1. mohamedharon

    [Sweden] Evolera|8.60|War-Evo|Old Edition 2015|999x

    Server is starting 05/02-2017 18:00 CEST Swedish Time Basic information about Evolera: Client: 8.6 Ip: evolera.org Port: 7171 Website : Latest News - Evolera (Don't use https it will not work) What kind of server is Evolera? Evolera is a high exp server where the focus mostly lays on PVP...
  2. S

    Debian 8 Nie moge sie zalogowac na serwer Tfs 1.2

    Witam. Pisze post bo juz nie mam sil, ciagle jakies przeszkody z jedna sie uporam to zaraz sie druga znajduje. Zaczne od tego ze chcialem skompilowac silnik na windowsie ale byly jakies bledy wiec przezucilem sie na debiana 8 bo sa dobre poradniki. Po 3 dniach prob i bledow udalo mi sie...
  3. markomax97

    Armoni full rework in 8.6

    Hay guys.. i wasn't active for a long time, and recently been asked from a couple off friends to do Armoni map because they are nostalgic about it.. Well... i am mapper, and first thing i got in my mind is, I WANT TO UPDATE A MAP. Problem was.. i never played 7.6 Armoni back in the days.. So...
  4. Extrodus

    [FRANCE] Solarus Real Map 8.6 |Tons of Features|Fun Events|

    Solarus Real Tibia 8.6 http://solarus.servegame.com The server has been fully tested and is ready for public release. We have worked hard on the server to make it balanced and fun to play. With many ways to earn free Premium Points; any team can strive to be the best without any money being...
  5. MaSny

    [8.6] Temple & Depot & NPC in one

    npc up and down depo right and left ; D
  6. MaSny

    TrainingRoom ByMaSny 8.6

    Welcome !
  7. L

    [Brazil] [8.6] No-stairs WAR Server with Quests

    No-stairs server (8.6). The best WAR – RPG Server from 5 years ago is back again. Open: november, 01, 2017 Protocol: 8.6 IP: no-stairs.servegame.com Port: 7171 Status: Online Rates: - Exp: 20x - Exp PVP: 10x - Rate skill: 50x - Rate Magic: 25x - Loot: 1x (all custom monsters) Objective...
  8. drafenous

    Draferia Online - 8.6

    Welcome to Draferia! We are publicly releasing the server testing environment today. The game will be available 24/7 during the course of the test, which closes on 11/15/2017. The player who reports relatively valid errors on the server will receive 15 VIP points when releasing the Shop...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] My 8.6 server says that only 10.98 client allowed.

    Hello guys, I'm just trying to run server for my own entertainment. I'm using The Forgotten Server 1.2, I downloaded the source files from the first post in this thread: [8.60] The Forgotten Server 1.2 It's supposed to support the 8.6 client and I've managed to compile the server and connect...
  10. Phemus

    [Mexico] Vincera Online - 8.6 - EVO-RPG SERVER

    •Ip: www.vincera.net •Accounts: Vincera - Createaccount •Version: 8.60 •Port: 7171 Site: Vincera - Latestnews E-mail: [email protected] Forget all the hundreds of Real map servers now and welcome back the old and epic Evolution map servers! Vincera Online is the best and renovated...
  11. petardako

    [CANADA] TIBIANA - The best 8.6 Open Tibia Server

    TIBIANA.ORG Game IP: on.tibiana.org | Port: 7171 | Client 8.6 elcome Tibiana players, we are glad to announce that the server will be opened this TUESDAY. You are prepared to fight against others? Do you have PVP? Try to be the best player of the server! Hope you will enjoy this server, here...
  12. Dangnoob

    ChaosWar. Custom 8.6 WAR Server

    Hello, I have finally decided to put out some info on my server. Welcome to ChaosWar! A custom war server revolving around the 8.6 client. This will have the oldschool exhaust system. You cannot use a healing spell and an attacking spell at the same time! This is a completely custom server when...
  13. Way20

    Programmer Looking for C++ programmer for some source edits.

    I'm looking for someone that knows C++ and knows about "old versions" of TFS engine, I need some modifications on the walk system. Informations bellow. Source: OTX 2.6 Server version: 8.6 Payment method: Paypal For more information, please, send me a PM.
  14. M

    [Szukam] paczki data EVO z rebornami 8.5-8.7

    Siemka, szukam jakiejś ciekawej paczki z rebornami pod wersję między 8.5 a 8.7 Byle jaki to by był ten reborn system, poszukuję z powodu gry ze znajomymi na sieci hamachi. zew ip i blokowanie portów przez usługodawce nie pozwalają na nic więcej.
  15. Aldo Axel

    Lua (Moveevent) Tile requires 4 storages to pass

    As title says, i'm looking for move event script, with unique or action id, the tile needs 4 storages to let teleport him to a place... can it be done? Please & Thanks! :) (8.6) TFS 0.4
  16. Aldo Axel

    AAC [Znote AAC] Show Achievement Points TFS 0.4

    Greetings, I only ask for a simple table in my character profile of my Znote AAC, that only takes the progressive points of achievement, the system of achievement is this: TalkAction - Achievements LIB/Talkaction
  17. DaBlauwk

    Map and minimap both black in Remere's Map Editor

    Hello Trying to edit 8.6 real map with Remere's Map Editor but I have problem for which I can't find a solution. The map loads and works ingame, but is black in rme. I've tried different versions of rme, tried ctrl + m, tried importing on new map tried switching floors. Nothing. Minimap is also...
  18. DaBlauwk

    Health points above character don't show correct hp

    Hi 8.6, OTX3. When damaged or when I hit a monster, their health bar doesn't show their real hp. Also if I open battle tab, I can't see monsters hp changing, but they die at one point. Its like the health bar doesn't refresh or sth. Hard to explain. Hp bar above anyone doesn't work pretty...
  19. Yusuf El-Shora

    Compiling Help Compiling My Source (linux/widnows)

    As the title said.. I need help with compiling .. :( I got a source and I can't compile it not in Linux or Windows (tfs 0.4/ 8.6 Client).. Although someone told me it's can be compiled on anyone of these OS .. I Got two VPS one is Windows Server 2016, the other is LINUX Server Ubunto 16 ...
  20. GODmaggot

    [8.60] BeastXHunter v0.01 ALPHA

    More screens: [Show Off] BeastxHunter ~ fb.com/beastxhunter Engine based on TFS 0.3.7/0.4: Distro (x32) + Dll's: https://github.com/Fir3element/binaries/raw/master/x32.rar Distro (x64) + Dll's: https://github.com/Fir3element/binaries/raw/master/x64.rar