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[France] [7.72] Shadow-Illusion | 14 March 20:00 CEST

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Jun 17, 2021
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👐Dear Players👐

We would like to announce with pleasure and invite you to the newly upcoming world of Shadow-Illusion, which will officially open on 21.09.2023 at 18:00 CEST/13:00 GMT-3. This edition of server grants for players a Real Money Prizes over 1000$+. As main rewards we have prepare a Nintendo Switch & Xbox Series S, more information about it you can find here. There are a number of good changes on the server, which will clearly affect your gameplay, in a good way of course. New challenges such as Dark Monsters, Daily Bosses, Dungeons, New Island, Enchanting System and reworked Achievements system. Also we have added new features like Mission/Task Tracker, AutoLoot window, reworked Character Stats System with practical window where you can admit gathered points. New skills as Mining, Harvesting and Fishing. As well as extensive changes to the mission systems which have become more enjoyable for players and offer better rewards. Also there be a lot of fun in PVP, because we have reworked events like Capture The Flag, Red vs Blue and we created a Battlefield for 4 teams. Every of those 3 PVP events have a scaling players to the same level. We have added a many improvements into all vocations to make better balance between them - this will make the gameplay more equal for everyone. There will be no shortage of challenges and fun. You will enjoy every second playing Shadow-Illusion! We invite you to our Discord Server & Facebook Fanpage, where competitions will be waiting for you before the start! For more information, please follow our website and discord! You can already compete for free points before start by taking part in our Facebook event. You are welcome!

👉 Rates on server:

Exp stage:
1-50 x8
51 - 100 x6
101 - 150 x4
151- 225 x3
226 - 300 x2
301 - 400 x1
401 - xxx x0.5
Magic level: x1.5
Skills: x2
Loot: x2
Spawn: x2

Game Features:
  • Character Stats System - Everyone can further upgrade their character with unique statistics, which give for players new experiences due development own character to the better one because this system delivery additional attributes in four categories of statistics,
  • Upgrade Weapons – This will allow player to increase level of their weapons, which will become more powerful,
  • Enchant Equipment – Thanks to this system you will be able to enchant additional attributes into you equipments,
  • Crafting - Create items at tiers such as rare, epic and legendary. Each item is distinguished by unique properties,
  • Achivements - A system with about 70 challenges for the best daredevils, through which by performing various activities divided into four categories. Endows points for player to use in character stats system,
  • Mission System - Tackle the many challenges that system offers you, so you can get unique and unrepeatable rewards, as well as access to islands. Missions have been redesigned in such a way that they don't take players back to earlier stages of the game, allowing them to regularly traverse the land and improve their character. The rewards in missions have become much more attractive,
  • Dark Monsters – An unusual feature that provides players a new experience during struggles when fighting with monsters have a opportunity to spawn creatures like bloodic, heroic and mystic. In this type of creatures players have a possibility to get curious items,
  • Cursed Chest - Players will have the opportunity to acquire unique items in tough battles against special chests that will surprise everyone. Many more chests has been added into server along with making the awards more attractive,
  • Boosted Creatures - During each server save, 2 monsters will be drawn which will additionally increase XP and Loot by +25%,
  • Daily Bosses – Opportunity to fight bosses every few hours. They have special abilities and you can meet them in random places on the map, which makes them unique. Thanks to them you will gain the chance to get the best items in game,
  • Hourly Bosses - Fight bosses every hour and gain great items with which you can expand your character even further. Up to 5 people can get a rewards from the battle,
  • World Bosses - Powerful bosses that leave equally great prizes only for the most powerful players who are looking for unforgettable challenges,
  • Dungeons - System where players can fight against other people to be the best Dungeon player in the server due score of Solo Runners and Group Runners. All of dungeons have 6 different difficulty and each higher difficulty give player more chance for get better rewards and additional bonus to experience. Now you can face two new dungeons that provide additional thrills and challenges,
  • Market ingame - Ability to trade in the game through the marketplace, which is a cluster of all items. This makes trading between players much easier.

Release and small changes:
  • Missions – New missioners have been added who will give player challenge to fight against cursed chests, dark monsters and dungeon bosses. They are in charge of the main character development paths and give the opportunity to gain new offensive spells, promotion, stronger character stats, and the best healing runes,
  • Island – New island with unique challenges for players. Where you will meet new monsters, quests, tasks and missions,
  • Monsters – Added new monsters that give you ability to hunt alone or in a team hunt. The current monsters have been revised for close-range and ranged attacks, so that the fighting strategy isn’t just about running away,
  • Statistics – New character statistics have been inserted as reflect & capacity. Separated increase damage and protection elements statistics for PVP/PVE,
  • Equipment – New items with special attributes have been introduced in order to variety the gameplay. Currently items have been revised due to balance of every vocations,
  • Skills – Introduced to game skills as mining, harvesting and fishing. Such skills add variety to the player's gameplay and assist him in character development, as well as provide the opportunity to acquire many great items,
  • Runes – Added new potions which are a stronger alternative to evil runes. The current runes have been revised for better balance of every vocations,
  • Spells – New spells has been created to increase the player's offensive capabilities. The current spells have been revised for better balance of every vocations,
  • Quests – Inserted novel quests with interesting rewards and also in some have been reworked rewards and requirements,
  • Houses – A weekly fee has been added to the house system as well as automatic cleaning of the houses of inactive players,
  • Events – Introduced new event as Battlefield where four teams fight among ourselves. Prizes in all events have been made more attractive,
  • Depot – Added new crate as inbox in locker where all items from market, house and donations benefits will appear,
  • Tracker – In order to assist players in organizing missions/tasks, we have gone out of our way to create a tracker where the player will have all activities in one place,
  • Autoloot - Some improvements have been made to the autoloot system and the main one is a practical window where the player can manage the entire system in one place.

👏 Remember about our social media because we made much giveways with premium points before start!

👉 Discord server:
Join the Shadow-Illusion Discord Server! (Join the Shadow-Illusion Discord Server! (https://discord.com/invite/Eth8mvVAYV))

👉 Facebook: Shadow-Illusion OT (Shadow-Illusion OT (https://www.facebook.com/ShadowIllusionCom))

👉 Server site: Latest News - Shadow-Illusion (Latest News - Shadow-Illusion (https://shadow-illusion.com/))​

Thank You!​

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Recommend this server and this company, this server its from players to players, i had an ocassion to work with them, very nice custom ots with many features :)
In the changes of profession, I only see a note about ED and I heard that it has changed a bit for RP, is that true?
It's also nice that you finally thought about the stamina and nerf of the missions requirements. What is the current issue with Sms Shop?
Are all items already obtainable without any problems in the game?
In the changes of profession, I only see a note about ED and I heard that it has changed a bit for RP, is that true?
Yes, it is true that RP has also undergone small changes.
"Paladin weapons for early and medium late has been reworked for two-handed (new crossbows and bolts)" - in our news on website.

What is the current issue with Sms Shop?
Are all items already obtainable without any problems in the game?
All items that are available in the SMS Shop are also available in the game in the form of quests or loot from bosses / dungeons etc.

Better than realesta ?
We are a completely different type of server. We invite you to check it tomorrow at 18 CEST!
It already crashed...
Spoofed server and even their paid streamers in complete p2w sets that give 100 mana regen/s are mocking it.

Dear players, we apologize for this situation. The fault on the server room side.
You wish they had some dignity

Don't spend any money here!
All trainers are taken by random bots. Thats just greedy, he wants you to buy premium so you can skill.
Welcome everyone! We are impressed by what is happening on Shadow Illusion. All of us are working so hard to make our server one of the best that you had a chance to see and play. We didn't expect to have that many players and it's amazing that over 1100 players stay with us so we are making best to present you all of the news that gonna be introduced after server save. Also new further challenges are coming soon!

New on server:
  • Stamina bear has been added into Merlin for boss herbs,
  • Stamina bear has been added into Monster Hunt event,
  • Added "exana vis" spell,
  • Monster Hunt event has been activated.

Improved on server:
  • Added Herbert into Dream Island,
  • Added Banker into Dream Island,
  • Fixed problem in party with -50% healing value,
  • Removed PZ lock to travel via Captain's NPCs,
  • Added paralyze removals into ultimate healing rune and intense healing rune,
  • Removed energy effect from Ice Witches,
  • Change requirements for Banshee Quest to 70 lvl,
  • Refill stamina has been changed to 6 hours,
  • Stamina bear has been changed to be used from 200 lvl,
  • Stamin bear crafting cost has been decreased,
  • Protection gem crafting cost has been decreased,
  • NPC Kawill has been removed and now phoenix bless can be bought only in Pydar.

Monsters where loot has been increased for around 30%:
  • Demon Lord,
  • Vampire Bride,
  • Orshabaal,
  • Spectre,
  • Demodras,
  • Medusa,
  • Frozen Dragon,
  • Osiris,
  • Infernalist,
  • Serpent Spawn,
  • Demon,
  • Bog Raider,
  • Grim Reaper,
  • Ancient Scarab,
  • Terror Bird.

Thank You!​

When are you planning a major update?
How often are major updates released?