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[8.10] OTMadness Data Pack Full


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Sep 29, 2009
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I got many requests asking for such old server and since I still have it on my PC and not going to use it at all so I decided to release it here, Hope someone can rework/update and benefit of it as much as possible.
It doesn't contain any source/engine but it used old XML source/engine.
Aries-XML 0.4 you will have to find it by yourself.
I tried to fix few known bugs/issues like Account Manager/Leave-Sell house commands/Far use-able quest chests but still you'll have to move of XML to latest TFS get raid of the rest bugs.
I didn't make this server it was made by @Xagul


  • OTMadness 8.10.rar
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@Addams has been running on this server for a while, but it's slow
Yes, I've been updating this server to 10.x for a while, but because it's just a 4Fun side project, I'm not really committed to it.
I also didn't modify or change much, Just mostly minor changes because I wanted to keep the nostalgia and OTMadness sense. I even kept the ancient, bad-looking maps and the OP almost P2W in-game shop (Those that concern me most).
I will try to put it online 4Fun ASAP.
There are many reworks of madness on otservlist
You will be surprised to know that all of them are hosted by the same greedy guy, with very minor differences between them.
Except for one that has been online since like 2013, Which is unmaintained or updated often enough, and two others that come and go for a few weeks on a free VPS or home PC.