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"Archlightonline.com" Infringing the rules

Sir Knighter

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Jun 29, 2009
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more than half the server is MC, contains trainers where you can give the exite and continue online forever.

I'd like you to take a look.

ArchLight Online
Unfortunatly, while I appreciate you reporting us despite lack of knowledge + understanding, exit logged characters are not counted on our otservlist player count, hense why if you take a look our website reports about 25% more characters than otserlivst at any given moment, this is due to us not reporting exit logged characters to otservlist.

Thanks for trying though <3

Pss. Today you were trying to abuse using an MC, and you were actually punished for it, however we felt bad and compensated you. Thanks for making me regret that and leaning on my first instinct. (This is assuming the character in your screenshot you provided is yourself, which I assume it is).