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[USA] [8.6] BlazeraRL | Magical Items | Crafting & Smelting | Dungeon Finder | Character Reborn | Mini Bosses | Events

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|| Blazera.net ||
Dec 22, 2008
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Full 8.6 Real Map w/ Roshamuul + New Items

Full quests with missions - completing quests unlocks Boss Rooms featuring new creatures from up to client 13x! Areas like Roshamuul are also available with proper inhabitant creatures + loot tables. Blazera prides itself to be as close to Real Tibia as possible in 8.6 while also introducing the updates we feel should be in the game.
Magic Find, Magical Item Attributes & Crafting

Each character has a magic find chance that increases as you level, when a monster drops equipment items they can be found with up to 44 new attributes including life/mana steal, elemental strikes, multi-shot, critical/dodge & many more! You are also able to smelt items from valuable gems or salvage magical items for dust to build new ones in the crafting system. Bosses are also great way to earn dust, gems and orbs of enchantment!

Dungeons & Team Finder

We offer a unique dungeon system using a team finder and queue for you to enjoy hunts with other players. Either use !dungeon to access them by quick access window selection or enter the teleport in Thais Depot. Rewards are repeatable once every 24 hours or you can earn a second reward before the cooldown is over by using a dungeon token. Some dungeons are locked by dungeon keys which are obtained through bosses/events.

Daily Tasks & Task Shop

We offer three daily tasks that include • Completing Activities • Monster Killing • Creature Product Collection. Completing these tasks will earn you experience, gold coins, experience boosts and points that can be used in the Task Shop.
Login Reward System

Every day you log in, over the course of 28 days you will receive a new reward. If you fail to login for 24 hours, the prizes will restart at Day 1. Complete the prize list by logging in everyday to earn some truly legendary rewards! wink wink

Rebirth/Prestige with Character Benefits

Once reaching level 300, players can visit the Oracle of Rebirth to be reborn. You will be set back to level 8 while keeping your skills and items. Each rebirth will add 1% health, mana and damage to your character and unlock access to rebirth island.

Dynamic Boss Rewards Container

When killing certain bosses as a team, each player will receive their own unique loot which can be found in the "Reward Chest" inside your depot or by looting the creature after the fight. Certain items will be flagged as unique with only 1 participant receiving the reward.

Boss Arenas & Monster Eggs

While hunting you will find special eggs that spawn RARE bosses, when you find one of these eggs it will be labeled by its rarity and allow you to spawn a boss of that type in the Boss Arenas. You can also rent a private arena for 15 Blazera tokens to ensure no one interrupts your fight.
Events & Mini-Games

Events like Team Death Match, Safe Zone, Fire Storm & Zombies run every hour on the hour while Mini-Events like Trivia & Fastest Fingers run every 20 to 40 minutes. By participating you earn Blazera Tokens which can be used to purchase exclusive rewards. If you feel lucky, you can also spend them in our casino that offers: Black Jack, Dice, Beat The Dealer, Wheel of Fortune & Slot Machines.
No P2W & No VIP Items

All web shop items are non-edited real tibia items and can be earned by quests, won through events, dropped by bosses or purchased with Blazera Tokens. Every single item is available in-game!
Server opens February 9th @ 5PM EST

Other features include World Events that spawn waves of monsters, Monster Mini-Bosses that are increased in difficulty but also rewards, Item Levels to craft magical items, Monster Levels to earn extra experience and so much more!

[Website: Latestnews - Blazera (http://www.blazera.net/)]
[Discord: Join the Blazera.net [Real Map 8.6] Discord Server! (https://discord.com/invite/a6m5SFWFNJ)]

Our server features the full real tibia map from 8.6, including our own new customizations, areas, cities and quests!
Blazera also has many unique systems that Tibia didn't feature back in the day, for example:
Magical Items, Addon Bonuses, Level Rewards, Guild Rewards, Team Events & More!
Join us in game to experience the server yourself - we look forward to seeing you there!

Website: www.blazera.net
Discord: Join the Blazera.net [Real Map 8.6] Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/7CjDkWE)

1 Month of Featured Box from January 28th
1 Week of Server Highlight from January 29th
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@K h a l i f a - It's been so long since I've seen your name! Oh my goodness, glad to see you remember us - hopefully I can bring Blazera back for the community to enjoy once again! Hope to see your face on the server once we get things going full scale again!

Website Updates that have been completed:
  • Character Pages now show more information, I plan on adding more but this is good for now.
  • Guild Page Advance Statistics is exactly what it sounds like; there is more information about the guild on the guild page now.
  • Home Page has been optimized and added a discord button.
  • Account Page will now show more information and history.
  • VIP Medal (7-Days), Blessing Book, Castle Doll, VIP Ring (+Speed) + Hunting & Outfit Tokens have been added to shop.

New in-game updates yet to be imported from Update Test Server:
  • Looking at a player will now show the amount of people in their guild and how many are online.
  • Looking at a player will also show the amount of frags | deaths with a K/D Ratio displayed.
  • Monsters will now drop Hunting Room and Outfit Tokens.
  • You can now walk through other players in PZ.

Map Changes yet to be imported from update:
  • Yasir has mounted his ship to Thais Boat.
  • Monster Outfit Statue added to Thais Depot.
  • Hunting Room Teleport is now accessible to free accounts since monsters can drop them and its no longer a VIP only feature.
  • Boss Teleports are no longer on the VIP Access side of the boat, they are in the boat launch house next to Thais Boat. (Bosses spawn every 8 hours)

Just bumpinig this up since I am working on it again - new rates, reset and have a few players on already. Adding a few updates today as well <3

Blazera Patch v1
  • Gambling Dice NPC added to Thais Depot.
  • When looking at another player, it now shows K/D ratio, amount of guild members and how many online, as well as VIP status.
  • Hunting Room Teleport moved from VIP to Thais Depot.
  • Outfit Statue added to Thais Depot (will soon require 1 outfit token to use)
  • Outfit Tokens and Blazera Coins will be dropped by monsters, earned from events, etc.
  • Pits of Inferno and Annilihator access portals added to Thais Temple (second floor).
  • Thais Depot + Boat teleports added to Thais Temple (second floor)
  • Jail Room has been added to Thais Temple (Anti-Bot System and GM's can send you here)
  • Yasir is now docked to Thais Boat and you can now sell all your creature products.
  • Frozdegon, Orshabaal & Ghazbaran hourly bosses are available through VIP Boat.
  • Rune NPC's that sold 10x runes have been fixed.

Server is now secured with SSL, please use login.blazera.net in your ip changers moving forward.

Server highlight and featured box has been purchased for 1 week starting Monday! Come join www.blazera.net

Blazera.net is launching on Saturday January 29th at 12PM (EST)

[Join us at www.blazera.net on Saturday, January 29th @ 12PM EST]
1 Month Purchased for Featured Box (highlight will be upon launch)

Thank you to everyone who has joined us today, I have used the donations to also purchase a HIGHLIGHT on OTServList to encourage more sign ups. That brings us now to 1 month Feature Box and 1 week of Highlight. I plan to create an image advert for the server and also utilize the banner box as I have seen @Znote doing for AcidOTS; he's given lots of insight on how to create an effective banner. Now just to utilize the information and implement it for the server.


Upcoming Changes:
-Server Save will start occuring at 5AM EST to implement server changes. [Map will be cleaned on server save]
Updates incoming this weekend! We will be finalizing the source tests, we may need to reset the database due to transfer from one source to another - if that happens I'll make it so everyone starts at 150 and I'll throw everyone a VIP set, even though it's a high rate test server right now; I know its tedious to level back up.

Planned Updates for the Weekend:
  • Unfair Fight Reduction System
  • Low Level Blessings onDeath (unless skulled)
  • No damage to guildmates
  • Anti-MC, maximum of 3 connections per IP.
  • Player Outfit Modifier Statue in Thais Depot
  • Hunting Rooms TP moved to Thais Depot
  • Monsters with 650+ HP will start dropping tokens for outfit statue and hunting rooms.
Come join us today, just remember we are in testing right now as we finalize the features needed to launch.

Unfair Fight Reduction, No DMG to Guildmates and Low Level Blessings have been enabled, please test it and report any issues!

Come join us on Blazera.net! New updates incoming!

Join us at www.blazera.net
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Nice. Good luck on your server. :)

From my own experience regarding yellow highlights, it seems to give the server around +30 points on otservlist, so for me it really started to pay off after I had the server online for a few months. You will gain otservlist points by just being online with a good uptime. After about 4 months, I had aquired around 120 points, so yellow highlight + 5-10 players would inflate my points to 160+ and sometimes push me to the front page on otservlist (in the default list view - points), and thats when I started to gain "natural" otservlist traffic from players.

(I went from 0-3 daily registrations to 6-22 daily registrations depending on front-page exposure).

In the early period, what worked best for me was banner ads (and featured server box), and otland server gala. If you look at my server gala thread, you will find frequent, almost daily updates containing changelogs, teasers, showcases.
Banner ads with animation showcasing something cool will yield alot of clicks and more registrations. But will be more expensive as you run dry of points much quicker. However if your just concerned about building a player base (instead of focusing on profits) I would argue its worth it. Kinda like a future investment. First you need the community.

Also, if you find "square chart" spoofers, report them using the otservlist contact form. They tend to sneak up on page 2 and bottom of first page, just enough to get exposure. They spoof just enough to sneak in to the lower parts of lists to get exposure and doesn't always get caught by the auto detection system. I have reported and gotten 3-4 of them banned so far. I call them "square chart spoofers" because they use a spoofer service that logs in 20-30 players pretty much immediately at more or less set time intervals, so their online players chart on otservlist looks like a square/columns instead of a natural daily curve, and by just looking at the chart you can often gauge their spoof configuration. (especially if they are set to login a bit after server save).

Sample of a very obvious spoof:

It got banned after 6 hours of me reporting it, server was otherwise online for over 2 months doing this shit, hurting new honest server owners by pushing them out of page 1-2 exposure.
16:40 New Online Record: 15 players are logged in, invite your friends and help us break records!

A new poll is now active on the website, we are interested in finding out our players locations.
We hope that with the results we can pick the best location for our host.

With todays server save (6AM EST) we have modified a few things.
-Hunting Room Tokens are now available, a few active players have been rewarded them as the first owners!
-Currently available are Dragons and Dragon Lords.
-Lottery now effectively only selects players for rewards.


Create an account @ www.blazera.net

15:44 New Online Record: 17 players are logged in, invite your friends and help us break records!

With todays server save (6AM EST) we have modified a few things.
-Runes are now infinite.
-When looking at another player it properly shows VIP/Guild/Kills/Deaths
-Cast System now properly updates on the website.


Join us today and create an account @ www.blazera.net

03:11 New Online Record: 23 players are logged in, invite your friends and help us break records!
Join us today and create an account @ www.blazera.net
Blazera.net Patch v2 Info
-Stamina now recovers in trainers (1 min per 2 min) up to 40:00, bonus stamina must be recovered by logging off.
-White Skull Timer has been lowered from 15 minutes to 12 minutes.
-Exp Stages from 150-200 have been slightly increased, we have also added a new range from 200-250.
-NPC's will no longer check EQ slots for selling items, however if you have an extra in your backpack and try to sell it, it will take from your EQ slots first. [Please be aware of this with your magical items until we find a further solution to only allow the NPC to ONLY buy items from backpack] --fixed
-All arrows/bolts/spears/runes have been made infinite.
-Lottery Timer changed from 1 hour to 3 hours, new items have been added like "Orb of Enchantment", "Blazera Token", "Hunting Tokens'.
-When looking at a player, it now shows VIP Status + K/D Ratio and Guild Status properly.
-Stamina settings adjusted, seems to be earning 7 minutes every 30 minutes.
-Grimville is now accessible through Thais Boat.
-You can use "!mf" to check your current magic find percent,
-Orb of Enchantment, Magic Find Box and Lucky Amulet have been added to the shop.
-Magical Item System has been completely revamped with new attributes added, you can now find items with any of the following: +maxhealth, +maxmana, +health/mana regen, +absorb elements, +attack speed, +hitchance, +armor/defence, +attack, +magiclevel, +meleeskills, +extracharges, +extraduration.


Special Thanks to @Roddet who has been a godsend, he helped with the development of the new magic items system.
Between the two of us, we have tested 99.9% of things to ensure they are working properly.
If anyone notices any issues in regards to the Magical Items system, please report it in the Discord!

We hope you have enjoyed the updates this month, we have even more planned for Patch v3! [Drops in March]
Stay tuned @ www.blazera.net

With the next month we plan to enhance events, in-game activity rewards & the casino. But we are also interested to hear what you players would like to see from a custom 8.6 rl map. We have the option to branch completely toward custom content/story, or focus on revamping the RL map to make it more sustainable for long term use while also instilling more story line quests ontop of the current "Queen of Carlin/King of Thais" mentality.

Help hype this thread up with ideas, or join or Discord and post under suggestions to start a point of conversation ;D

Blazera Notes
NPC's taking players items when equipped; especially magical items.
  • Our dear friend Nahlesar (located second floor Thais Library) has been found to be the main culprit stealing players equipped items. We apologize for any lost items and appreciate everyones understanding while we fixed this. If anyone encounters an NPC taking equipped items, please inform us of the NPC name; although we are 99.9% positive this issue will never occur again.
Stamina was not recovering at an acceptable rate.
  • In other news, the reported issue of stamina recovery has been resolved (although there was not a "bug" to begin with). From now on, ALL characters will recover 3.125 minutes of stamina for every 5 minutes being logged off. (This is compared to 1 minute of stamina for every 3 minutes logged off)
  • We have also lowered the buffer before stamina recovers after being logged off from 10 minutes to 1 minute.
Could not access Donation Castles without VIP.
  • Castles are now also accessible from the northern side of the basement of Captain Bluebeard's ship.
Exhaust is not functioning properly from runes/potions "Cannot mana potion + SD at the same time".
  • Our "reportee" must have recently been playing a Baiak/Custom server; after evaluation from a popular war server owner; we can confirm that the exhausts are shared/seperated exactly where they need to be.
Seeing what monster dropped magical loot is too hard amongst the battle log.
  • We have now added an extra messasge in default channel to help easily filter which monster has dropped the desired loot.
  • [Example] 17:11 Loot: a rotworm just dropped a uncommon mace.

We have lots planned for the coming month. From new casino games, events, marketplace features and more.
We hope to make the community a happy and active one <3

Join us today @ www.blazera.net

Welcoming all new players! Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

With todays server save we have added:
-Item Salvaging (top floor Thais Library; 100x magic dust = 1 orb of enchantment)
-Automatic House Cleaning (If you are inactive for 14 days you will lose your house, simply log in.)
-Empty Vials now show up in backpack + can be splashed on the ground.
-Sandra in Edron also will accept empty vials for entry into her lottery ticket submission.
-New Thais Boat, Temple + Depot Enterances/Exits.
-Renovated Grizzly Adams outpost (infront of Thais Library)
-Trainers teleport has been slightly modified for quicker access.


Mobile Client now live for Android users!
Download Here: Blazera - Android


Starting today; every server save one of the following monsters will have it's loot & experience boosted by 50%.
(troll, orc, minotaur, dwarf, elf, skeleton, amazon, valkirie, dark apprentice, ghoul, cyclops, dwarf guard, necromancer, vampire, werewolf, dragon, dragon lord, wyrm, giant spider, hydra, warlock, demon.)

Logging in will display a message in default "23:34 Today's boosted creature is: dragon! [Earn 50% more XP/Loot]". You can also head to Thais Temple where the daily boosted creature is spawned.

With todays server save we have updated the magical loot system to now offer Life & Mana Steal!

[Item Example]
01:03 You see a legendary spiritual plate armor of life steal (Arm:10, life steal chance +8%, mana steal chance +8%).
It weighs 120.00 oz.
[Life Steal: 12-18]
[Mana Steal: 12-18]

04:07 You deal 36 damage to Tester.
04:07 You gained 49 health points from Tester with life steal.
04:07 You gained 66 mana points from Tester with mana steal.

[Person being attacked]
04:07 You lose 36 hitpoints due to an attack by Testa.
04:07 You lose 49 additional health points due Testa's life steal.
04:07 You lose 66 additional mana points due Testa's mana steal.

[Example of !stats talkaction with Life/Mana Steal]
04:30 [Current Stats]: Magic (7)
04:30 [Current Steal]: Life Steal (48-72), Mana Steal (48-72), Health Steal Chance (32%), Mana Steal Chance (32%)
04:30 [Max Stats]: Skills (40), Regeneration (75), Magic (15), Max Health (400), Max Mana (500), Speed (100), Hit Chance (50%), Attack Speed (100%)
04:30 [Max Absorb]: Physical (30%), Holy (30%), Death (30%), Fire (30%), Ice (30%), Energy (30%), Earth (30%)
04:30 [Max Steal]: Life Steal (100), Mana Steal (100), Health Steal Chance (50%), Mana Steal Chance (50%)

Limits have also changed! Attack Speed, Hit Chance and more have been modified, say !stats to check for yourself.

Limits have been updated further and also Magic Items WWW information page is more detailed for ALL of the available attributes. Blazera - Magicitems (https://www.blazera.net/?subtopic=magicitems)

Magic Items - Vocation Limitations
MagesMages can gain a maximum bonus of 40 magic level, 250 health, 1000 mana, 75 points of regeneration, 100% walking speed, 25% hit chance, 100% attack speed, 35% absorbtion of elements, 100 life steal (50% chance), 100 mana steal (50% chance) from equipped items.
PaladinPaladins can gain a maximum bonus of 40 distance, 15 magic level, 400 health, 500 mana, 75 points of regeneration, 100% walking speed, 50% hit chance, 100% attack speed, 30% absorbtion of elements, 100 life steal (50% chance), 100 mana steal (50% chance) from equipped items.
KnightKnights can gain a maximum bonus of 40 melee skills, 6 magic level, 600 health, 300 mana, 75 points of regeneration, 100% walking speed, 25% hit chance, 100% attack speed, 20% absorbtion of elements, 100 life steal (50% chance), 100 mana steal (50% chance) from equipped items.

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new senior tutor, Relapse.
To message him ingame for help, please refer to [SNR] Relapse

You can now sell your characters for premium points!

The character must be level 150+ and be offline when trying to sell, you will also be unable to log in to the character you are selling.
Please make sure you want to sell your character before submitting it as there is currently no way to cancel auctions other than with ADMIN help.
[Blazera - Buychar (https://www.blazera.net/index.php?subtopic=buychar)]

You can now track power gaming info @ [Blazera - Powergamers (https://www.blazera.net/?subtopic=powergamers)]
You can now view insomnia reports @ Blazera - Onlinetime (https://www.blazera.net/?subtopic=onlinetime)


Experience Stages
1-20 = 100x21-40 = 60x41-60 = 50x
61-80 = 40x81-100 = 30x101-120 = 20x
121-140 = 16x141-160 = 12x161-199 = 8x
200-249 = 4x250+ = 3x+XP Boosts

You can now view the raid schedule @ Blazera - Raids (https://www.blazera.net/?subtopic=raids)
Join us today, invite your friends! Also looking for active concept creators/mappers.

Added DPS Calculator Room (Casino, Second Floor)
(Attack the monster and view per second damage calculations)
-Statues that show the top players on server (Casino, Second Floor)
(Look at the statues to see the top leveled/skilled players)
-Access to a majority of the most popular depots.
(On the second floor of the casino a new depot area is available)
-Bomberman Lever/Tiles have been moved to the second floor of Casino.
(Use the switch + 4 tiles to enter Bomberman)
-Swimming Pool + Depot Teleport have been added to the second floor.
(Have a swim in the community pool and quickly return to the depot)
-Some Talk Actions now have 10 second exhaustion timers.
(This will help with latency issues as the server grows and more people use talk actions frequently)
-New Available Spells show with each level advance now.
(This should help players be more aware when + what they can use)

To the top, working on events/mini-games/player attractions when not questing 😊
-Fire Storm Event is now added.
Events to be added/modified soon: Guild Private City Battles, Battle Boats, Lava Run, Survival, and many others!


In other news, we have removed POI and ANNI TP's from Thais Temple to avoid any new comers finding themselves in areas they cant return from. Temple/Boat TP's remain.
(Will possibly consider major quest shortcuts being added to VIP area)​

Shared Boss Loot Reward System is now active!
Active Bosses: Ghaz, Orshabaal, Morgaroth.
[Find these bosses available every hour in VIP boat access]


With todays server save, you will be able to login more than 4 characters.
This will help with 2 people playing on the same IP being limited to 2 characters each, etc.

(Only 4 will be counted towards online count/otlist reporting)

Stages from Level 1 to Level 140 have been tripled.
Stages from 141 to 250 have been doubled.
Skill rate has been changed from 12x to 24x.
Magic rate has been raised from 6x to 12x.
Loot rate has been raised from 2x to 4x.

Instead of doing a reset, I will try to encourage new players to come test/pvp with higher rates.
Hopefully in the future, we can do a reset to lower rates once we start growing actively.

New updates in the works!
Broke 10 players online again, glad to see the numbers slowly rising 🧡☺️

To the top, seeing new players join frequently! Looking for a guild that we can offer some points too and have some wars.

New Rebirth Update in-coming shortly! Come join Blazera today @ www.blazera.net

Happy to have some new faces joining us! Would love to see more, hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!

Character Pages on the website now display more information, including full skill window, outfits list, and an EQ slot window with item names upon hovering. You will also notice a new "Danger:" indicator, which displays a players K/D ratio.

Our who is online page now displays VIP players, Skulls and Guilds.

Our highscores/leaderboards page now displays a bar that will show % to next level when hovering.

You will also find [Push Duels: wins/losses] on the character page now. This is a new event coming this server save that allows players to practice pushing/trapping eachother. Find its enterance in the Casino/Games Building.



Overall played time and Kills/Death Count has been added to character pages.
Kill Statistics now shows effects upon loading.
Multiple map updates can be found upon server save.

Join us today @ www.blazera.net

Dungeon System coming soon featuring "Cave of Wonders" (based off Aladdin) .. reach far enough to touch the lamp and be faced with the boss.


Server Updates:
VIP now yields 25% extra XP. (10% before)

Join us today @ www.blazera.net

Character pages now display Magical Item stats; never find yourself unaware in a fight. Dont attack someone that has a legendary set, come on... think a little.


Also - not only does the online list display who is VIP with a crown, but now we have a LIVE button for people who are streaming with the cast system. "credits to WorldStarHipHop" xD


Victims column on characters pages now added, see how evil your friends are.


In other updates: Rust Armor/Legs now activate magical attributes upon equip. Didnt expect people to be wearing Rusty armors/legs, so they werent included :p

Join us today @ www.blazera.net

New players have joined and formed a guild! Already with 2 PVP kills under their belt, they have taken the lead of most powerful!
Currently ranging from 10-20 players on a day with new people checking us out frequently;
as we enter summer months I hope we see some more!


Now with the highest KD on the server!

Join us today @ www.blazera.net

20~ players online (5 characters are mcs), so total of 15 players on. New people joining daily, some old players have rejoined today and the newest guild is at it again with a new kill! Their guild still leads the way, now with 3 kills.

Updated May 23rd @ 4PM EST:
15:58 New Online Record: 27 players are logged in, invite your friends and help us break records!
18:47 New Online Record: 30 players are logged in, invite your friends and help us break records!
18:49 New Online Record: 31 players are logged in, invite your friends and help us break records!
18:53 New Online Record: 32 players are logged in, invite your friends and help us break records!
19:36 New Online Record: 33 players are logged in, invite your friends and help us break records!

To the top, equipment on web page updated to show full equipment details (armor, weight, etc)

Been super busy in real life but lots happening on the server! The newest guild has taken the lead by over 20 kills, join your teams and fight the battles!

It's our anniversary today, come play Blazera and get ready for another amazing year!
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I can't find anywhere in the website what the VIP Benefits are
They are listed on the billboard in thais depot but mainly a 50% xp boost, access to 6 hour boss spawns, vip city and access to new features before others.

I will add an updated description to the website to make this more common knowledge 😉
Hello, been looking for an 8.6 OTS that is similar to RL Tibia but with boosted rates, I'm planning on a nostalgia trip.
Are every main quests fully scripted? I mean POI, INQ, Anni, WOTE, Dreamers Challenge etc. What about Farmine/Zao? For example, is Esrik scripted to buy zaoan items or just Rashid or some custom NPC buys them?
Small Server Update with Magical Items; system has been re-written to allow more adaptability. For example, quest boxes can now drop magical gear. Events can now reward you with magical loot. You can now earn gems to create tier specific items. All of this and more is possible. You can also now find XP BONUS on magical items. More details coming with patch notes soon.
Welcome fellow Blazerians,
We have concluded testing and would like to share with you a new patch update available with the server save on June 20th @ 3AM EST.

[Magic Item Patches]
-Some items can now drop with XP Bonus attribute! (Backpacks & Frozen Starlight)
-Quests, Events and NPCs will now have the chance to make the rewards magical.
-Some items will no longer receive magical attributes. (Leather, Studded, Chain Sets & other lower)


[Item Smelting]
-Magical Rarity Gems have been added; loot them from bosses & events!
-Use the hammer in the Smelting Station to create tier-specific items with the required gems.


[Item Salvaging]
-Save your magical loot and earn magical dust!
-Trade 100 magical dust for 1 Orb of Enchantment.
(Upper Thais Magic Shop or Thais Library)



22:37 Your legendary mystical crystal ring of holyness has been converted into x50 magical dusts.
Monster Looted Items = 2x Magical Dust || Orb Created Items = 50x Magical Dust

New Fire Storm Event
-Starts everyday at 12PM (noon).
-Be the last to survive the storm of fire balls raining from the sky to win.
-Earn CC, Magical Gems, Orbs of Enchantment & Rarity Gems for winning.


[PVP Push Duel Event]
-Challenge your friends and see who is the fastest with their moves!
-Bring your MW Runes to Thais Casino across from the Magic Shop and test your skills.


-Server Save now takes place at 3AM instead of 5AM.
-EQ Slots on Character Pages now show Magical Item Properties.
-Character Pages now display K/D Ratio, Frags/Deaths, Online Time, VIP Status & more.
-Kill Statistics page now shows SD Effects and transforms players outfits into dead bodies.
-Highscores now displays VIP status and Level Percentage to next level.
-Who Is Online now displays Casting Status, VIP, Guild Info & Skulls.
-Shop History page has been added to show recent transactions.
-Thais Casino updated with DPS area, Swimming Pool & more.

Blazera.net Staff
Is there anyway you could provide the explored map to the players that want to and/or a map guide/interactive map to know hunting spots and where the monsters are located?
Looks pretty dope project! going to join :D
Thank you so much for joining our cult! The wooden cabin with long grass and camp fire will be coming soon; gather around the camp fire and let's all drink the Blazera Punch <3

A new offline market system is coming soon courtesy of one of our amazing developers @Roddet!
XP Boost items are now available; and many new features are planned!

Join www.blazera.net today and be part of our cult!

Stay updated with the cult and join Blazera today!
New updates planned for the long weekend; Happy Canada's Day to any canadians out there ;D

Item Market System is now live! Blazera - Market (https://www.blazera.net/?subtopic=market)

The Item Market is a new feature that lets you create automatic trades.
Check it out today and find some rare trades available for the first people to use the system!

I will personally add items every day for the next week at very affordable prices to encourage players to not only use the system, but also reward those playing Blazera actively. Keep your eye on market place ;D

(Please note that "market list" info ingame is not available yet; please use the website or use !market info,offerID for now)

Blazera.net - Join us today!
Quality of Life Changes
for July 05th Server Save

New Commands are now available!

!market list

!market info,offerID

Upcoming updates:
-RPG Dynamic Monster + Mini Boss System

More details will be posted shortly!

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to hit 10 players again today!

We have alot planned for the next 2 weeks.
I am currently reworking quests to allow magical drops.
So when you complete quests like, the Annihilator Quest.
There is a chance your weapon will drop rare/legendary/etc!

But in the mean time, coming up next on Blazera.net:

[Dynamic RPG Monster System]


Fight randomized minibosses for increased loot/experience!
Earn bonus experience by hunting monsters that are higher level than you!​

[GitHub Tracker]
For those who like to keep track of how active server development is; we have now added github commits to our Discord Channel.
Everything from the smallest to biggest changes can be tracked here.

[Mini Bosses +Loot +XP]
05:18 You killed a Demon, it was a level 174 rare mini-boss. It yields 50% more loot and experience. Congratulations!
You have earned 6450 experience and 3225 bonus experience from the fight.

We are in the final stages of testing the dynamic monster system!

Join us today [www.blazera.net]​

Testing out some new updates today; got a lot planned for before Season 1 launches!
Create your characters, get a feel for things before July 21st!

Season 1 starts this Friday, details coming today; stay tuned.

Season 1 Starts at 3PM EST Friday, July 22nd.
Day(s), 23 Hour(s), 58 Minute(s), 2 Second(s)

-All characters have been set to Thais.
-All previous players will recieve the OG Reward when logging in.
-Exp stages have been decreased.
-Skills and Loot have been decreased.
-Magic Item drop rates have been boosted.
-Frag Limits have been lowered. (Will be raised with population)
-Salvage stations have returned back to 2x magical dust for looted items.
-Lottery happens every 2 hours and has a 25% chance to give a magical item.
-Major Quests (INQ, POI, ANNI) have a 25% chance to give magical rewards.

Join us at www.Blazera.net
Server advertisements have been purchased for the next 7 days.
Currently in talks with streamers to get someone to show case our server for a few days.
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Notable Server Changes:
  • -Mining Magic Gems
  • -Smelting System
  • -Monster Levels
  • -Mini-Bosses
  • -Magical Lottery
  • -Magical Quests
  • -Nahlesar Money Patch
  • -Blessing Check on Login
  • -New Comer Message (First 5 logins)
  • -Bonus Experience Items through Magic Items
  • -New Server Rules Page
  • -New Server FAQ Page
  • -Season Rewards
  • -Adjusted to RPG Rates
  • -Common Magic Items are slightly easier to find.
  • -Blazera Tokens added.
  • All previous donations have been returned.
  • Blazera Hall of Fame rewards have been given out to all the top players of last era.

Blazera Hall of Fame Rewards:
1st Place: 3 orbs of enchantment, 30 premium points, 7 VIP Days.
2nd Place: 2 orbs of enchantment, 25 premium points, 5 VIP Days.
3rd Place: 1 orb of enchantment, 20 premium points, 3 VIP Days.
4th Place: 2 orbs of enchantment, 10 premium points.
5th Place: 2 orbs of enchantment.

Druid Bons: 3 orbs of enchantment, 30 premium points, 7 VIP Days.
SNR Relapse: 2 orbs of enchantment, 25 premium points, 5 VIP Days + 2 orbs of enchantment.
Enfermo Terminal: 1 orb of enchantment, 20 premium points, 3 VIP Days.
Pyro: 2 orbs of enchantment, 10 premium points + 2 orbs of enchantment, 25 premium points, 5 VIP Days.
Silence: 2 orbs of enchantment.
Helsum: 3 orbs of enchantment, 30 premium points, 7 VIP Days.
Rivao Strike: 1 orb of enchantment, 20 premium points, 3 VIP Days.
Fini: 2 orbs of enchantment, 10 premium points.
Woodie: 3 orbs of enchantment, 30 premium points, 7 VIP Days + 3 orbs of enchantment, 30 premium points, 7 VIP Days.
Fidi: 2 orbs of enchantment, 25 premium points, 5 VIP Days + 3 orbs of enchantment, 30 premium points, 7 VIP Days.
Merp: 1 orb of enchantment, 20 premium points, 3 VIP Days + 2 orbs of enchantment, 25 premium points, 5 VIP Days.
Let That Marinate: 2 orbs of enchantment, 10 premium points + 3 orbs of enchantment, 30 premium points, 7 VIP Days.
Knightcore: 2 orbs of enchantment + 3 orbs of enchantment, 30 premium points, 7 VIP Days.
Xlcziz: 1 orb of enchantment, 20 premium points, 3 VIP Days.
Awesome: 2 orbs of enchantment, 10 premium points.
Royal Evilz: 2 orbs of enchantment. Fantastic 2 orbs of enchantment, 25 premium points, 5 VIP Days + 2 orbs of enchantment.
Kal El 1 orb of enchantment, 20 premium points, 3 VIP Days.
Onryo 2 orbs of enchantment, 10 premium points.
Don Vrgs 2 orbs of enchantment.
Conqueeftador 2 orbs of enchantment, 25 premium points, 5 VIP Days.
Hellborn 1 orb of enchantment, 20 premium points, 3 VIP Days.
Rnixxon 2 orbs of enchantment, 10 premium points.
Supah Freak 2 orbs of enchantment.
Nahual 2 orbs of enchantment, 25 premium points, 5 VIP Days.
Goat 1 orb of enchantment, 20 premium points, 3 VIP Days.
Snayder 2 orbs of enchantment, 10 premium points.

Blazera Hall Of Fame
1. Druid Bons | 395 |
2. SNR Relapse | 393 |
3. Enfermo Terminal | 391 |
4. Pyro | 380 |
5. Silence | 379 |

1. Helsum | 124 |
2. Pyro | 120 |
3. Rivao Strike | 118 |
4. Fini | 118 |
5. SNR Relapse | 114 |

1. Woodie | 134 |
2. Fidi | 132 |
3. Merp | 132 |
4. Let That Marinate | 131 |
5. Knightcore | 124 |

1.Woodie | 146 |
2. Merp | 146 |
3. Xlcziz | 136 |
4. Awesome | 135 |
5. Royal Evilz | 134 |

1. Knightcore | 109 |
2. Fantastic | 103 |
3. Kal El | 98 |
4. Onryo | 96 |
5. Don Vrgs | 87 |

1. Let That Marinate | 134 |
2. Conqueeftador | 130 |
3. Hellborn | 123 |
4. Rnixxon | 123 |
5. Supah Freak | 115 |

1. Fidi | 139 |
2. Nahual | 124 |
3. Goat | 123 |
4. Snayder | 120 |
5.Fantastic | 120 |
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