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Any chance to update this server?

Hi sir, can you please provide more context of "update this server" Are you expecting any particular feature?

Is it missing something? Please elaborate so I can work on your request
# Server Updates: Exciting Changes and New Content!

Hey everyone!

We've got some exciting updates and new content for you. Here’s what’s new:

## Oblivion Halls Release
We were planning to release dungeons, but we decided to first open Oblivion Halls since many players are nearing that content. Here are the changes:
  • Instead of using the small ship to get inside Oblivion Halls, the 4 guardians of the abyss will now drop tomes that are used to enter.
  • The Oblivion Halls key is dropped by Relic the Seeker, who also drops a purple tome to access the actual Oblivion Halls quest. Hunting him will be more challenging.
  • A new area above Golgotha City will be added, providing a better farming area for higher-level players.

Release is in the next 6 hours, hold your hats!

## Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Money Issues Fixed: Visit Rolex NPC and buy a scarab amulet for 100 gold. Put it on a hotkey (e.g., F12) to loot gems and bodies, automatically stack money, and exchange to the next tier (crystal to chipped, chipped to flawless).
  • Walmart Update: Now distinguishes between original item names and simple items.
  • UH Change: UH is now an action item and won’t share cooldowns with spells/actions, improving gameplay for knights.
  • Command Removal: Removed !hp, !mp, and !aol.

## Website Updates
  • Fixed highscores page: Highscores
  • Fixed Armors, Helmets, Legs, Boots, and Rings page: Items

## New Additions
  • NPC Keymaster: Sells back keys for 200kk that players have from completed quests.
  • Experience Boost: Increased exp by x100 after level 10k to facilitate progress in Oblivion Halls.
  • Tooltip System: Hover over items to see attributes.
  • Bounty System: Set a bounty on players who killed you with money or premium points. The player who kills the WANTED player gets the reward.
  • Boss Health Bars: Now visible.
  • Scarab Amulet: Added for auto loot, auto stack, and auto exchange money. Available for 100gps at Rolex.

## 🎉 Exciting New Events Coming Soon! 🎉
We’re introducing three new epic events to spice up your gaming experience:

### 1. King of the Hill 🏔️
  • Event Start: Randomizer announces, "King of the Hill Event has started."
  • Teleport: Opens at Chaos Temple 2nd floor (above), leading to the waiting room.
  • Gameplay: Compete to control zones known as “hills” to earn points for your team.
  • Winning: First team to reach X points wins. The winning team receives X tokens, and the top player gets bonus X tokens. The losing team also earns X tokens for participating.
  • Duration: Event has a maximum time limit of X minutes, configurable in the script.

### 2. Team Deathmatch 💀
  • Event Start: Randomizer announces, "Team Deathmatch Event has started."
  • Teleport: Opens at Chaos Temple 2nd floor (above), leading to the waiting room.
  • Gameplay: Players are randomly assigned to two balanced teams. The first team to reach X kills or the highest score at the end of X minutes wins.
  • Winning: Winning team receives X tokens, and the top player on the winning team gets bonus X tokens. The losing team earns X tokens for participating. In case of a draw, both teams receive X tokens, with a bonus for the highest fragger.
  • Outfits: Players' outfits change to team colors during the event and revert after.

### 3. Protect the King 👑
  • Event Start: Randomizer announces, "Protect the King has started."
  • Teleport: Opens at Chaos Temple 2nd floor (above), leading to the waiting room.
  • Gameplay: Teams battle on a bridge, pushing through defenses to reach and kill the opposing team’s king. Battle restarts each round until one team reaches X score or the time limit of X minutes is reached.
  • Winning: Killing the king grants a large amount of score. Fragged players give X score to the other team and respawn after a delay. Winning team receives X tokens, and the losing team earns X tokens for participating. Outfits change to team colors for the event.

We hope these updates and new events bring a fresh and exciting experience to your gameplay. As always, any questions, issues, or feedback can be directed to the bug reports section.

Happy gaming!

Admin Max