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  1. D

    Linux OTX Server 3 Client 8.6 Freez and lags

    The same distribution has strange character freez, just as the player is holding a hotkey. If it pushes, nothing happens. It is annoying. People asked about it but I did not find the answer. It can move to some other tfs engine under Tibia 8.6 but I care about tfs 1.0+ because I have scripts...
  2. Giorox

    TFS 0.X Red Skull not being assigned

    So i'm running a 0.3.6 TFS Global server (8.6) but I am having trouble getting the Skull System to work like global tibia. What happens is, white skulls are being assigned normally, on attacking/killing an unmarked player, although the server is not assigning a red skull to a player after the...
  3. Sotomayor

    Npc require item and can access forever

    Hello all i want some help on my ot server 8.6 tfs 0.4 _dev i want a npc required item to access X place and item deleted after u give to NPC, and you can access forever but not required the item anymore hope can help me please :)
  4. Aldo Axel

    Compiling TFS 0.3.6 Error Compiling

    Regards OTlanders, i am looking for my solution when compiling my TFS 0.3.6 Protocol 8.6, these are the errors that it gives me: 1> luascript.cpp 1>..\luascript.cpp(767): error C2039: 'string' : no es un miembro de 'std::basic_string<_Elem,_Traits,_Ax>' 1> with 1> [ 1>...
  5. T

    [CANADA] [8.60] Baiak-Will

    Welcome to Baiak Will, a brand new server with lots of new features to offer! Information: IP: Baiak-Will.com Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.60 »24 Hours Online (dedicated linux in Canada!) »Completely fast atk! »Completely efficient, dedicated and ethical team »Fully balanced PvP, spells, runes...
  6. Aldo Axel

    TFS 0.X How do I make a flask of oil

    i would like to know how to make a potion that spills oil type 11 fluid id: 2016 tfs 0.4 8.6
  7. Aldo Axel

    TFS 0.X POI Bug on getPlayerHealth

    Server: [TFS 0.4] (8.60) - Regards, my issue is due a poi quest, when the players walk on the fires of vocations, shows me this error: [21:13:13.583] [Error - MoveEvents Interface] [21:13:13.599] data/movements/scripts/PitsOfInferno/FireKnightNorth1.lua:onStepIn [21:13:13.599] Description...
  8. Aldo Axel

    TFS 0.X [TFS 0.4] Bug Guilds War System Kills

    Regards OTlanders, today i have problem with Guilds War Sysem, when a member of certain guild dies, only if he is at war (with the shields), he resets it at level 1 and without skills, anyway already having all the war system tables on SQL, as also the system itself with all its respective .lua...
  9. reddit1

    [GERMANY] [8.60] Cinara EVO | Launch November 23rd, 18:00 CET

    CINARA 8.60 - EVOLUTION Cinara.org:7171 IP: cinara.org Website: Cinara.org Dear OTLand community, after some Beta testing we reworked lots of the systems and features we use on Cinara. A totally different game is awaiting you! The Server will be online on Friday 23rd 18:00 CEST! EVERYONE...
  10. H

    Need help with compiling TFS 0.4

    As mentioned in thread, I need help with compiling tfs 0.4 for windows 64 bit. I know there are some tutorials and I have followed them to compile tfs with sources but can anyone can tell me how to start server after compilation? should I still have tfs.exe file somewhere? just please explain to...
  11. Sirdonald

    [Poland] [8.6][High Exp][Reborn System] ArgoriaOT.pl Start 20.05.2018.

    Start Already on Sunday at 18:30 Welcome! I present to you the ArgoriaOT.pl server! this is server RebornSystem, 4FUN OTS. ArogriaOT.pl boasts a great pvp balance that has been specially tested by people on the fanpage (Of course, it is still being improved). Interesting and unique systems and...
  12. S

    My OTS :(

    Hello, could I ask you to make a client for my ots under version 8.6 . I tried it myself in HxD but I could not. Server ip:, web: http: // Subtopic = latestnews
  13. GOD Coke

    [Venezuela] [8.6] Kalima-Inferno.cf Server Online Today!

    . Welcome To Kalima-Inferno.cf ~*Ip*~: www.kalima-Inferno.cf ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 8.60 ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: Miami Florida, on a dedicated server with 1000 mbits Internet connection. ~*Website*~: Kalima-Inferno ~*Exp rate*~: Stages ~*Map*~: Custom Kalima...
  14. Niioxce

    Solved Exhaustion is global

    So i've come across this feature where everything has a global cooldown. (as shown in the Imgur GIF) I can't use healing and attack spells at the same time. I have been all over otland and haven't found anything noteworthy. I tried tfs 1.2 8.6 which could use different groups at the same time...
  15. M


    Ok so I'm having an issue with my banking system on my new tfs. Its a real map, and although minor bugs im working, on I've encountered one I can't seem to figure out. No matter how much money I have on me the banker tells me I don't have enough gold so i cant deposit anything. I have tried many...
  16. P

    Working 8.6 servers?

    Can someone link me working 8.6 servers? Every server i've tried so far hasn't worked. :(
  17. M

    [ATS] [BRAZIL] Tales from Middle Earth 8.6 [Launch 23 MARCH 2018] [OLD-PVP] [Lord of the Rings]

    Tales from Middle-Earth is an Open Tibia Custom based on the tales of J. R. R. Tolkien where you go in the Middle Ages in a world with incredible creatures and powerful beings that will challenge your strength! The creatures of Mordor try at any cost to invade the city of humans to take...
  18. Nosferatu88

    Mapper 7.4-8.6

    Hi, I can join to some project/server as an mapper. I'am experienced with 7.4 - 8.6 mapping. Warservers/Rpg , full custom and Revamp. _ some of my maps [8.0] South Drefia Grim Repapers/Undeads [7.4] Thais War Server map. Write a pm on Otland if you want to contact.
  19. TyT Maps

    [USA] ValyriaOT [ BETA ONLINE ] 8.6 PvpE LowRate RL [ Opens March 30th ]

    Welcome to ValyriaOT. Valyria is a 8.6 Real Map OT with a lot of custom features, the Valyria Team are working on many more implements. Valyria is a low-rate server based around an RPG feel, with a extreme balance system within PvP. ValyriaOT is powered through our dedication to never add any...
  20. mohamedharon

    [Sweden] Evolera|8.60|War-Evo|Old Edition 2015|999x

    Server is starting 05/02-2017 18:00 CEST Swedish Time Basic information about Evolera: Client: 8.6 Ip: evolera.org Port: 7171 Website : Latest News - Evolera (Don't use https it will not work) What kind of server is Evolera? Evolera is a high exp server where the focus mostly lays on PVP...