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New patches have been applied - check the change logs on the website for more details!
[May 3rd Server Save Change Log]:
-Bosses on the bottom floor of the TP Room have had a huge loot table adjustment.
-All bosses now have a small chance to drop the new wands/rods + spectral bolt.
-Jaul now has the chance to drop deepling weapons and depth helmet, armor, legs and feet.
-A delay of 5 minutes has been added in between adding market offers.
-A 10 second cooldown has been added to Critical Strikes and Dodges.
-Critical Strikes now deal from 1.1x - 2x Damage.
-Demon Oak Rewards, Steel Helmet and Jungle Quiver have all been added to the Magical List.
-Shields can no longer roll the Armor attribute as it had no effect.
Part 2 of Boss Loot Table Patch will be coming soon along with a map update to show which bosses drop what.

[May 14th - 17th Change Log]
-Magical Monster Update now live! If you kill one of these creatures and find yourself lucky enough to loot an equipment piece; it will be guaranteed magical based on the tier of the magical you just killed.
-Dragons currently have a 25% chance and all bosses have 100%. More monsters will be added to the list of possible Magicals over time.
-Bosses now drop magical items as they are now magical 100% of the time. If we do lower the % of magical chance for bosses, they will still drop magicals based on your magic find.
-You can now open Reward Bags from Bosses once again!
-The Side-Kicks in boss rooms have now been made loot shareable when killing meaning each player will receive a reward bag.
-Mythical Items are now 200 dust cheaper to create at the crafter.
-New Shaders have been added to the client, restart your client for auto update to take place. -Other small changes have taken place as well.

[May 18th Change Log]
-Stamina Feather added back to Boosted Dan for 2kk under "trade" window.
-Dragon Lord, Hydra, Necromancer, Frost Dragon and Cyclops added to 25% Magical Monster chance tier.
-Rebirth NPC text has been updated to match new rates.
-Werehyaena Corpse is now lootable.
-War Backpack should now function properly.
-Helmets/Armor/Legs/Boots marked as paladin or knight will drop with Skill Attributes.
(In the future this will be replaced with a bypass feature to only allow items like zaoan armor which are Knight + Paladin to drop with both pairs of vocational attributes)

New Events System being implemented soon that features both Non-PvP and PvP events with leaderboard stats and special currency rewards.
Events currently supported will be as follows: Zombies, Safe Zone, Fire Storm, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing and Team Death Match.

Events will run every hour cycling through the list while also being available on demand at a cost through NPC.
We will be adding leaderboard/high score rankings to the website and actively rewarding the top scorers.
Each event will differ in price to start but no matter if it is server or player started - high scores will count toward the website statistics.

Join us today at www.blazera.net
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New updates in the mist; new event systems and magical attribute items will be coming soon!
[July 19th Change Log]
-Players will now start by default in Thais at level 8.
-Rook will be added as a teleport to the TP Room so players still have access to the quest points there.

New changes coming to the map to localize alot of the customized stuff into one area.
Going to try and make Thais Depot the "hub" for all the new things like Roshamuul, Rebirth, Magical Crafting, Daily Tasks and more.
Now when players start and reach the depot they will have a displayed area of all the new stuff we have added with easy access to it.

Ontop of this we will be adjusting the XP rates and lowering rebirth level from 300 to 250 to move towards a faster progression pace.

A new event system is also being instilled that will run every 2 hours and allow players to earn dust, orbs and premium points with the option for players to start events at will for a cost.

Revamps on the boss area are also coming to make them more notable rather than a farming option.

Join today at www.blazera.net
As plans move forward with Blazera - we are doing some restructuring!

[July 22nd Change Log]
-Thais Temple and Depot have been revamped.
-Thais Temple Spawn Position has been moved to the second floor.
-New Text Indicators have been added to teleports in Thais Depot.
-Events can now be started manually through Event Manager -1 Thais Depot.
-Rebirth Oracle has now been moved to -1 Thais Depot.
-Crafting NPC has also been moved to -1 Thais Depot.
-Nahlaser has been moved in replace of Benjamin who has moved -1 Thais Depot.
-Item Exchanger has also moved to -1 Thais Depot.
-New Boss Quick Access TP added to Thais Depot.
-Rebirth Island TP added to Thais Depot.
-Blazera Prison has been added as a new top floor to Thais Depot.
-Dungeon Teleport has been moved to Thais Depot.
-Casino Quick Access Teleport has been added to Thais Depot.

[Currently in the Works]

New Daily Task NPC's are coming for Item Collection, Monster Hunting and Completing Server Activities, each NPC will offer special rewards like XP/Skill Boosts, Task Store Credit to buy many useful items and cc/experience!

Once a task is completed you can only start another one after 20 hours, if you choose to cancel the current task you must wait 2-4 hours before accepting a new one.

You will have the options of selecting "easy, medium, hard" for creature selection (one will be randomly selected for you) then "short, medium, long" to determine the amount you need to kill. Depending on the amount you select, the greater your reward will be wether it be a boost or store credits.
[July 23rd Change Log]
-Fire Storm & Zombie Events have been added on rotation + are now available to start at the Event Creator in -1 Thais Depot.
-Prison Position slightly adjusted.
-Roshamuul and Elerium now accessible from -1 Thais Depot.
[Current Server Events are Safe Zone, Fire Storm, Zombie Run, Trivia, Quick Fingers and World Events.]

Highlight has been purchased to encourage growth/new players!
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[July 25th Change Log]
-To encourage enchanting Salvaging Dust has been increased to 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 [Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary]
-All events are now joinable using !event from anywhere on the map, the physical teleport for each event is always created in Thais Depot.​
[July 26th Change Log]
-Daily Task NPC's Death, Shaman and Slayer have been added to -1 Thais Depot.
-Shaman currently offers 55+ item collecting tasks in return for XP and Skill Boosts.
-Slayer currently offers 33+ hunting tasks in return for task credits to purchase boosts and special items in his shop.
-Death will offer you 1 Task Credit and 10 Crystal Coins for every 5 frags up until a maximum of 150 frags. (Maximum 30 Credit, 3 Gold Nuggets)
(more tasks for slayer will be added later today)
-NPC Booster Dan will now spawn -1 Thais Depot for now.
-Atrad [New Paladin Supplies] has been moved into the Paladin Guild Hall south of Thais Depot.
-Offline Trainers has been moved to rebirth island. [Only accessible after 1 rebirth]​
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[Aug 3rd Change Log]
-Dice, Blackjack and Beat The Dealer are now available in the casino.
-Scratch Card NPC is also available and will sell you a card however the prizes arent set up fully yet.
-Map Updates and new residents south of Thais.
-Hunt Rooms TP added to -1 Thais Depot next to Benjamin.
-12~ NPC Files corrected with duplicate items/incorrect item ids.
-Updated NPC Libraries with latest TFS revisions which includes a possibly crash fix.
-Firestorm Event now properly removes the TP when not enough players join.
Currently the Casino is using crystal coins but in the future will adapt to Blazera Tokens to use at the Casino Rewards Shop.Slot Machines and Wheel of Fortune are also being sculpted now with a chance of Roulette!

Test our Casino - everything is ran through crystal coins before we select the currency for the casino so come spend your CC at the casino before its too late!


Come give Blazera a try, we are constantly expanding!

Hive, Secret Library, Gnomepaw, and more coming soon as hunting areas. (No questlines, just strictly hunting areas to maintain 8.6 solidarity.)
Come join us today, new dungeons and areas on the way!
Functionality for house decoration has progressed - to any players that own a house; feel free to send me a message in-game and Ill help you get some new deco/trainers going on!

Currently adding these new deco items purchasable through tasks and the web shop.​
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[Aug 14th Change Log]
-Greedy Goblin Casino/Event NPC has been added! He offers items, xp boosts and cosmetic rewards for your tokens.
(Currently we are allowing purchases to be made with Crystal Coins while we finalize the Blazera Token)


In further news, we will be introducing a new npc that offers rewards for completing server activities like salvaging magical items, competing in events, gambling in the casino and many other activies. Get ready to have yet another new thing to do on a daily basis to earn task points! (Cooldown will be 20 hours)​
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Sorry for the delay guys, there was a death in the family and will be continuing to deal with that over the next week however I did have some time tonight to throw a patch I was working on previously before we got the bad news. So until mid-next week when I will be available again, here's something:

[Aug 23rd Change Log]

-New Automated Betting Levers have been enabled in Thais Depot Basement.
-Rashid now travels from each city between server saves.

[Aug 24th Change Log]
-Rebirth requirement level now scales by 15 with the amount of times youve reborn and caps out at a max of level 450.
-Nahlesar now also buys ALL of Rashids items at 50% rate for those who havent finished the quest. (170~ items added)

IE: First Rebirth requires level 300, Seconds requires level 315, on your 10th rebirth and every one after that it will require level 450.​
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[Sept 1st Change Log]
-Server Activity Task [21 in Blackjack] has been patched and now functions properly

(I am also back from the funeral services/family gatherings and will be resuming further work on the server)
Been averaging 7-12 players - task updates have been getting tested with great feedback.
Casino updates are near completion and we have a small client patch coming soon that will give our magical item system a small cosmetic shine and making looking at your equipment that much more spectacular!
[Sept 6th-12th Change Logs]
-Rarity Shaders now identify Magical Items in your inventory and container slots, as well you can notice them in monster corpses.
-The In-Game Shop button now displays the Blazera Shop which features everything available from the web store.
-Unjustified Points Window on the default layout now displays how many kills until red skull/black skull and the time remaining until your frags decrease.
-Server Activity Task [21 in Blackjack] has been patched and now functions properly.
-Server Activity Task [Boss Killer] has been patched and now functions properly.
-NPCs in Rookgaard that were reported should all be working properly again.
Please restart your client for the update to automatically take effect.


Join us today at www.blazera.net