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[Brazil] [8.6] No-stairs WAR Server with Quests

Lucas Quevedo

New Member
Oct 25, 2017
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No-stairs server (8.6). The best WAR – RPG Server from 5 years ago is back again.

Open: november, 01, 2017

Protocol: 8.6
IP: no-stairs.servegame.com
Port: 7171
Status: Online
- Exp: 20x
- Exp PVP: 10x
- Rate skill: 50x
- Rate Magic: 25x
- Loot: 1x (all custom monsters)

This server was created on 2011 with a large range of active players and some improvements were made during the last years.

About the game flow: The server has 5 custom cities (arenas) with more than 10 quests. Don’t worry about the quests now because they all are difficult to do J. The arenas will be opened according to number of players.

Cities / Arenas:

Fort War:

Woods, bugs and rot define this city. With tons of traps and roofs where you can create an strategy.

Sand War

Sand and fire. With a slower terrain, it’s ideal for a open battle and it’s the only city with a open quest (no Money or passage needed).

Iron War

Roofs and teleports. With tons of teleports, it’s ideal to stack players and make a fortress.

Ice War

Small and slow. It’s ideal for close range battles and 3x3 or 4x4.

Soul War

Dark and large. It’s ideal for raid events and would be the last city to be opened since it’s not ideal for a low numbers of players.

Random screenshots:






Main features:

    • Anti-MC System: Killing a player with the same ip results on no exp, so don’t waste your time MCing and farming.

    • Anti-Mass login: You can’t login more than 5 accounts with the same IP.

    • Rewards: You get a heart and 10 x player level gold per kill. Ex: IF you kill a level 100 you get a heart and 1000 gold coins (10 platinum).

    • Wearing a full addon gives you some extra advantages, you can check the full list of attributes using the command !info addon

      Warrior : 5% Physical protection, +5 sword fighting.

      Shaman : 5% de Elemental protection (fire, ice, energy and earth).

      DemonHunter : 8% Physical protection, +5% MAX HP, +30 speed.
      Knight : 3% Physical protection, +3 sword fighting.


    • Attribute System (Special thanks to Mock the bear):
With the attribute system, you can customize your set with random attributes (1~20%) using a slot crystal, which can be bought on depot using 100 hearts. Upon using a crystal on an equipment will open one of the following attributes (Max HP%, Max MP%, Melee (sword, axe, club) %, ML%, Dist%, Shield%).

    • Slot crystal:
    • Using the item:
    • Result:

Other game changes:

    • Sword is focused on balanced fighting (atk/def), while Axe is focused on ofensive and clubs for defensive.

    • Paladins deals increased overall damage.

    • Some wands/rods deals damage based on your magic level.

    • It’s not fast attack, quest areas are non-pvp and should be focused on late game.

    • There’s few raids on the city where you can get some extra gold and challenge bosses (it’s trapped).

    • Most of the custom items have regeneration which helps you to stand more time in battle.


7.6 is the best :D
Nov 3, 2012
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congratulations you just won reward for funniest open tibia server of 2017


Lucas Quevedo

New Member
Oct 25, 2017
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Not even close ):

It was fine on 2011. nowdays all what people wants is fastattack and lv 1000. :p