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3Dragons - Tibia in 3D, alpha test server starts on Jul 6


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Aug 23, 2011
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Hi Folks! We will be launching first alpha test server tomorrow on Jul 6th 12pm CEST. We will be providing a password protected test server website to our Alpha Testers at first, where they will be able to create accounts and characters, but soon enough we will need more players to join our tests.

About testing itself:

1. In order to test, testers will have to download our client. It is configured and ready to connect with the server.

2. We would love to have some feedback in scope of: a. technical bugs [client / map], b. game interface [we will be providing a new UI soon], c. general ideas on how to improve the game.

3. We would appreciate some indulgence in sharing your opinion about the game. We are aware that we still have things to do in order to get to production quality, so constructive criticism is something we're looking forward to. We also accept the fact that the idea of 3D Tibia is not something is consider interesting. In that situation, please

4. The game world you will roam around is a simple map with a variety of teleports each leading to a different respawn / store / minigame / arena. PVP is allowed. We simplified everything as much as we could to make it easy for testers to start.

This thread is to provide some feedback / screenshots / videos from testing.

Join us at: https://3dragons.games/
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/9DH9rWCA