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old school

  1. D

    [Poland][Custom / 7.7] Zanera - New old school server start 18th of august, 14:00 CET

    Hello there fellow Tibians! Tomorrow at 14:00 CET, Zanera.org will launch with the authentic Tibia files from 7.7 Do you remember the times when Tibia were more then just hardcore power leveling? When players had their own goals, whether It was achieving the highest skills, highest level or...
  2. rwxsu

    [France] Tibria 7.72 - Real Map - Exp Rate: 30x - 30 Day FREE Premium

    IP: tibria.com Port: 7171 Uptime: 24/7 Host: 250Mbps and anti-DDoS protection Map: Real Tibia Map (Cipsoft) Experience Rate: 30x Skill Rate: 18x Magic Rate: 6x Regen Rate: 3x Loot Rate: 3x Spawn Rate: 3x I really developed this server to play myself, to have the authentic old school...
  3. xKrazyx

    [France] Waropolis - 7.X PvP-E Realmap - HR - Relive glory - April 20th, 2018

    Waropolis RPG 7.4-7.72 Hybrid Real Map Launch: April 20th, 2018 Waropolis.net Waropolis.net 7.4-7.72 Real map Only a few custom quests exist. This is Retro Realmap, no revamped sprites! NORMAL CLIENT! NOT OTC Location:Germany Actively developed by old-school hobbyists since 2013. Leaked...
  4. xKrazyx

    7.X Waropolis.net PreAdvertisement Discussion Thread- Launch March 9, 2018

    I'm posting this here as it's not the 7 day max requirement for advertisement thread yet. Now's the time to discuss if you would like to see certain features/changes we can add for you all! Waropolis RPG 7.4-7.72 Hybrid Real Map Launch: 3/9/2018 Waropolis.net Waropolis.net 7.4-7.72 Real map...
  5. D

    [NEED YOUR ADVICE] 7.6 PVP Server!

    Quick info - We're making a server that's mainly focused on PVP, but where you also have the ability to take quests and hunt for monsters. - We made a honor/glory system where you get special coins if you kill the player/target (within your level range of 30 levels) you were assigned to kill. -...
  6. xKrazyx

    Walking Dead Online Closed Testing -- Apply Today

    Walking Dead Online closed testing on Dec 9, 2017. Link to server discussion -> Link. Fill out this short form and PM me or reply here. Name: Age: Country: Contact Info(Email, Discord, Skype, etc): There will only be 20 slots available. 14/20 spots currently full.
  7. blady703

    Anthara RPG 7.72 Mapping Showoff

    Hello, I will be posting a pictures of my new project :) Rookgaard
  8. Z

    [Canada]HauntServ Custom

    WEBSITE: HauntServer Custom Client anti-bot HauntServ is now on beta. OFICIAL OPEN: 21/10 The top 3 players at the end of the beta will receive 30 days of premium. During the beta rates are a bit higher (exp 6x / skills 9x / magic 3x / loot 2x) Oficial rates: EXP: LVL 1-80 3x LVL 80+ 2x...
  9. xKrazyx

    [France] Waropolis Old School War Server - 7.4-7.7 - Europe - Aug 9th

    Old School War Server Waropolis.net Location:France Client:Custom 7.4 Hybrid with Wands Putting up to fine tune revamped antibot system for High Rate Real Map. Opens August 9th Features ANTI-BOT We will do our best to provide a fair environment for all players! Cheating will be treated...
  10. Tibianeuss

    [Spain] TibiaNeuss | Global Tibia Real Map 7.6 | Custom client | Stages Exp

    Real Tibia map global 7.6. Most complete server of Tibia 7.6 with Full Tibia Global Map. Some useful features: Server - Website: www.tibianeuss.com - IP: www.tibianeuss.com - Port: 7171 - Client: Custom - Uptime: 24/7 - Experience: Stages - Skills: 9x - Magic Level: 8x - Loot: 4x - Map...
  11. RareTibia

    [France] RareTibia Free 7.4 HR 03.03.2017 - Free Pacc - No SHOP - Free Djinns - Tasks - Loot message

    Hosted on dedicated gaming server in: France Raretibia project began in mind to give you old style rpg/pvp game play. We give you a land with lots of adventures and survival. For sure you will find here old style nostalgia feelings. Remember that it is 7.4. What does it mean ? Severe demanding...
  12. RareTibia

    [France] RareTibia Fantasy 7.4 HR 24.02.2017 - Free Pacc - Loot Message - Tasks

    Hosted on dedicated gaming server in: France Raretibia project began in mind to give you old style rpg/pvp game play. We give you a land with lots of adventures and survival. For sure you will find here old style nostalgia feelings. Remember that it is 7.4. What does it mean ? Severe demanding...
  13. Scrappy Coco

    Remembering good times [OPEN-TIBIA]

    ¿What happened to the world of tibia?, ¿Perhaps this world died completely? Before otservlist was full of servers, nowadays there are only about 100 servers online there is no doubt that open tibia died, I want to remember with affection to otfans opentibia and those old forums, when people did...
  14. xKrazyx

    [USA] Waropolis Old School War [7.4-7.72] war server back online 2/1/17 waropolis.net/war

    Waropolis V4 2-1-17 Web: waropolis.net/war Web: waropolis.net/war countdown on website. BACK ONLINE! More antibot code added Double kills, triple, etc are now tracked and shown ingame 3 new maps(Fibula, shadowhomes, 1 secret map) 3 new events team1 vs team2 vs team3 vs team4 zombie...
  15. xKrazyx


    Pandera (TenthPlanet) LAUNCHES 11/5 18:00 CET Website: Pandera.sytes.net Server: DDos Protected Dedicated Server in Germany. Antibot: Real macro/bot detections. Active Anti-bot GMs. NO BOTS!!(We have found a way to catch 99% of sd aimbotters) Client: Custom 7.72 - NORMAL CLIENT :) dx5 dx9...
  16. Volrath

    Eratheria a 7.72 server - RL map and tons of new! - UPDATED 2017-11-09

    Development update - 2017-11-09 Fixed bright sword quest Many fixes for switches throughout the world Many mapfixes Gameplay feedback wanted! - 2017-10-31 We are looking especially for the following feedback from OTLanders: Improving experience level 1-8 on Rook. Task system in rook or...
  17. TomCrusher

    [poland][10.1].~:FireWave:~. START!|TASKS|EVENTS|PVP|PLAY&EARN MONEY!

    .~:FIREWAVE:~. PLAY TIBIA AND EARN REAL MONEY! Website: .~:FireWave:~. IP fireots.pl PORT 7171 CLIENT 10.1 HOST 24/7 FireWave is a longtime project and still under development. Will surely find both supporters and opponents. The first edition appeared in client 8.1, and at this time we are...