EU proxy?

We have had quite a few players from over seas with a good connection; I'd recommend giving it a try and letting us know how your connection feels. If its something that we need to optimize we can definitely do that!
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Less than 15 minutes remains, see you all in-game!

[Free Premium Point Promotion Codes]

They are one time use only, so be quick before someone else claims it on you!
(Claim the code through your account page where it says Redeem Code)​
Current record is 64 players with 60 players currently online - come give us a shot!
[Feb 12th - Weekly Monday Patch]

New Casino Game - Magical Roulette

Magical Roulette; costing 2 Blazera Tokens take your chances to win crystal coins, magical dust, stamina feathers, orbs of enchantment and more!

Common and Uncommon Monster Egg Bosses
These monsters have received a slight boost to their decoration item, crystal coin and platinum coin chances.

Daily Boosted Creatures
The system will now begin selecting 1 monster from each of the tiers: easy, medium and hard to boost each day. We hope this makes it easier for all players to take part in boosted creatures.

23:29 Today's boosted monsters are orc, bog raider and draken elite.

More Blazera Tokens Plix!
Mini-Event's now have a 50% chance to reward 2 Blazera Tokens and Monster Egg Bosses have been updated with common starting at 4%, team up with your friends and earn more tokens!

New Shaders / Price Reduced
38 Shaders have been added to the in-game shop with the overall price decreasing from 95 points down to 50 points. Since no one has purchased a shader yet, no one needs to be compensated.

Before | After
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Thank you everyone for the great first weekend, much more planned!
Come check Blazera out this weekend and enjoy the fun!

[Feb 19th - Weekly Monday Patch]

This weeks server patch is as follows, please make your suggestions for next weeks on Discord!

Quest Point Loot Seller
Thais Djinn Loot Buyer now stages sell prices based on your quest progress, earn more quest points to get a higher sell rate.
Stages begin at 80% for 0-49 points; 90% for 50-99 points, 100% for 100-149 points, 110% for 150-189 and 125% for 190 points and above.
A few of Grizzly Adams most frequented items have also been added to Nahlesar for quick selling.

Magic Find for Quests
In addition to the extra magic find you earn during leveling, you can now earn up to 50% extra magic find chance by doing quests!
Thats right, starting at 10 quest points for 5% magic find you can begin earning your extra magical rewards by talking to Elder Blazerain in Thais Depot!

Quest Point Shop Items
The total amount of quest points earned by purchasing quest scrolls has been adjusted to equal a total of 100 when using all of them. This allows players that dislike the questing process to pay a small amount to earn the quest points needed to enter boss areas, activate full price quick selling and extra magic find. The total value of all quest items together is 27$, we feel like this a fair price and also you do not need to purchase all the items. Say you've already earned quests in game, you can opt to just buy the amount of items you need to reach 100+ or whichever tier you'd like.

Skill/Magic Staged Rates
To help balance end game magic and skill rates, we have implemented stages as follows:
Melee: 1-40 = 12x, 41-80 = 10x, 81-100 = 8x, 101+ = 6x
Magic: 1-40 = 6x, 41-80 = 5x, 81-100 = 4x, 101+ = 3x
These rates change based on your current skill level, not player level.

Stuffed Bunny of Death
Using this item allows you to restore 60% of your lost experience from your last death.
Did you get caught off guard or did you get to level 200 just to die within 10 minutes and lose it?
Click this little bunny of death and redeem part of your losses.
You can purchase this item from Greedy Goblin in-game for 250 BT or through the Donation Shop for 50 points.

Carry More Loot
All of the backpack offers on the Donation Shop have had their container sizes increased to 32!
Carry more loot and supplies without hesitation while youre out on those long questing and hunting adventures.

Reintroduce UMP
With the current requests for balancing changes to even the playing field we have decided to add UMP back, not only did players enjoy it last season - we had no complaints about balance. Since the adjustments this season players seem to miss that feeling, so with that said it will be making its return.

Rock In a Hard Place
This npc has been updated to buy all of the deepling and hive items! All the loot you've been saving is now available to be sold here! Nahlesar has also had the new items added to his buy list for quick selling + increased sell price based on quest points.

Knights Balancing Adjustments
After mixed community feedback, many stating Knights feel underpowered in PvE with the odd person stating they are very good - we have taken this chance with the Weekly Patch to include a change for them.
Knights overall damage has been increased by 10%, please note that their PvP Damage was previously decreased this era so no changes have taken place there. If any concerns arise during the week, we can continue to lower their PvP output further or revert this change entirely.

Quick Fixes/Changes
-Jungle Quivers now display and give the +3 Distance Skill shown in the shop description.
-Stamina regens 1 point every 90 seconds.
-Discord new channel created #changes-discussion to discuss recent changes directly.

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The Monday Update Changes have been adjusted, please read above as I've modified the post with the further changes!

Mainly these were adjusted/added:
-More updates to Nahlesar.
-Adjusted Quest Point items.
-Adjusted Rock in a Hard Place.
-Readded UMP.
-Adjusted time it takes to earn stamina in trainers.
You can now left click to say "hi" and right click to say "trade" to npcs, with classic controls off - options are the same except you need to hold alt+right click to trade with npcs.

Restart your clients for this change to take effect!
[2/21/2024 Changes]
-Looking at the Pinned Note in Depot now displays active bounties. (Credits to @Xikini for the idea)
-Bounty Info command now shows currency type.
-Bounty Info overall display has been adjusted to be more straight forward.
-Nahlesar now purchases Secret Library items, a few incorrect item ID's have also been adjusted.
-Quest Point Boss Rooms are now non-pvp to prevent players getting trapped by PKs and/or kicked out with a skull and landing in PZ.

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