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[USA] [8.6] BlazeraRL | Magical Items | Crafting & Smelting | Dungeon Finder | Character Reborn | Mini Bosses | Events

Server Website/AAC
Server Address
Server Port
Client Protocol
It is officially time to to create your characters.
In 24 hours we will be opening live to the public!

Donation points returned to current accounts that have been made with matching paypal id's.

Highlight and Featured Server Box have been purchased for 7 days each!

Also currently advertised in discord communities as featured posts/server ads.

Daily Boosts + Daily Rewards!
[Login every 24 hours to earn a reward streak]

Daily Reward List:
Day 1: 5x platinum coins, 20 brown mushrooms (2152, 2789 x20
Day 2: 25 health potions, 25 mana potions
Day 3: 1x ring of healing, 10 platinum coins
Day 4: 1x time ring, 1x piggy bank
Day 5: 1 Hour of 120% Experience Boost
Day 6: 25x platinum coins
Day 7: 1x Blazera Token
Day 8: 1 Hour of 120% Magic Boost
Day 9: 1x Common Gem
Day 10: 50x platinum coins
Day 11: 1 Hour of 120% Skill Boost
Day 12: 1x time ring, 1x stealth ring, 1x ring of healing
Day 13: 1x Uncommon Gem
Day 14: 1 Hour of 120% Loot Boost
Day 15: 1x crystal coin
Day 16: 1x Rare Gem
Day 17: 2x Blazera Tokens
Day 18: 1 Hour of 140% Experience Boost
Day 19: 1x Rare Gem
Day 20: 1x crystal coin, 50x platinum coins
Day 21: 1 Hour of 140% Magic Boost
Day 22: 1x Orb of Enchantment
Day 23: 1 Hour of 140% Skill Boost
Day 24: 1x Hat of the Mad, 100x Mana Potions
Day 25: 2x crystal coins
Day 26: 3x Blazera Tokens
Day 27: 1 Hour of 140% Loot Boost
Day 28: Epic Gem
Dailyrewards - Blazera (https://www.blazera.net/?subtopic=dailyrewards)

Blazera.net - Season 1 launches in less than 3 hours!
Join us today @ www.blazera.net
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Well, I said I would be happy with 10+ players and no crashes! You guys gave me 20+ and no crashes!

Not only that, not a single report or issue has been raised. Making this one of the smoothest launches I've had in awhile.
I was truly expecting something to pop up; so if you can find something please report it!

Huge shouts out to @Roddet and @Joe Rod for all their time spent helping Blazera become what it is.

06:49 New record: 24 players are logged in.
08:18 New record: 25 players are logged in.
08:19 New record: 26 players are logged in.

Join us at www.blazera.net
Come join a growing community

A picture of an active Blazera depot!

Shouts out to Chase Darkmoon for also streaming over at
I have given him a few stamina feathers to give out as rewards to viewers!

06:23 New record: 27 players are logged in.
06:57 New record: 28 players are logged in.

Join us today at Latestnews - Blazera (http://blazera.net)

Currently sitting at 25 players - broke 28 as a record earlier today!
Happy Thanksgiving from up here in Canada, hope everyone is having a great day!​

[Oct. 9th Server Save Change Log]:
-SafeZone Event now sends Orange Messages in Chat rather than cancel messages that disappear.
-Safezone Event can now be entered if you are above level 20; previously it was 80+ (this is a non-pvp event, no need for such high limitation)
-Exura Ico will be added for knights/elite knights.
-Anni should spawn Demons properly now.
-Trainer DPS Area has been made non-pvp.
-Torch removed as a trinket from magical loot system.
-Spawn rate increased to 2x (If it was 60s before, it is now 30s)
-Lottery changed from every 2 hours to 1 hour.
-When repairing soft boots at Aldo - magical attributes will no longer be lost.

[Oct. 10th Server Save Change Log]:
-!spells, !commands, !buybp & !event talkactions added.
-Kill/Death Ratio will now only show 1 decimal place.
-Frags now properly update your web page frag count.
-Offline Training Rates have been slightly increased.
-Stairs inside Boss Rooms have proper placement.
-Added missing return TP's from some of the portals.
-Added new Standard Boss area for 160 points.

[Oct. 11th Server Save Change Log]:
-New Daily Boosted Monsters have been added.
-Loot Channel added + opens on login.
-Once you roll a legendary item it is locked for re-rolls.
-Fluid containers now show the name of whats inside.
-Annilator spawns Demons instead of the previously removed Angry Demon.
-Small Patches to Magical Item Excluded Item List
-Hannah has had her prices modified to fit more realistic values.

Reached 32 players online and broke another record!

[Oct 12th Server Save Change Log]:
-Banshee Quest Seal 4 now properly accepts the blood vial.
-Anni~ now functions properly; Angry Demons have been replaced with Demons.
-Loot rate has returned to 2x.

[Yesterdays Player Online Records]:
10:02 New record: 33 players are logged in.
10:49 New record: 34 players are logged in.
12:06 New record: 35 players are logged in.
12:46 New record: 36 players are logged in.
15:45 New record: 37 players are logged in.
15:56 New record: 38 players are logged in.


15:19 New record: 40 players are logged in.

[Oct 13th Server Save Change Log]:
-Monsters will now spawn on screen with players casting a teleport effect 4 times first.
-Spawn Rates have been reduced by 20% and can be changed while the server is live.
-Magical Effects now display three times on corpses.
-Assassin Stars break chance has been modfied from 25% -> 20%.
-Hanna now buys Gold Ingots for the proper price.
-Regen Health/Mana, Dodge + Stun Attributes have had their prefixes changed.
-It is now possibly to enroll Tutors/Senior Tutors - expect to see some new staff members!
-Loot Channel now updates even when in a party.
-All bosses on the fourth floor (The Snapper, Esmeralda, Thul, etc) now have portals back to the TP room.
-Ferumbras, Morgaroth, & Ghazbaran have been removed from the real map locations as hourly spawns and will only appear when their raids activate.
-Mission 6 of New Frontier now properly teleports the player out of arena after 2 minutes.


[Oct 14th Server Save Change Log]:
-Life Steal now works on monsters. (PvE + PvP)
-Magical Effects now last 7 seconds.
-New Explosion effect happens when a magical is dropped.
-Further exclusions have been added to magicals.
-Yalahari NPC now spawns as its proper form.
-Hunting Rooms temporarily removed.

[New Player Online Records]:
15:09 New record: 43 players are logged in.
15:22 New record: 44 players are logged in.
15:33 New record: 45 players are logged in.


[Oct 15th Server Save Change Log]:
-Double Loot Event is now active!
-Common, Uncommon, Rare Tiers have received a slight boost to their find chance.
-Jaul, Raging Mage, Smaug, Minotaur Idol & Execowtioner now have higher chances to drop new items.
-Spit Nettle speed values set properly.
-Safezone Event will no longer let players stack on tiles.
-Hunt Rooms have been disabled during yesterday and re-added today.
-You can now select the monster to spawn with !hunt monstername.
-Hunt Rooms now display the amount of kills and xp gained during the session.
-A time left message will appear for anyone trying to enter an active hunt room.
-Magic Find Ring now boosts for 50% compared to 25%.


[Todays Player Records]
16:37 New record: 46 players are logged in.
16:51 New record: 47 players are logged in.
16:53 New record: 48 players are logged in.
16:58 New record: 49 players are logged in.
17:00 New record: 50 players are logged in.
17:05 New record: 51 players are logged in.
17:20 New record: 52 players are logged in.
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[Todays Player Records]
16:37 New record: 46 players are logged in.
16:51 New record: 47 players are logged in.
16:53 New record: 48 players are logged in.
16:58 New record: 49 players are logged in.
17:00 New record: 50 players are logged in.
17:05 New record: 51 players are logged in.
17:20 New record: 52 players are logged in.

Playing aswell now :P
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kills his mc always
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[Oct 16th Server Save Change Log]:
-Server is now in debug mode to catch extra info incase of an issue.
-Hourly Server Save enabled.
-Double XP Sunday Event activated!
-Double Loot Saturday Event ended.

[Oct 17th Server Save Change Log]:
-Rook has been made a Non-PvP zone.
-Depot Boxes added to Trading Room in Rookgaard.
-Training Monks added the the roof of the shop in Rookgaard.
-The Welter Boss now drops Prismatic Loot.
-Spawn Size of Smaug has been adjusted.
-Should resolve the despawning issue with him.
-Double XP Event has ended, back to normal rates.

New Players Online Record: 58

@Levi999x - Thank you so much for the support and report. His frag count has been reduced to zero and when asking him what he was doing, he was trying to boost his K/D.​

[Oct 19th Server Save Change Log]:
-New Alpha Client available with new theme and vBot!
[Download Here]
-Strong Mana Potions can now be used by knights.
-Mana Potion has been removed from Mad Mage Quest.​

Server has been successfully transferred to a new host - we hope any issues with the last hosting machine; remain just that.. issues with the last machine! Lol, fingers crossed for smooth sailing and proper functionality from here on out!

Currently 54 players and no reported lag issues; with numbers continuing to rise!

[Oct 21st Server Save Change Log]:
-Great Mana Potions added for Paladins.
-Ultimate Mana Potions are now available for 463gp each in magic shops.
-Cure Curse, Burning and Electricity spells added.
-The Welter will no longer push other creatures.
-Hero Quest Red Gem reward replaced with 20 platinum coins.
-Sandra in Edron has proper flasks displayed behind her.
-Gree Dee now sells crowbars.
-Missing 1x Lizard Magistrati added in Zao.
-Frodo now sells Brown Mushrooms.
-Djinn Door allows passage.
-Double XP & Loot Event has ended.
-SS/Events will now trigger at proper times.

14:13 New record: 59 players are logged in.
00:05 New record: 60 players are logged in.
02:30 New record: 61 players are logged in.
03:03 New record: 62 players are logged in.
03:10 New record: 63 players are logged in.

So far the new machine has been working wonders!​

[Oct 22nd Server Save Change Log]:

[Reward Chances]
[1% Epic Gem]
[3% Orb of Enchantment]
[6% Stamina Feather]
[10% Hunting Token]
[80% Random Item with 50/50 chance of being magical]​

[Oct 25th Server Save Change Log]:
-Runs every 35 minutes, contains 750+ questions.
-Hunting Rooms have been patched to prevent re-logging in the room.
-Information Panel added inside Hunting Rooms Enterance.
-Demon Oak Rewards updated to Thorn Spitter and Spellbook of Ancient Arcana.
-You can now select the following monsters in the hunting room: Dragons, Dragon Lords, Black Knights, Heros, Wyrms, Frost Dragons, Giant Spiders, Necromancers, Orc Warlords, Banshees, Wyverns, Hydras, Nightmares, Sea Serpents, Behemoths, Grim Reapers and Demons.​

14:39 New record: 65 players are logged in.
14:40 New record: 66 players are logged in.
14:48 New record: 67 players are logged in.
14:48 New record: 68 players are logged in.
14:56 New record: 69 players are logged in.
14:56 New record: 70 players are logged in.

Double XP Event is now active for the weekend, join us today!

[Oct 31st Server Save Change Log]:
-New Dungeons System in priority after dealing with some issues implementing mounts.
-Also working on Private War Battles with options to disable magical enchantments, turn on Ultra Rapid Fire mode, and much more!
-Double XP Event has finished - back to normal rates!
-Candlestick, Combat Knife and Simple Dress have been removed from the Magical Loot system.
-Map Adjustments/Fixes have been made to numerous areas.

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

[Nov 2nd Server Save Change Log]:
-Boss Rewards Depot Container now clears after 1 day.
-!cleanrewards can now be used to clean your entire rewards container.
-Rewards Container limited to 32 to avoid reported issues of players not receiving loot when it is over capacity.
-When Rewards Container is full, rewards will act just like normal loot and expire when the corpse decays; clear your depot rewards chest with the above command to allow storage again.


Magic loot weekend is in effect, Salvage rates are doubled!

[Nov 6th Server Save Change Log]:
-Salvaging will now give more dust the higher the tier. Legendary = 5, Rare = 4, Epic = 3, Commons = 2
-Magical Items have now been limited to all 8.6 equipment items. (Backpacks/Bags, Amulets/Rings, All Equipment/Weapons/Shields)
-Magical Tier Chances have been lowered to accommodate for ALL items being available; yes, this means you can farm minos for magicals.
-Hourly Server Save moved to every six hours.
-Added Blazera Broadcasts, information messages will be broadcasted every 40 minutes.
-Magical Salvage and Drop rates lowered back to default settings.
-Orb of Enchantment rates will remain, after testing we feel it is much better this way.

Nice to see the server is doing well.
Character search on website is bugged, error 500

Good luck!
Nice to see the server is doing well.
Character search on website is bugged, error 500

Good luck!
Thanks! Which character are you trying to search, works fine for me.
[Nov 11th Server Save Change Log]:
-Toggle Monster Talkaction (/togglemonsterlevels on/off) now also toggles [MB] on minibosses along with the levels.
-New NPC that sells XP, Skills, Magic and Loot Booster Items. Default Price: 1KK for 1 Hour of 10%. Add 1% for 100k, extend time by 1 Hour for 1KK!
-You can also purchase Stamina Feathers for 2KK from this NPC.
-Find Booster Dan located on Event Island (TP From Thais Temple).
-Houses who have owners that have not logged in within the past 14 days will be cleaned.

[Magical Saturday & Sunday now ACTIVE!]
-All Magical Tier Drop Rates have been Doubled until Sunday Server Save.

In other news we have almost completed our Mounts/Outfits/Wings/Auras & Shaders update.
This update will feature both the Flash and StoneDrake UI; Flash will be the default as it fits better on 1080p.
However for those of you with 4k Displays, the StoneDrake is a beautiful RPG layout suited for that display type.


Along with mounts and new outfits we will also be featuring new wings/auras/shaders!

View attachment wings.mp4

So much coming to Blazera, join us today at www.blazera.net!

Can't fix problem on his OT, rather make wings /aura or promotion on his donation shop than do someting reel.
Not recomanded.
Dead ot anyway
Thank you to everyone who joined us today and pushed us back up to 30 players!

Teaser: World Events coming to a Blazera near you!
View attachment world events.mp4

Currently working on Item Levels, Item Crafting and Source edits to allow the default 8.6 client to function without issues.
Very soon we will be releasing a required custom client update, as anyone with the current custom client will be unable to login.
As mentioned - default clients will work fine still; however the custom client will need a new mount feature enabled.

Currently 25 players online - come join us today at www.blazera.net!

-205 Mounts, 85 Outfits, 72 Auras, 52 Wings added to the client.
-CIPSoft Client for 8.6 works with NO CRASHES/DEBUGS!
-World Events have also been included in this update.

Please download the new client from our downloads page if you wish to experience the new update.

3 Slot Items ;o Say what?
23:49 You see a mythical backpack of holding (Vol:24, protection fire +3%).
It is level 113 with 25% until the next level.
It weighs 655.83 oz.

Magical Enchantments:
[XP Boost: +8%]
[Energy Strike: 55-70 | 7%]
[Fire: +3%]​


[Nov 23rd Server Save Change Log]:
-The Item Level System has now been released. Items now gain/lose levels when using them; reaching higher levels unlocks magical tiers!
-Magical Crafting NPC has been added to Thais Temple, visit him to create all the magical tiers including the NEW MYTHICAL TIER for level 200+ items.
-Paralyze is now cured when using Haste/Strong Haste. Crafting an item requires Magical Dust and the item to be of a required level.

[Common] [Level 1] [250 Dust]
[Uncommon] [Level 30] [350 Dust]
[Rare] [Level 60] [500 Dust]
[Epic] [Level 80] [750 Dust]
[Legendary] [Level 100] [1000 Dust]
[Mythical] [Level 200] [1400 Dust]

When crafting an item that is already magical, you will need to spend 200 magical dust to remove the attributes before setting new ones.

Mythical Tiers act just like Legendaries with one MAJOR TWIST, they are granted THREE SLOTS/ATTRS!

Item Levels are earned the same as Player Experience and upon death lose experience but can be protected with normal blessings.

[Nov 25th Server Save Change Log]:
-Dungeon System Implemented [Willows Swamp implemented for testing] (Accesed via teleport or !dungeon talkaction)
-Market Fix Applied [No more lost mail]
-New Salvaging Rates

[Nov 26th Server Save Change Log]:
-Santa Claus is coming to town, find him in Thais Tavern! [1 Present per Day!]
-Messenger of Santa can sell you Christmas Supplies in Thais Library!
-Grynch Clan Goblin Raids now happen every hour in Thais and Carlin!
-Return Santa Bags to collect Christmas Coins!

[Nov 27th Server Save Change Log]:
-Lynda in Thais Church will now happily allow two willing players to get married.
-You require a wedding ring + wedding outfit box (obtained in Venore).
-When looking at a character that is married you will see their spouse/status.
-The person who initiates the wedding will receive the Newly Wed outfit.
-The spouse will need to ask Lynda for the "outfit" or say "newly wed" to obtain it.


Lots in store for Christmas, join Blazera today!

To the top!

Update in progress that will allow us to use all of the latest sprites/monsters/items to build our dungeons/boss rooms/new features.
Expect lots of new content coming in 2023!

Dear Blazerians,

Today marks the end of Season 1 on Blazera.net! We hope you have all enjoyed the challenges and adventures that this season has brought, and we are excited to announce that Season 2 will be starting soon.

Please be aware that today, April 21st, is the official last day for Season 1 progress. This means that any progress made after today will not count towards Season 1 rewards. We encourage all players to make the most of the remaining time and complete any outstanding quests or challenges before the season ends.

Rewards for Season 1 will be given out at the start of Season 2. We will be announcing the date and time for Season 2 start on our website and social media channels soon, so stay tuned for more information.

Thank you all for being part of the Blazera.net community, and we hope to see you all back for Season 2. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Kind Regards,
Blazera Staff


All data has been collected for highscores of Season 1.
The new client has been rolled out - this includes auto updating.
From now on, once you have the client downloaded it will automatically update any changes upon opening.

We have yet to wipe levels and items but thats to allow people to still log in and check things out - we will be closing the server a few days before launch of Season 2 to ensure everything is in proper order.

Season 2 starts April 28th! Get ready <3


Server Featured Box purchased on OTServList
Also inquiring about OTC Discord 1 week rental + ad post.
Other advertisements being purchased where seen fit.


Season 2 will begin Friday, April 28th.
3 Day(s), 19 Hour(s), 21 Minute(s), 5 Second(s)

Less than 4 days remaining - sign up at www.blazera.net!


Season 2 will begin Friday, April 28th.
Day(s), 10 Hour(s), 15 Minute(s), 42 Second(s)


The Temple has its balloons set and we are ready for players to claim their points!


100% of all previous donations will be claimable; more details on how to claim are coming soon!

Less than 3 days remaining - sign up at www.blazera.net!

Barely 24 hours remain, get ready for Season 2!

Notable Changes:
-All items/monsters/outfits/mounts up to client v13.14 have been added to our 8.6 based client; ways to earn these items include boss drops, event monster loot, dungeon mob loot and event rewards.
-Reborn attributes have been increased from [1% -> 2% for HP/MP] & [1% -> 2.5% for DMG Bonus]
-Bosses in the bottom Teleport Room now feature their respected loot based on Real Tibia. For the bosses that didnt have significant loot, they resemble Orshabaal loot table with the included gems/orb chances like all bosses.
This means Pristmatic gear, Drill Bolts and many other items from newer tibia versions are available to loot!
-2 New Dungeons featuring the new content update; 1 styled like the Hive and another styled with the new Lava tiles - these dungeons also offer new items from the latest tibia versions.
-World Events will now effect gameplay when earning enough world experience, compete with your fellow Blazerians to defeat the Shadow Portals to earn a world bonus of XP, Loot or Skills that lasts until next server save.
-Other minor bug fixes have been tended too and more notable changes will occur over the first week as we fine tune to the player base.

Claim Previous Donations
Every 7 days you can claim up to 100 USD worth of previous donations.
The staggered release helps prevent over stimulation to the economy.
It effects 10 people with 80% of them being able to claim all of their points by the second installment.
Link -> Claimpoints - Blazera (https://www.blazera.net/index.php?subtopic=claimpoints)

We hope everyone is ready for Season 2, we thank you for your support as always!
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Season 2 opens in 3 hours!

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So far we have hit 36 players online while maintaining 34 currently.
Come join us this weekend and fight to be #1 on Blazera.net!


[April 28th Change Log]:

-Auto-Attacks will now continue regardless of actions/rune/potion usage.
-Sandra, Ahmed and a few other NPCs will now properly sell cups of blood, oil, water and urine.
-POI return teleport added to prevent players getting stuck.
-Ultimate Mana Potions have been readded to Xodet.
-Atrad now sells Crystal Crossbows, Hive Bows, Drill Bolts and Prismatic Bolts.
-New backpacks can now properly roll magical attributes.

[April 29th Change Log]:
-Spawn rate reduced by 15% for an overall total of 35% spawn rate reduction.
-A few boss corpses have been corrected.
-Sandra now sells Ultimate Mana Potions again.
-Stars/Spears/Throwing Knives/etc have been made infinite.
-Depot Message now shows proper rewards limit time.​
Soft boots now last 12 hours! No more repairing them constantly <3

[Magic Drop Chance Update:]
Common [1% -> 5%] | Second Attr Chance [2.5% -> 15%]
Uncommon [.75% -> 2.5%] | Second Attr Chance [5% -> 25%]
Rare [.5% -> 1%] | Second Attr Chance [1% -> 25%]
Epic [.2% -> .5%] | Second Attr Chance [.5% -> 25%]
Legendary [.05% -> .2%] | Second Attr Chance [100%]
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so its mostly like a 12x server without those 100 extra buttons ?
Haha honestly we have yet to import any of the new areas as I'm currently working on putting together a monster pack that is accurate.
Then I plan on importing things like Glooth Factory, Secret Library and other areas to allow for some crazy team hunts.

But yeah as of right now - just Roshamuul has been imported but that was done last season and it was rebuilt using 8.6 looktypes. So Ill be reimporting Rosh~ soon with the new look types to atleast allow players to enjoy that while figuring out a monster pack.