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[France] [8.6] - Oraclum PvP-E | Edited RL map | opening 2/07/2022 - 20.00 CET |

Server Website/AAC
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Jul 27, 2008
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~Ip~: oraclum.net
~Port~: 7171

~Client~: Tibia 8.60
~Uptime~: 24/7
~Hosted in~: France, on a dedicated server with the ultimate Internet connection, i7 | 32 GB RAM | SoftRaid 2x480GB SSD
~Website~: Latestnews - Oraclum
~Exp rate~: Stages
~Server Info~: Server Info
~Forum~: Forum
~Map~: Edited RL + custom cities
~Runes~: Normal charges and prices // Infinite Runes: Only SD and MW.
~Loot rate~: 3x
~Server type~: PvP-E
~ PvP-Enforced: Killing only players more level than you.
~Skills & Magic rates~: 45x Skill and 35x Magic.

More Features:

~ Developing the ultimate set~
~all main rl quests working~
~Balanced vocations~
~Antibot enabled for players of level 500 or more~
~Possibility of joining the staff~
~All raids from RL~
~Addons system (rl tibia) and with addon doll~
~All RL 8.6 towns~

Custom Features:

~6+ events / games~
~Vip system | Vip Island | Vip Respawns~
~Epic vocations~
~Guild wars system~
~3 different kind of castles~
~Get a castle for free!~
~Ethno City -> based on real spawns!~
~Bounty Hunters system~
~Twitch Stream~

No Pay to Win:

  • 5 premium points at level 250
  • 10 premium points at level 300
  • 20 premium points at level 400
  • 50 premium points at level 500
  • You can get almost all the donate set by doing custom quests
  • You can get almost all the donate set by playing our games
  • 5 premium points at level 250
  • You can become vip playing events, including our newest event: Findind and killing Rudolf
- New feature Now you can loot donate and rare items from our new custom monsters located in vip spawns (level 300 required!!)


  • PZ lock time: 60 second(s)
  • White skull lenght: 6 minute(s)
  • Red skull lenght: 1 day(s)
  • Black skull lenght: 2 day(s)
  • Frags to red skull: Daily: 15 | Weekly: 50 | Monthly: 160
  • Frags to black skull: Daily: 24 | Weekly: 80 | Monthly: 220

What do you need to play:

- All our downloads


  • If you like to help our server to grow up we'll thank you a lot your donation. We've added a lot of custom stuff to the shopsystem. Everything is tested 100%. We accept paypal as a payment method.
  • We have implemented Vodafone Cash as a secondary donation method.

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