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Althea ¤ A New World – Official Discussion


Althea ¤ A New World Developer
Feb 21, 2008
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Some of you already followed the Althea project through the old mapping thread. Thread pictures are no longer active, and Althea has become more than just map showoff. The project went on pause for several years, but its back!
The server is in an Alpha stage, where an “Closed Alpha” were live a few weeks. Next step is “Open Alpha” at the end of the year. (Information are posted in the discord)

Make sure to join our discord server for news, discussions, and teasers!

Join our discord

  • Klank: Mapper & Scripter
  • @Noxz: Mapper & Client Dev
Server Information

Some of the current main key features of Althea:

  • Custom RPG Map
  • Item rarities (weakened, improved, strengthened, magnificent & brilliant)
  • Custom spell system w/ levels & elements
  • Monster levels
  • Checkpoints
  • Lore (ongoing)
  • Custom Client (OTCV8)
  • Permanent player bonuses
  • Wiki (ongoing)
  • Skillbooks (no trainers)
  • QoL: Extended View, OpenContainer onLogin
  • And much more.
Althea consists of many mysteries, missions, and quests. I have no intention of changing what Tibia is, I am in many ways inspired by Tibia, most specifically missions and mysteries and how it will make a player thrive to solve mysteries.

Server rates:
- Experience is dynamically based on the rate and monster level, so the experience gain is most often not static. During Alpha, stages will be a bit higher, to be able to test more.

- Skill rate: Since there are no trainers in Althea, you will have to train the classical way or by looting skillbooks. Dynamic rates are introduced to ease of and getting started.

Experience Rates
1 - 201x
21 - 802x
81 ~3x

Skill & Loot Rates
Skill (Dynamic in early game)2x
Magic (Dynamic in early game)2x
Loot (Dynamic based on monster level)1x

Plans going forward.
  • A new and better webpage
  • Constant improvements of client
  • Open-Alpha, Beta
  • Finalize promotions
  • Lore bosses & missions
  • Alchemy
  • Mining
  • Fishing system
  • Rarity window colors & loot text
  • Map updates



PS: As the project are in an Alpha stage, there will most likely be changes and additions to the game. Let’s be honest, a new server is not bug free or perfect.

This thread together with the discord server will be the platform of updates and discussions. Feel free to share your thoughts
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Excited to see Althea getting close to launch! Huge props for the amount of work this took and I’m really excited to see the final result! 🙌
For those who want to participate the Althea test 15th of december, track down bugs, give feedback and suggestions you can now sign up an account.
Client download will be available prior to launch. Follow our discord channel for other news.

Sign up: Register Account
Discord: Join Althea Discord
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Alpha test is going well so far and a lot of bugs are being resolved!

• Monster damage was reduced
• Monster above lvl 50 is called «strong» and has a 10% chance of spawning.
• Item rarity system is allways under investigating for balance changes, what we has identified is to high attributes values for top tiers.
• Item rarity chances are now being scaled with the default loot rarity, meaning that rarer loot has higher chances of rolling.
• experience rate was reduced ( exp scaling with monster level will be adjusted down also)
• a lot of balancing of the Spell levels ( on going process)
• lots of other changes can be read in our

If you want to test, download and register account on Althea Website !
Open Alpha will close at 10.03.24.
With that in mind, rarity chance, drop rate of loot, scrolls and supply bag is increased.
If someone would like to test Althea prior to its closure, your chance is now :)