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Paid teacher needed - Tibia OT 7.4


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Aug 25, 2023
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Dear Tibia lovers,

I'm one of the old school players that can't forget the good old times on Tibia, I really loved the game. For me the Tibia game has been destroyed since the hotkeys were implemented with runes, I retired around 2010. Since then I couldn't get Tibia out of my head and i've played some Tibia 7.4 servers but most of them are just not that good enough.

I've been having thoughts for a long time to create my own server and now I took my first step towards my dream.

I've always been someone with crazy out of the box ideas that I would like implement but I have totally 0 experience to create my own server. Through Google i've found some tutorials and set-up my own server, but this is some noobish quality - I want to do it proffessional.

So i'm searching for someone that is experienced and can teach me (and my brother who's also in) all the ins and outs like:
  • Which mistakes to avoid
  • Which software best to use
  • Customisation
  • Other things we need to know

I know this won't be possible in a day, so we can plan a few hours a day. We are available on monday-friday from 19:30 till 00:00 PM (Amsterdam) and weekends from 14:00 till 00:00. We prefer a videocall with sharing screen.

We rather pay someone to teach us quick then learn it slow by ourself.

We are offering a payment which we can discuss before-hand, optional is being part of the server. Payment from The Netherlands by bank transfer or other suggested payment method, if you have a company there's also a possibility to send an invoice.

If you are interested, please send me some information about yourself and what you can teach us.
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