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[BRAZIL] [7.6] ExtremeOT - Custom YurOTs | Lot of RPG and custom systems | Relaunch 02 March 2024

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Oct 11, 2009
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Following features:

# Reputation system, to encourage a friendly and mutually respectful community. Use the /rep command every 24 hours
# Autoloot system for Free and VIP players
# Monster level system
# OTC with bot allowed
# Castle War system
# Character Mastery for old protocol
# Second promotion
# Bossroom system with a chance to earn VIP and VIP coins.
# Reward system for staying online
# Cast System
# Various new VIP items and VIP Area
# 11 Cities
# Craft system
# Upgrade system
# Library with loot, map and monster loots
# New and custom outfits
# Dodge system by level
# Critical system by level
# EXP Shared Party system (with exp bonus)
# Trade Off
# Casino
# Boss point system with exclusive items
# More than 60 quests, including 3 arena levels, lores and a lot of RPG
# Tasks system 100% WITH POINTS and rank
# Balanced vocations
# New exclusive free hunts.​

Server Info:
Server Informations
PVP Protection:to 60 level
Exp Rate:8 - 50 level, 20x
51 - 100 level, 10x
101 - 200 level, 7x
201 - 300 level, 5x
301 - 500 level, 3x
501 - 700 level, 2x
701+ level, 1x
Exp From Players:0x
Skill Rate:30x
Magic Rate:15x
Loot Rate:2x
Server Save:5:40am (UTC-3)
House kickout:30 days without logging in
House Rent Period:Weekly (leave money at depot or bank)
Kick Time:15 minutes
PZ Lock:1 minute
White Skull time:10 Minutes
Ban time (rule violation):7 days
Red Skull time:3 days
Ban time (player killing):3 days
Frags to Red Skull:Daily 5
Week 15
Month 25
Frags to Ban:Daily 7
Week 20
Month 30