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[France] YurOTS - V2 ! [10.03, Friday 18:00 CET] | New Server V2 !!

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Creating Tibia Servers
Nov 22, 2022
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Welcome to Old YurOTS, where an amazing adventure awaits you that will take you straight to the golden age of this iconic game. Get ready to relive the memories of the moments when you followed the adventures of your hero with bated breath, fought monsters and obtained great items. On OLD YurOTS you will find many improvements and facilitations that will make the game even more interesting and enjoyable. You will discover an iconic map where hundreds of unique locations await you, full of puzzles and treasures just waiting to be discovered. You will be able to fight monsters and bosses whose challenging fights will make you feel the thrill and adrenaline. All this will make you cry with joy while playing on our server, remembering unforgettable moments from your childhood and youth spent playing Tibia. Our server is not only an iconic map, but also many other improvements that will make your game easier. Come to us and see how much excitement and joy playing on Old YurOTS can give you. Our community consists of RPG game lovers who are always ready to help and advise. In addition, our server is constantly being developed and improved to provide you with the best gaming experience. Join us today and see how much excitement and joy playing Tibia 7.6 on Old YurOTS can give you. Be ready for unforgettable moments during which you will cry with joy when you remember your childhood.​

‎The last launches gave us a lot to think about and this time it works, we improved many things,‎
‎We added that this project aims to get as many people in the game as possible,
‎ In addition, we offer the Dynamic client, but in the old format, with an integrated camera player to share your adventures! You can use sidebars and wasd walking if that suits you! But more importantly, it gives our players a smooth gaming experience!‎
‎Added new monster appearances, player items‎
‎See you in game‎

[Launch date]:
[10.03.2023, Friday 18:00 CET]