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[Poland] [7.4] [Real Map] Medium Rate Tibia 7.4 - 4FUN server [12 Jan 2024 17:00 CET]

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Jan 2, 2020
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Hello everyone!

I would like to announce the launch of my server. We start on January 12, 2024 - 17:00 CET
Dead at the start, but fun until the end XD

First of all, I would like to thank those who contributed with the help I asked for and tips on how to solve the problems I encountered while creating this server (paid and out of good heart), and these are: @ond @Ezzz @Jhon_ @AzlanK @pink_panther @kor @chucky91 @rwxsu @Mehah @River KA @Gesior.pl @slaw @Lordfire @freak15 and more. I used your knowledge and the tips I received, purchased and read on the forum! Thanks a lot :)

Website: Latest News - Tibia 7.4 (https://tibia74.eu/)
Acc Maker: Create Account - Tibia 7.4 (https://tibia74.eu/?account/create)
Client download: Downloads - Tibia 7.4 (https://tibia74.eu/?downloads)
Discord invite link: Join the tibia74.eu - RPG/PVP real/custom 4fun - 7.4 OTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/3vSeMkPCks)

The server is supposed to reflect the times of version 7.4, but the main difference is that exp and skill will be increased. I want it to be able to play casually in an RPG style and also focus on wars and PVP.

Therefore, for example, each account receives free premium status and there is no premium store on the website.

Yes, I know that there are already several such servers and I should give up on this idea, but I have no intention of doing so.

I have already set up my own servers with varying degrees of success, but the last one stood for over a year and worked on a small scale without any problems (rollback/crash, etc.).

Server: This is a standard Nostalrius distribution, after some modifications to the code and game files.
Client: Client with tibianic-dll and an additional dll for client imitation in version 7.4

I had no intention of creating super unique content, mega new possibilities, etc. I want this server to be a springboard for you. Here you can have fun!

Goal number one is to set it as close to version 7.4 as possible, i.e. monsters, spells, regen, map, appearance and client. I'm getting older, and the version described is closest to me, that's why. I understand that I can't remember everything perfectly, and I may have missed some information about the mechanics, so I'm waiting for information from you and I will continue working to bring it to a version as close as possible.

A little info about what is and what is waiting for you on my server:

Exp Rate: stages
Magic Level: x10
Skills: x15
Loot: x2
Spawn: x1
Spells: known from start
Guilds: from 8 level
level 1 - 8 x20
level 9 - 20 x25
level 21 - 50 x20
level 51 - 100 x15
level 101 - 150 x10
level 151 - 200 x5
level 201.. and more x2
7.4 standard
  • spears falling to the ground
  • working spellbook with mlvl spells
  • no worm on fishing rod
  • no wands
  • no rods
  • no runes in shop
  • no port hope / tiquanda
  • no poi etc.
  • 0 level ships (without PZ)
  • no hotkeys (for runes)
passive monsters - simulation of PVP players
working spellbook with mlvl spells
hp / mana regen as in 7.4
spells price / mana cos / req mlvl as in 7.4
house auction via website
working questlog
bank system (to use with house auction)

Hope to see you online!
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In case someone hasn't noticed...
Another deadots, only with mid rate, but without any custom things (apart from the quest logo and additional character light)
starts on January 12, but today you can enter, see and join Discord.

Updates are planned to expand hunting areas, etc.

Everything will come out in real time XD
5 days to launch a live server ! - 12 January 2024

Last chance to run around the map, receive items to check, etc. - it won't be easy later XD

ad 1. I am looking for policemen, people who will also pay attention to what is happening on the server while playing, in my absence. These people will later be able to apply for the position of GM

ad 2. I decided that people who are playing now and checking the server will receive small starter gifts to make it a little easier for them.
played a little, crazy spawn rate, too low mana/hp regen for that many monsters spawning around and also annoying backspawn/stack spawn
since you cant buy runes knight is unplayable if you don't have your own druid which leads to multi clienting (do you want it?) , also has really low dmg output
mages are very strong with summons that only take like 10% of exp off them
client seems aight although walking sometimes is not as smooth as one would want (char doesnt respond to keystrokes)