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  1. L


    yo puedo entrar a mi ot, un amigoya habia podido entrar pero ahora entra solo a la parte de la lista de sus chars de ahi le da entrar y no puede, los puertos me los marca abiertos, ya le di /openserver y aun asi nada, que puede ser? ayudaaa es un ot 8.6
  2. A

    Lua No exhaustion -- manarune

    I have a problem with my manarune exhaustion and actually of lack of it. Here is a script: Anyone have idea why other runes have exhaustion and only this one have not?
  3. Noupz

    Compiling Warnings I'd like to solve

    I use Ubuntu 14.04 with tfs 0.4 rev3777 when i am compiling, these warnings comes to me: Warning in chat.cpp chat.cpp: In member function ‘ChatChannel* Chat::getChannel(Player*, uint16_t)’: chat.cpp:1143:10: warning: converting ‘false’ to pointer type ‘ChatChannel*’ [-Wconversion-null]...
  4. A

    Lua Burning Heart --> Fast healing

    Hello Guys, I have a problem with my BH script: Generally it works, I mean when I am clicking on it with right button of the mouse it heals the character without exhaustion but when I set it on elfbot it has like 500 ms of exhaustion and I totally don't know why. My elbot script is fine...
  5. Nekiro

    [8.6] Real Map + custom items.

    Today I share with you my old datapack, when I tried to make 8.6 custom ots. I discountinued this project so it's just laying on my HDD. Today I'm formatting every disc so I thought that I will upload it here. Sadly i had virus that corrupted my "www" and "src" so its only datapack + some...
  6. RoHaN-OTs

    [France] ForgottenL | 8.6 | A New Era | Legendary High Rate

    Website: www.forgottenl.se IP: Forgottenl.se Client: 8.60 Map: Custom Evolution Port: 7171 Changes from the previous version of ForgottenL: "The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel about it once you achieve it." This has been our motivation since day one when we first...
  7. A

    Lua Item which gives higher exp rate and some damage reduction.

    Hello community, I am trying to create an item which gives higher exp rate and gives some protection , but only from monsters (this is why I can not use this " <attribute key="absorbPercentAll" value="5" />" to get some damage reduction. I have two scripts. It is working one for the rising an...
  8. Nigtwisj

    [SWEDEN] EmeraldOT Looking for beta testers [8.6][RPG] Closed at the moment

    Emerald OT is looking for beta testers WE ARE ONLINE! Come play! We are looking for some people to get feedback on the current state of the server. Feedback on the quests. The mapping and the spawns. No donations will be active on the server and you can't buy any donation gear from shop...
  9. A

    Lua Armor

    Hi, Recently I noticed that an armor at Tibia 8.6 based on the engine "The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8" works very bad. I mean that I almost see no diffrence when a cyclop hits my 600 lvl knight with or without the Magic Plate Armor (arm:17). Being honest the only diffrence is that...
  10. Aldo Axel

    Lua Server Save delay until 50 seconds and disconnect

    -Repost- Regards, my issue remains the server save on my OT server as it says in the title, the saved can take up to 50 seconds, which for me is too much time, since it disconnects the players... OT server features: TFS 0.4_SVN 8.6 compiled version 3.4.5 (from otland) save.lua local config = {...
  11. wa$yll'dbk

    NPC - old talk system on 8.6

    Hello everyone. I want ask you how I can set talk with NPC to working like old tibia? There is something in the modules.lua: -- Constants used for shop mode. Notice: addBuyableItemContainer is working on all modes SHOPMODULE_MODE_TALK = 1 -- Old system used before Tibia 8.2: sell/buy...
  12. Aldo Axel

    Lua (Mod) Help on Remove Tp on event close

    Greetings, my issue is on the Classic MOD of CTF Event ( Capture The Flag) in this part where when the event ends, the teleport is still open, and in my case i want the teleport to be removed... (MOD, ) CTF.xml: Capture The Flag Event.xml Essential part: Tp_Place = {x=824,y=1018,z=7} -- Place...
  13. Aldo Axel

    [México] (8.6) Tikton Server Rl Map 8.6 Global Full 100%

    Go To Server Web WEB: tikton.sytes.net:8080 IP: tikton.sytes.net Tikton Server Real Map 8.6 Edited Exp Rate: x150 Skills: x35 Magic: x25 Loot: x3 Real Map 0 Bugs and Full 100% Citys & Quests! All Citys: Thais, Gengia, Oken, Ethno, Zao, Razachai, Calrin, Yalahar, Edron etc...
  14. A

    [SWEDEN] tricksters 8.6

    Welcome to tricksters.hopto.org 8.60 server port: 7171 ip: tricksters.hopto.org YOU HAVE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT FROM THE WEBSITE. full customized evolution server. it is a pvp server with skull system, but you will get exp from killing people. You will start with mana rune and uh rune, and...
  15. Wolffy

    Team Grim Festation Server 8.6

    Grim Festation is the name of our server that we will be working on. ESTIMATED ALPHA TESTING 3/17/17 It is a high exp server in the making. Magic/skill will be useless on this server.(with the amount of rebirths and glitches that come with it the best...
  16. Gibe - Eagles

    [USA] Eagles 8.60 - Dedicated

    Come here! Welcome to the island of the eagles, server constantly developing phase along with you. You can download one of the custom clients and come and meet us. Did you find a bug on the map? Let us know so that we can fix it, the server is in constant development stage. DEDICATED...
  17. D

    (Request) Tutorial popup start new players Ot Server

    Hello everyone, I'm here to ask for some help, I'd like to put a tutorial in the popup on my OtServer, where they learn about the game. However, since I do not understand much of the script and anything about a programming language. you can help me? The tutorial is this:
  18. szatan1x

    [POLAND] Narvia 8.60 17 February | PROXY | RECCOMEND SYSTEM | CAM SYSTEM |

    IP: narvia.eu PORT: 7171 On February 17 at 19:00 returns all known Narvia. The last edition was a long time ago, so we've got a new administration a few things that are sure you will like and will stay longer, because as we know the current competition does not offer anything special, except...
  19. DestinationSer

    [Netherlands] InsanityOT | 8.6 | 7171 | custom | highexp | prestige ranks

    *General Information* IP: insanityot.hopto.org Website: InsanityOT Client protocol: 8.6 Port: 7171 STARTS 15.02.2017 Changelog InsanityOT is a server whos been around for a long time and is planning to stay around for longer. We are one of the few remaining houndred percent custom servers...
  20. valhalla1993

    8.6 Eagles OT

    Thoughts, concerns, feedback?