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[USA] [8.6] BlazeraRL | Magical Items | Crafting & Smelting | Dungeon Finder | Character Reborn | Mini Bosses | Events

Server Website/AAC
Server Address
Server Port
Client Protocol

[Sept 15th - 17th Change Logs]
-Unjustified Window will no longer causes messages to pop up in default, it now uses internal time functioning to display frag information.
-Cast System is 100% functional again on our custom client, due to recent updates it had issues but they should all be resolved now. We will soon be granting XP Bonus for casting as well, so stay tuned!
-Full Minimap added to custom client. No longer do you need to venture into dark caves with no map!
(Open %appdata% and open the BlazeraOT folder, delete minimap860 and reopen the client to download)

Join us today at www.blazera.net
[Sept 18th - 19th Change Log]
-Loot Message will now properly display in Loot Channel.
-Ring of Luck re-added to web shop.
-FAQ Page information updated.
-Elder Blazerian now properly displays the quest window for each city.
-!quest talkaction now works to display a list of all quests with completed status.
-New Classic Tibia Layout has been added to the client.
-Updated Client in Downloads Section on website.​
[Sept 20th Change Log]

-3 New Slot Machines are now active in the Thais Casino with Jackpot Prizes of 500, 1000 and 1500!

-Rashid Login Message to display current location.

-Setup the rewards for completing server activity tasks at the Champion NPC.

-Spawn bosses with tiered eggs that you can loot randomly for higher end creatures.
[Coming Soon]​
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We have been discussing a new era of Blazera starting Oct 7th or 14th, get yourself ready!

[Sept 27th Change Log]
-Client has been patched to match new boss updates.
-Website Client Download has also been updated to the latest files.

[Sept 28th Change Log]
-Casino Slot Machine + Wheel of Destiny can no longer have items thrown on them.
-Slot Machines now have a map change to help signify the middle line as the reward line.
-Client updated once more to add 41 new shaders!

[Sept 29th Change Log]
-Magical System enhancement has been implemented to the live server.
-Trap Mini-Event has been added to Thais Casino.
-Level Percent Reward option added to Slayer and Champion tasks to help things scale nicely as you approach higher levels.
-Small map updates/changes.

New PvP events are currently in the works with specialized balancing to help create a proper testing ground for future updates.
We are striving to make your stay here enjoyable; thank you to everyone who has given us a try!

[Join us today at www.blazera.net]

[Oct 30th Change Log]
-Bosses are now able to drop magical items again.
-Dodge and Critical Hit animations now display on the custom client.
-Lottery System has a chance to give magical items again.
-NPC Names will now display in blue.


[Join us today at www.blazera.net]
[Oct 4th Change Log]
-Dungeon System updated with a few new features as follows:
--Dungeon Tokens will allow you to take a second daily reward upon completing it a second time. The limit is 2 daily rewards per dungeon even with the tokens. [1 Free + 1 Purchasable]
--Dungeons can now also be hidden from the !dungeon talk action/dungeon room and completely hidden out in the world for you discover. If you stumble upon a set of tiles with a lever next to it, chances are you've found one of our hidden dungeons.
--Dungeon Keys are now also an option, think of this just like how we currently must pay gold coins to enter the dungeon - this will soon be replaced with dungeon keys that you must find by looting bosses/completing events and only by sacrificing a key may you enter the dungeon.
--Traveling Dungeons are also coming to Blazera! You may happen to find a portal out in the wilderness; I say may, because these teleports are randomly changing location all the time. These teleports will lead to a solo style dungeon for you to fight and prove yourself in. Rewards in these dungeons are much higher and as pre-mentioned, have a chance to move around the map.
-Besides these changes, a small patch has been applied to dungeons so that it will properly kick players that dispose of their coins/payment for entry in the waiting room.

Our magical system has also had an enhancment update but currently working out some kinks that are delaying the next Era. @Roddet will be finished soon and then we can start discussing a date for launch! I apologize for the delays, many unseen issues have started from this enhancement and we don't feel comfortable launching until they are resolved so you have the best possible experience with us.

We hope to see you soon as we near the finish on these changes.​
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[Oct 6th Change Log]
-Magical System Patch -- non-vocational items are now included in exlude vocation attributes. (More attributes will drop on more items)
-Magic Enchantment XP Boost has been patched and working, it was using an old paramater/function call.
-Monster outfit lever in Thais Casino is now functional allowing you to change your outfit every 20 seconds to a random monsters. Happy Halloween!
-New Team Death Match has been introduced to live server after the past few days of testing! When it runs it will automatically balance all players to the same level, skills and equipment. You will be playing on 4 Maps, with 3 of them having UE disabled]

Special thanks to @Roddet for all his hard work on the TDM event and the magical system ✨️ Things are working smoother than anticipated with tonight's changes and he's been an absolute legend in supporting Blazera grow into what it has!

Also thank you to @Sarah Wesker who has helped out Blazera with the dungeons and making a great way for people to XP on the side!

[Port Haven]
Edron Castle
Fire Pits

A new era of Blazera is approaching!​
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[Oct 7th Change Log]
-Blazera Token has been introduced to the server as a currency.
-Casino Currency now uses Blazera Tokens instead of Crystal Coins.
-Weekly Boss Room now spawns bosses on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Use /bosscheck or !bosscheck to see if they are alive or how long until the next respawn.
-All events and casino npcs have had small text typos fixed, please report any I missed.
-New Magical Roller items introduced to re-roll first, second or third slot only! [Will be available in casino shop and in-game store soon]
-Removed 2 invalid items from Black Bert.
-Task NPC's now properly give Experience rewards.
-Shaman NPC no longer has a chance to fail to responding to length keywords.
-Anti-Rollback feature has been added and is being tested!


Credits to @ralke for releasing this system; after testing it with the new boss arena map we've added it became a perfect fit - thank you brother!
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[Oct 8th Change Log]

-New Communal Training Zones for custom client users! Original Client will still use retro/original trainers.
-Demonic Rift now enters from the left and proceeds to the right where the reward chest is located.
-Altered the First Login Messages with updated information
-Trainers required level has been reduced from 20 to 8.
-Blazera Tokens now added to Daily Rewards.
-New Task Reward options added to Slayer.
-Greedy Goblin Rewards and Prices updated/revamped.
-Anti-Rollback System has been tested and confirmed working.


New Slayer Task Rewards are as follows:
Royal Scale Robe: 350 task credit
Elite Draken Helmet: 350 task credit
Robe of the Underworld: 300 task credit
Fireborn Giant Armor: 250 task credit
Royal Draken Mail: 200 task credit
Royal Crossbow: 80 task credit
Warsinger Bow: 80 task credit
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries: 80 task credit
Emerald Sword: 80 task credit
Hellforged Axe: 80 task credit
Obsidian Truncheon: 80 task credit
The Avenger: 65 task credit
Arbalest: 65 task credit
Dwarven Legs: 20 task credit​
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Today I went through and applied patch fixes to all the issues that were reported over the previous era with quests/other mechanics.

[Oct 9th Change Log]
-Djinn Quest Doors now function properly.
-Ancient Tomb Quest will now teleport behind the door after finding the carrot.
-Atrad now returns a message when trying to complete addon a second time.
-Esrik will no longer buy the item you are selling if you are wearing the same item, you will need to remove the item from your equipment before selling it to Esrik. This prevents magical items being sold accidently.
-Kazordoon Ore Wagons in Depot now lead to proper locations.
-Bonepit Quest no longer removes the skeleton when using ectoplasm container.
-Thais War Plans now properly sends text message when using blackboard.
-Team Death Match Rewards updated to allow experience/skill boosts and seperate configurations for levels/skills/items on each map.
-Small adjust in Daily Rewards for boosts/unique owned items.​
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Started messing around with editing clips to create a server advert,
the below is just a testing clip to ensure quality/how things were working.

If there is anyone out there interested in the job of creating an advert, please message me to discuss further!​

@Roddet has done it again, Boss Arenas are now live on Blazera!

[Oct 13th Change Log]
-Boss Arena Update is now in effect on the live server.
-You are now able to loot uncommon -> godly boss eggs from all monsters if your stamina is above 38 hours.
-You can now rent private boss arenas for 15 blazera tokens for 30 minutes.
-Arena Bosses now have a 50% chance to become magical and guarantee a magical drop.
-Skill/Melee Percent bonuses now stack properly, same goes for HP/MP Points stacked on items with HP/MP Percent.

[Oct 14th Change Log]

-Rookgaard is now activated as an optional selection when creating a character.
Your vocation will be removed at login and you will begin your fresh journey as level 1 if desired.


-Email Recovery is now enabled for lost passwords and accounts, check your spam if you can't find it.


If anyone has issues recovering their account for the reset, just make a ticket in discord!


[Oct 16th Change Log]
[Website Changes]
-Outfit Images on the Homepage Top 5 Panel and Who Is Online pages will properly resize monster outfits.
-Server statistics box added to server info page displaying current market offers, dungeons completed and total player deaths.
-Featured Article expanded details + set to link to server info page.
-Home Page Server News Post has had its information updated and style changed.
-Server Save information on Who Is Online page now displays properly for the remaining 5 hours till SS.

[In-Game Changes]
-Custom Client Trainer Area moved underground to enable the light effect glow all the time.
-Monster Egg Rarity structure now matches that of the Magical Items. [Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary]
-Some guildhalls are receiving depot stands inside to match that of RL Tibia's updates.
-Elder Blazerian now gives a direct step by step instruction for checking points and claiming rewards to avoid confusion.

Create you account/characters @ www.blazera.net

[Blazera Reset Advert]


Full 8.6 Real Map w/ Roshamuul + New Items

Full quests with missions - completing quests unlocks Boss Rooms featuring new creatures from up to client 13x! Areas like Roshamuul are also available with proper inhabitant creatures + loot tables. Blazera prides itself to be as close to Real Tibia as possible in 8.6 while also introducing the updates we feel should be in the game.
Magic Find, Magical Item Attributes & Crafting

Each character has a magic find chance that increases as you level, when a monster drops equipment items they can be found with up to 44 new attributes including life/mana steal, elemental strikes, multi-shot, critical/dodge & many more! You are also able to smelt items from valuable gems or salvage magical items for dust to build new ones in the crafting system. Bosses are also great way to earn dust, gems and orbs of enchantment!

Dungeons & Team Finder

We offer a unique dungeon system using a team finder and queue for you to enjoy hunts with other players. Either use !dungeon to access them by quick access window selection or enter the teleport in Thais Depot. Rewards are repeatable once every 24 hours or you can earn a second reward before the cooldown is over by using a dungeon token. Some dungeons are locked by dungeon keys which are obtained through bosses/events.

Daily Tasks & Task Shop

We offer three daily tasks that include • Completing Activities • Monster Killing • Creature Product Collection. Completing these tasks will earn you experience, gold coins, experience boosts and points that can be used in the Task Shop.
Login Reward System

Every day you log in, over the course of 28 days you will receive a new reward. If you fail to login for 24 hours, the prizes will restart at Day 1. Complete the prize list by logging in everyday to earn some truly legendary rewards! wink wink

Rebirth/Prestige with Character Benefits

Once reaching level 300, players can visit the Oracle of Rebirth to be reborn. You will be set back to level 8 while keeping your skills and items. Each rebirth will add 1% health, mana and damage to your character and unlock access to rebirth island.

Dynamic Boss Rewards Container

When killing certain bosses as a team, each player will receive their own unique loot which can be found in the "Reward Chest" inside your depot or by looting the creature after the fight. Certain items will be flagged as unique with only 1 participant receiving the reward.

Boss Arenas & Monster Eggs

While hunting you will find special eggs that spawn RARE bosses, when you find one of these eggs it will be labeled by its rarity and allow you to spawn a boss of that type in the Boss Arenas. You can also rent a private arena for 15 Blazera tokens to ensure no one interrupts your fight.
Events & Mini-Games

Events like Team Death Match, Safe Zone, Fire Storm & Zombies run every hour on the hour while Mini-Events like Trivia & Fastest Fingers run every 20 to 40 minutes. By participating you earn Blazera Tokens which can be used to purchase exclusive rewards. If you feel lucky, you can also spend them in our casino that offers: Black Jack, Dice, Beat The Dealer, Wheel of Fortune & Slot Machines.
No P2W & No VIP Items

All web shop items are non-edited real tibia items and can be earned by quests, won through events, dropped by bosses or purchased with Blazera Tokens. Every single item is available in-game!
Server opens October 21st @ 11AM EST

Other features include World Events that spawn waves of monsters, Monster Mini-Bosses that are increased in difficulty but also rewards, Item Levels to craft magical items, Monster Levels to earn extra experience and so much more!

[Website: Latestnews - Blazera (http://www.blazera.net/)]
[Discord: Join the Blazera.net [Real Map 8.6] Discord Server! (https://discord.com/invite/a6m5SFWFNJ)]​
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Server opens October 21st @ 11AM EST

[Oct 18th Change Log]
-Dungeon Reward Table updated to reflect monster loot from creatures inside the dungeon.
-Optimizations made to default stat conditions for Health/Mana/Magic.
-Discord Advertisement has begun on OTC Official Discord.


Blazeras gameworld will remain closed until Oct 21st starting today (Oct 19th) at 5am!
We can't wait to see you all this weekend!

[Website: Latestnews - Blazera (http://www.blazera.net/)]
[Discord: Join the Blazera.net [Real Map 8.6] Discord Server! (https://discord.com/invite/a6m5SFWFNJ)]​
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Premium Point Codes:

No p2w or VIP items? FUcking count me in!
Its all quest items baby <3 Most you could technically consider P2W is the magical orbs however they are earnable in game by salvaging magical items, killing bosses, being the winner of mini-events and so much more. Not to mention even things like the item that increases your magic find percent IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN-GAME!

The only real thing available in shops that isnt available in-game is certain outfits, mounts, wings and auras... which is to keep the exclusivity of certain looks to donators which has no game changing effects other than just that, looks.
Don't miss out on the fun, we are slowly growing!
Only 1 player away from breaking our old record of 33 players.

04:06 New record: 32 players are logged in.

3 new dungeons are being worked on for Level 150-300 ranges - special thanks to @Peroxide for his awesome skills!

Exclusive OTLand offer - claim one of the codes below on your account management page to earn 30 premium points!

Premium Point Codes: