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[France][10.98/Custom] Trollheim Online - no payments/free to play

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May 27, 2022
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Trollheim Online
Official Launch 26th May 2023​

Trollheim Online is Open Tibia Server that is developed since 2017 based on TFS 1.2, but updated to TFS 1.4.2 and some features from 1.5. The main aim of this OT is to bring back excitement in playing tibia from hunting, looting unique items. finding new quests and wondering around map. It is based on Tibia 10.98 but many mechanics has been ripped from Tibia 7.4 - like not using hotkeys in PVP, luring monsters and dropping them to caves etc. We want to make it more classic experience with quality of life improvements form newer clients. We are also players of many games, so you can expect mechanics that you may know from Lineage 2, Diablo 2, WOW, Skyrim and others. We opted for custom map for players to explore. We want make it long term server. Premium system is not aggressive pay-to-win so you can see there only few QoL improvements items. Premium account grants you ability to sail and use more spells or spells on higher level.

Server Rates
Exp Stages: 1-6x (with 2x exp bonus after death in PVE)
Loot: x1
Magic: x2
Skill: x3 (no offline training, but possibility to train by skillbooks looted from monsters)
Protection till level 20 (only eq)
Map: 3 main cities, 3 smaller towns, 2 continents, lots of unique places

Trollheim Online is like older Tibia, slow exp with 1 or 2 monsters at time, no 8 monsters on chest bullshit. You have classic 4 vocations and 4 promotions (on level 50 after quest), plus rookslayer after 20 lvl and quest on rookgaard. Monsters have their own power, so each Troll can be stronger or weaker. Sometimes you can even meet Troll Leader or Troll Alpha, that are much much stronger. Stronger means more HP and greater Max DMG. Each looted item can be valuable, because of it's attributes. Items have Quality and Level that can give more attack or armor in weapons and equipment respectively. For players to feel powerful we prepared spell level system. You can learn every spell on level up to 10, each level grants additional power. Apart from vocations each player can choose 1 occupation: Alchemist (brewing potions out of ingredients and creature products), Blacksmith (Forging, Smelting, Salvaging), Hunter (Skinning, Staking, Tanning) and up to 2 from 6 subprofessions: Miner, Lumberjack, Fisherman, Treasure Hunter (wip), Jeweler (wip), Cook (wip). I will explain more in tl;dr; section and future posts.

Learn more about Trollheim on Social Media:


See you in game!

Who are You?

I know that this account is new. I am here at Otland since 2010, but on my main account I can not change nick, and I used that nick everywhere for 20+ years. I prefer to stay little bit more anonymous. Call me Feeltz :)


We made a few changes to Promotions. First of all, you have to be at least level 50 to get promotion. Secondly, you have to make certain quests. You can encounter some familiar names during those quests.:
Master Sorcerer: To become Master Sorcerer find head of Prodigy Tower north from Dion. Promotion difficulty: **
Elder Druid: To become Elder Druid find old Druid south-west from Oren in his temple, below Windy Hills. Promotion difficulty: **
Royal Paladin: To become Royal Paladin find paladins leader in Dion. Look for him in basement in King of Dion building (north from Dion fountain). Promotion difficulty: ****
Elite Knight: To become Elite Knight find knights guild in Oren (north-east part). Promotion difficulty: *


In our world, your character will have an opportunity to become much more than just a character we all know. Just become a blacksmith, alchemist or hunter and get unique skills to gain an advantage above others! Unique crafting system will guarantee an dependent economics, leading to interact with other players instead of the market itself! Want to craft enchanted equipment for yourself or profit from it? Become a blacksmith and make it out of crafting materials. Salvage looted equipment to get more materials. Regular equipment has been removed from the market, causing players to interact with each other, making the economy much more alive than it used to be. Tired of getting supplies in shops? Become Alchemist and brew unique potions for yourself and others whenever you want! Collect ingredients from monsters or buy them from other players. Becoming a hunter will help you with skinning various monsters and profit from it. I will explain more in future posts.


In world of Trollheim Online you can upgrade your equipment by using Magical Matters. You can use Matter of Practise to upgrade item Level, Matter of Greediness to upgrade item Enchantment and Matter of Ruthless to improve item Quality.
Enchantment helps you with upgrading your equipment with Magical Matters. Quality and Level improves your items by giving them more attack, more armor, more defense. On top of that, you can upgrade backpacks with Quality. Every point gives you more space in your backpack.
It is also commonly known, that many classic items changed their regular attributes. Like Blue robe gives additional mana, horseman helmet gives speed, and thawing knives give additional attack speed.


Become powerful hero by learning all spells using spell scrolls. You can enchant known spells even to level 10! On Trollheim Online spells have their levels. So you can learn Energy Strike on level 5 or level 9. Each level of spell is more powerful. Some spells can even increase their area or range! You can learn spells from NPC up to level 5. To go further you have to hunt monsters and drop spell scrolls or buy them form other players.
To advance in spell level, you have to cast spell on your current level several times. Open spellbook to see how it is going.
During your journey you can find unidentified spell scrolls with spells of different levels. You can loot them from monsters, find them in quest chests or in treasure chests.
You can unite spell scrolls in special chambers. If you put 5 spell scrolls of the same spell and the same level you are going to get same spell but with higher (+1) level. In example: 5 Light Healing level 6 spells scrolls gives you 1 Light Healing level 7 spell scroll.
You can also unite different spell scrolls of same level to get random spell scroll of the same level as base spell scrolls.


We wanted PvP to be awesome in old school way! So we bring back pots but not all. You cannot use Hotkeys while you are Protection Zone Locked. It means that if you want to fight with someone, you have to do it by manually targeting your opponent with runes.
We know that not everyone like to PvP and we know, that sometimes fight is unfair. That’s why we are giving you opportunity to use your Hotkeys as long as you won’t hit other player. It means you can safely run away by spamming mana potions and health potions. But be aware, if you hit your opponent with GFB or Spell, you will have to manually target potions and runes.
And don't forget to bring pots with you ;)


Each monster has different power, you can also face their leader which is much stronger. If you are (un)lucky enough, you can face Alpha monster which is most powerful of its kind. Leaders and Alphas loot rate is significantly increased. More power means more Health Points, stronger attacks and spells. They can also run faster.
  • Now, you are able to lure monsters whole map like old times. It means you can also push them on stairs or to hole!
  • Monster corpses can be thrown as soon as monster dies, so keep an eye on your loot.
  • Some monsters like Trolls now are passive. They wont attack you unless you attack them.
  • Other monsters can have different statistics or attacks than usual ie. Monks can shoot divine missile, Blood Crabs can attack with bubble beam.
  • All "Winter" monsters are stronger than usual.
  • You will get Blessing of the Fallen (2x exp) after death by monster until you reach experience points you had before death.
  • Every server restart there are going to be 3 boosted and 2 weakened creatures one in each category. Monster in Extra Loot category can loot 4 additional items in 4 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare

Other minor changes

  • Quivers – Something nice for paladins. You can put a lot of ammunition in there and don’t have to worry to refill so often. Quiver is container with ability to shoot different kind of ammunition in row.
  • Runes – they are meant to be created by players. Because of that most of the more advanced runes are not available at shops and if they are, they prices are much
  • Focus on magic level – from now on - wands and rods require magic level to use them instead of character level
  • Additional Attack Speed - there are items, that can increase or decrease your attack speed
  • Weapons changes – for example we have changed burst arrow, poison arrow, viper star and ice rapier damage.
  • HP and MP Gain speed – changed formulas to gain HP, MP and Souls
  • No stamina system – like good old times
  • Food – some food can give you bonuses like health or mana
  • Skill Books – gives you option to grow in skill by reading book. You can drop books from monster
  • Loot channel – separate channel to see your and your party loot
  • Monster changes – many monsters act different than you are used to (ie. Monks can shoot with divine missiles)
  • New monsters – like Poison Dragon
  • Railway system – buy ticket and enjoy the ride
  • Credit Card – gives you ability to pay with your bank account money whenever you want
  • Disintegrate rune – it can disintegrate also ore veins
  • Distilling and sample tubes – use sample tubes on corpses or other fluid sources. If you have enough samples you can transform them in essences. Distilling machine can also change weak alcohol into a strong alcohol.
  • New items – there are tons of new items
  • Old items – rework of items you know
  • Day and night cycle – just for better RPG immersion
  • Market – you can use market to buy stackable items or quest items. Regular equipment can be bought via Trade Channel like old times
  • Feather pieces – RMB on feather to get feather pieces. They are needed in arrows crafting
  • Blessings – there are 5 blessings (like old times). They prevent of loosing a lot of experience and skills after death. To prevent yourself from loosing equipment you have to use Amulet of Loose
  • Fishing – fishing is whole new activity - Subprofession
  • Destroying things – we try to make Trollheim Online world looks really alive, so there are plenty occasions to perform some fun actions. Try destroy things like spider eggs with you weapon or open iron maidens with it. Sometimes you just need to touch something.
  • Enchanted Staff – this item got some modifications. Now it deals physical and energy element damage. On 10 level of spell Enchant Staff it creates you staff that deals true damage (you always hit creature no mater what).
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FIrst occupation that I would like to present is Hunter​

Becoming a Hunter is a great way to get profit out of monster hunting journeys. Creatures products you get on hunts can be used to get alchemy ingredients. Those products are also needed in many quests so other players are likely to buy them from you.

To get experience in huntery and level up, you have to do following actions:


  • Skin monster corpses to get creature products and alchemy materials
  • Stake monster corpses to get creature products and alchemy materials
  • Tan items like leather to strong leather
  • Craft items

When you level up, you get point that you can add to one of 4 attributes:

Hunting Attributes​

  • Skinning - ability to skin different products out of same corpse
  • Staking - ability to stake different products out of same corpse
  • Tanning - more points here means more harder to tan
  • Artisan - more points give you many other items to craft

To get more informations about attributes simply click "Info" button.


There are 6 stages of Hunter depending on Huntery Level:
  • Novice [1-9]
  • Intermediate [10-29]
  • Advanced [30-59]
  • Master [60-89]
  • Virtuoso [90-99]
  • Legend 100


Skinning gives you occasion to gather more creature products - more profit out of hunt. Each time you skin a corpse you have a chance to get some creature product or alchemy ingredient. If your skinning level is higher you have a chance to get 2 or more different products out of one corpse. Here is an example:

From Dragon you can gather dragon ham, dragon's tail, green dragon scale ,green dragon leather.

There are 3 different knifes.


Every tool has it's own power just like corpses. Corpses of stronger monsters are harder to skin so you need better tool for that. A player with Blacksmith Occupation can craft 2 types of knife for you. There is also a Blacksmith north-west from Oren who can make the sharpest one.


Staking gives you occasion to gather more creature products so it works same like Skinning but with different tool. Each time you stake a corpse you have a chance to get some creature product or alchemy ingredient. If your staking level is higher you have a chance to get 2 or more different products out of one corpse. Here is an example:



From Diabolic Imp you can gather concentrated demonic blood, magic sulphur, demonic essence, soul orb

There are 3 different stakes.


Every tool has it's own power just like corpses. Corpses of stronger monsters are harder to stake so you need better tool for that. To get wooden stake you have to carve it from wood with you knife. But how to get more powerful stakes? Quests of course.


Tanning is great way to obtain some crafting materials. You can turn fur of animals to leather or leather to a strong leather.


Each tanning level gives you recipe to work with harder materials.


Hunter can craft range of useful items. There are 5 categories of items in Artisan:


  • Ammunition - recipes for ammunition and throwing weapons
  • Trophies - trophies and statues
  • Tools and Materials - no need to explain
  • Equipment - armors, weapons, containers and other staff
  • Tame and catch - mount tame items and fisherman baits or catches
And yes, each level brings you new Artisan recipes!

Key Items​

There are few items, that every Hunter should know.


Tanned Furs - if you use them you are going to open Huntery Window

Hunter toolbox - use it on creature product or some equipment to tan or use it on itself to open tanning window that show how many tans you have already done.
Second Occupation I would like to present is Balcksmith

Becoming a Blacksmith is a wise choice since its path is highly profitable. Thanks to recipes and materials that can be dropped or salvaged, you can create unique equipment which is not available in regular shops, quests or even from boss drop!
 To start Blacksmith Occupation talk with NPC Grimbold in Dion. He works in his forge under the Dion sewers. Remember that if you choose Blacksmith path, you cannot become Hunter or Alchemist.

To get experience as a blacksmith and level up, you have to do following actions:


  • Salvage equipment
  • Smelt ores
  • Craft equipment
  • Repair equipment

When you level up, you get a point that you can add to one of 6 attributes:

Blacksmith Attributes​

  • Salvaging - ability to get materials from equipment.
  • Smelting - ability to create materials from other materials.
  • Armory - crafting armors.
  • Weaponry - crafting weapons.
  • Tools - creating tools.
  • Repairing - ability to repair equipment.


 There are 6 stages of Blacksmithing depending on Blacksmith Level:
  • Novice [1-9]
  • Intermediate [10-29]
  • Advanced [30-59]
  • Master [60-89]
  • Virtuoso [90-99]
  • Legendary 100


It is a process of retrieving materials out of weapons or armors. You can do it by using active Crucible (right click) on weapons or armor (left click). Every item has its own materials that can be crafted from or that you can receive in the process of salvaging.
 You can check what items you are going to retrieve from armor by using Anvil, choosing Armory, category of armory in example Legs, then choosing desired legs (ie. plate legs) and clicking "Materials" button.


Remember that your Crucible has to be in active mode to salvage item, so you need to fill it with fuel like Coal or Wood. Every item has it's own salvage level, so you have to put points in Salvaging attribute to work with rarer or more powerful items.
By entering Salvaging from Anvil menu, you can see how many items you have salvaged already.



In this process you put materials in the Crucible to smelt them into ingots or plates, to be more useful in crafting. If you put more points into Smelting attribute than you can smelt rarer ores. To open smelting window you have to put some fuel into Crucible. Then you can use crucible on itself (right click on the crucible and left click on crucible).


Now you can see what materials you need to create ingot and smelt this ingot if you have enough materials.


If you have enough materials, you can smelt 10 items at one click.

Each material that you smelt is decreasing Crucible active duration. More advanced materials decrease crucible faster, so you need more fuel for them.
But how to get those ores for smelting? You can loot them from monsters, buy from other players, gather in salvaging and finally get them through Miner hobby.

Forging - Armory, Weaponry, Tools​

Forging armors, weapons and tools looks exactly the same. You need different skills, of course, but it looks the same.
 Every item has its own forging level. Rarer items have higher level. By distributing points into Armory, Weaponry and Tools you decide what kind of equipment you want to craft. Each category of forging have specific types of equipment. You can see it here:


There might be more types in future.

When you enter specific type you can see a list of items that your attribute (Armory, Weaponry, Tools) allows you to craft. If you choose an item, you can see more information about it or just craft it if you have enough materials.


Recipes or crafting, smelting, repairing levels may change before final server release.


Repairing is really helpful if you loot item with Quality under 0. Normally you would have to use Matter of Ruthlessness what is really expensive, but with Blacksmith Hammer and Repairing kit you can repair almost any item. All you need is Amory or Weaponry Repairing Tools (you can craft it in Tools>Blacksmith tools). Each quality takes 1 Repairing Tool. In example - if you have Golden Legs with quality -3 you have to use hammer three times on them to get quality 0 (you also need 3 Repairing Tools for this action).


Key Items​



Every Blacksmith needs an anvil and crucible for his craftsmanship. Crucible are powered up by coal or wood. There are many crucibles around cities and forges.

By using Anvil you can also check which materials will you get for specific items by salvaging it.


You need Anvil to craft items and distribute points into attributes. There are many anvils around cities and forges.

Blacksmith hammer​

The special hammer used by blacksmiths to repair equipment. You will also need repairing kit for that.


Many items may be used as a fuel. Every fuel item gives different crucible fire duration.


In Trollheim Online you can find a lot of new items. One of them are Blacksmith Materials!

Third Occupation: Alchemist
Becoming an Alchemist is a great way to stay independent during hunts if you have a proper equipment with you. Thanks to a specific kind of knowledge Alchemist can create potions that are not available in regular shops. Depending on your experience and ingredients, you can create potions with random effects. Of course you can stick to the recipe to create the potion you want in the first place.
 To start Alchemy Occupation talk with NPC Vossler Sangrey in the Town of Oren. He works in the Alchemy Quarter under Alexander's wands and rods shop. Remember that if you choose Alchemist path, you cannot become Hunter or Blacksmith.

To get experience in alchemy and level up, you have to do following actions:


  • Turn materials into ingredients
  • Create empty vials out of sand
  • Brew custom potions
  • Brew potions from recipes

When you level up, you get points that you can add to one of 4 attributes:

Alchemy Attributes​

  • Experience - ability to create more potions at once
  • Skill - ability to create more potions out of the same amount of ingredients
  • Precision - get more ingredients out of the same amount of materials
  • Knowledge - responsible for the ability to create more complex potions and ability receive ingredients from rarer materials

To get more information about attributes simply click "Info" button.


There are 6 stages of Alchemist depending on Alchemy Level:
  • Novice [1-9]
  • Intermediate [10-29]
  • Advanced [30-59]
  • Master [60-89]
  • Virtuoso [90-99]
  • Legend 100


Materials can be turned into Ingredients using Alchemy Mortar. By this action you get alchemy experience. Materials are mostly creature products we all know, like pelvis bone or minotaur leather. If you use Mortar on them and your Knowledge is enough, you'll get Ingredients.


You can also enter your Materials Journal and see what Materials you know, and what Ingredients they gives.



In Trollheim Online you can find a lot of new items. Some of them are Alchemy Ingredients!

Ingredients are needed to brew potions. Every ingredient has its own unique properties that contribute to the potion's final effect. (Not to recipe potions).


To know the first effect simply right click with your mouse on the ingredient.


Like with materials, you can see some information about ingredients (that you have in your backpack).


Potions from Bowl​

To create potions simply put them in the bowl.


If you click "Brew", you will get a potion.


If there was ingredient in your bowl, that you didn't know it's second effect, you will get a message about that effect.


If you are lucky enough you can discover potion recipe that you are going to use in future, to brew potions faster.

Potions form Recipe​

The main purpose of Alchemist is to create potions. This way is most efficient. If there are potions you know (discovered by using a bowl) and your Knowledge is enough to brew them from a recipe, you will get them on that list.


You can see that some of potions on the list occurs with "*". That'ss potion, that your Knowledge is enough for but you didn't discover them in a Bowl. If you enter that position you will get a window with ingredients that are needed to Brew this potion. If an ingredient is blurred it means that you need more Knowledge.


Depending on your experience level you can have buttons "Brew x1", "Brew x5", "Brew x20", "Brew x100".


The number in button is showing how many potions you are going to brew. But how many ingredients you need for each button?

  • Brew x1 - 1x ingredients from a recipe
  • Brew x5 - 2x ingredients from a recipe
  • Brew x20 - 3x ingredients from a recipe
  • Brew x100 - 5x ingredients from a recipe
As you can see, more Experience Attribute means cheaper Potions.

But what potions are available? Many, many different potions. Potions that give you mana, health, soul potions (both instantly and over time), speed, light, magic level, skills, and even offensive ones to throw. Few of them you can see here:


Vials Crafting​

Alright, alright. But you won't be able to brew potions from recipe without flasks! There are 5 different types of vials that you need for potions. You can craft them by in your alchemy table. To create flasks you need sand. But how to get sand? It's simple, just use a shovel on sandy area and you will get sand. Be aware of Scarabs!


Key Items​

There are few items, that every Alchemy adept should know.


Alchemy apparatus - if you use them you are going to open Alchemy Window


Alchemy mortar - use it on alchemy materials to get alchemy ingredients.

On top of that, there are Alchemy Materials, Alchemy Ingredients and Potions of course, but you already know this.
I checked this server on alpha and it seemed cool, but one thing discouraged me from playing - if I remember correctly there was infinite money for everyone. Will it also be the case on beta?
I really enjoy "economical" aspect of games - when everything you loot matters, when you have to me smart about hunting to be profitable and when you have to consider what to put your money into and what not. Ofc it's more challenging, but it also gives way more satisfaction.
Beta stage aims to be as close to the original experience as it could be. We aim for long-term server with advanced economy based on players occupations and professions - creating potions and runes instead of buying and so on.
So no, there is no infinite money now :)
There is also learning spells from scrolls enabled so expect really tough challange :)
Admins are editing their own chars and making the game unfair.
They are giving free 30 days premium scrolls to their poland friends.
As with any new account clearly made just to make claims...... Any proof?
Yeah sureYiZ9T5R.png

Some people get banned for afk cavebot and this is how their revenge looks like ;)

Also name of this account on Otland is identical to one of twitch streamers top levels on server :D
Our beta start went smoothly! We had 55 players online at top so it's great if you think of it in tests category! All major problems were fixed already so we are ready now to give you all possibility to test everything on the server by giving you free Premium Account! Create new account or log in to your existing one at: Latest News - Trollheim Online (https://trollheim.online/)

free pacc.png
This server takes serious to an unfun level. No real online list, chat is dead, and no one responds to asking for tips/help figuring out rook. Why is there even a rook that DOESN'T teach about an OTs custom features on an OT?
NYE is probably not the best time to find a super active server. If you try during a busier time I am sure people will help you get through rook. Most players i have talked to have been nice and helpful with info or to solve quests, retrieve backpack from dead body etc.
This server takes serious to an unfun level. No real online list, chat is dead, and no one responds to asking for tips/help figuring out rook. Why is there even a rook that DOESN'T teach about an OTs custom features on an OT?
yeah i was gonna tell u same as above lol, nye to start an ot and expect people to help you out is quite dumb. the online help/world chat is very active and so is discord
What's the point of having a rook that doesn't teach you about the server? My point wasn't about inactivity. It was about the fact that it looked like it was there just to be there - to serve no real purpose. People who are going to play an OT usually aren't 100% new to Tibia as a game. So, if you're going to do rook, at least lay out features around it. Plenty of servers do a great job of making "rook" useful, and this server does not.

The other issue is that it was missing a whole host of convenience features. Quality of life is missing in many areas, so for me, it's a pass. At least for now 🤷🏿‍♀️