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Ardera (YurOTS 7.4+) | Development Thread


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May 6, 2008
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Welcome to Ardera.org 7.4 - Development Thread

Discord: Join the Ardera.org 7.4 - YurOTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/qHabvgUzZh)
Website: Ardera.org

Greetings to all my friends in this community, this time I want to talk and show my latest project and its continuous development,
I started this server a long time ago, when I was just starting to participate in OpenTibia forums back in 2008, after a long time looking through my old files I decided to continue it and improve it.

What map / server base was used?

The map based was YurOTS map, a lifelong classic, for those who ever played or created their first server, currently the map is much, much larger than the original base, without losing its essence, currently the server runs under the OTHire engine, with many extra modifications, my respects to @Ezzz and @Peonso and to all who have maintained this good engine in the past, also thanks to @Gesior.pl for his great knowledge and time to help others and @slaw for his great work on MYACC engine.

Now, why make a server based on YurOTS and not a realmap?

I feel a lot of respect for the other colleagues and the taste of each person, but I really think that at this time it is always nice to remember the old days, and the nostalgia that this type of map and style of game gave us.

What expectations do I have of this project?

Really, I want the users who come to us to have fun and have a different time, to play when they can, all the time I have invested in this project is for my current and future users, it is good and rewarding when they thank you for posting back a project like this.

I hope you can give your opinion and give some suggestions like exp rates, would be nice have any feedback =)


Current server features and configs:​

  • EXP Stages (Dynamic)​
  • Skills: Stages (Dynamic)​
  • Magic Rate: Stages (Dynamic)​
  • Loot: x2 (Dynamic)​
  • Monster Level System​
  • Daily dungeons.​
  • Auto-Sell system (Sell all your loot inside your backpack)​
  • Monsters drop items with attributes​
  • Autoloot Clicking Items​
  • Guild War System (PVE-E)​
  • Reward Chest for Bosses​
  • Training spears are infinite​
  • You can conjure runes x2.​
  • You can get PVP Experience when you guild is on war.​
  • Monsters has a dynamic difficult by level.​
  • Tasks system is automatic you dont need talk with NPC.​
  • Boats without protection zone.​
  • You can conjure runes directly from your backpack.​
  • Theres not soul points.​
  • OTClient​
  • Enchant Items by players (Under construction)
  • Crafing System (Under construction)

About Redskull System​

  • [Daily Red Skull]: If your character have atleast 6 unjustified kills in one day.​
  • [Automatic Ban]: If your character have 9+ unjustified kills in one day (duration 7 days)​
  • The duration of the redskull status is 2 days.​
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@See yoou hi bro

  • Extra experience 10%
  • Posibility of use auto sell system (sell all ítems on backpack)
  • Unlock outfits premium

All configuration maybe change on final versión i'll try to make the best balance on it

Thanks you for the interest 🤗
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