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    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.5

    This version already supports extended features. Just add an OTFI file in same folder of the dat/spr files. Tibia.otfi DatSpr extended: false transparency: false frame-durations: false frame-groups: false
  2. EdMignari

    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.5

    Remere's Map Editor 3.5 Features: Implements flood fill in Terrain Brush. Update wall brushes for 10.98. Added menu Show As Minimap. Make spawns visible when placing a new spawn. Fixed bugs: Fix container item crash. DOWNLOAD
  3. EdMignari

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    I like It. I really love pixel art. Maybe we can add in a list to download as OBD file directly from repository in the Object Builder in something like a free Store Window.
  4. EdMignari

    Remere's Map Editor 3.3

    The shortcut key for enable/disable animations is L and for tooltips is Y or View > Show Preview View > Show Tooltips
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    The Forgotten Server 1.2

    I commented on the wrong post. Too many tabs opened :D
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    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.2

    The RME version 3.3 is going to be a nice release, but we need your feedback to implement some features. Please vote in the feature requests that you think is important for your mapping workflow. Add a 'like' or 'unlike' reaction in the issues or let us know what you think...
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    The Forgotten Server 1.2

    ops, sorry!
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    Solved OB error

    I just updated it for 10.98 :rolleyes: https://github.com/ottools/OBDExporter/releases See the readme.txt to learn how to use it
  9. EdMignari

    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.2

    No, I cannot compile :( I hope someone do it ...
  10. EdMignari

    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.2

    It is still a beta feature and is disabled, but you can enable it by yourself. data/menubar.xml Find <!-- <menu name="$Live"> <item name="$Host Server" action="LIVE_START" help="Start a live mapping session (as the host)."/> <item name="$Join Server" action="LIVE_JOIN"...
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    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.2

    Can you create a feature request in the repository? https://github.com/hjnilsson/rme/issues
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    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.2

    Hi, Guys The RME was updated! What's new? Features: Export minimap by selected area. Search for unique id, action id, containers or writable items on selected area. Go to Previous Position menu. Keyboard shortcut 'P'. Data files for version 10.98. Select Raw button on the Browse Field...
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    Tibia 11 .dat File Structure

    Nice! :D
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    Nação HUEHUE

  15. EdMignari

    Transparency in RME

    If you are using the RME 3.0+, just add an 'otfi' file in the same folder of the 'dat/spr' and edit it. you can find the otfi file at RME/tools/ or here. or create a file named Tibia.otfi with the following contents: DatSpr extended: false transparency: true frame-durations: false...