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Team Looking to hire (early development services) for new Tibia server project


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Feb 2, 2021
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I am fairly new to this site, though I have utilized its resources in previous years. As such, I will do my best to stick to the recommended template and see if I get some interest for my ambition. Apologies in advance if I miss any of the forum criteria in this post.

I am looking to build a tibia ot server, though I am aiming to create a new and more traditional MMORPG experience drawing inspiration from different games (eg fable) whilst offering its own unique flair. I envision to create elements of brutality with the magic of exploration and role play. I would prefer to use newer versions of tibia as the upgraded graphics will appeal to new audiences along with the benefit of increased features in those version (such as mounts). However, the core mechanics and art of tibia can be tweaked so if it is easier utilizing older versions of tibia such as 8.6, that wont be an issue. I say this because I feel what will set the experience of this server apart will be its game design, community management, and execution. I intend to create an experience where each level means something, each death means something, and players have a real opportunity to be remembered in server history. As such, the rates/progression would be fairly custom/low to recreate that traditional leveling scale.

As the project develops I will be looking to outsource various services I am not competent in, as I want to ensure I can provide a high quality experience.

However, at current I am in need of these services:

- I am looking for someone to help me get a base server up and running that players can connect into and I can begin adding plugin/tweaks. Alternatively, perhaps you have already built a server which is now retired and wish to sell it to a new project team, I would definitely be interested in that as well.

- I am looking for a good dedicated server host or recommendations of a good dedicated host. Once the core server is up I intend to finance a dedicated server from its alpha so I can begin building a player community as the server develops, they can experience its progression pre release.

I will also be looking for a web site developer once I have the server working so please send me an expression of interest and I will save it for future reference.

My experience at current is fairly limited, which is why I intend to outsource the things I don't know to people who are skilled and competent so I can ensure a quality product is made. If you have any recommendations on things I should invest in, things I should be careful of, or wish tutor me on early development, please send me a message as well.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon.