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OTClient Assets 12.91 to 12.86


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Feb 5, 2021
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I am using a 12.86 server where i made some custom stuff , i request your help to know if there is any possibility to downgrade assets folder from tibia client with higher protocol,
There is a possibility to upgrade assets folder while changing assets.json and some files to upgrade assets to a newer version, im looking to downgrade 12.91 to 12.86 to get the outfits.

I tried import the outfits but is hard to implement it one by one.

I make a try to change sprites files, change appearances on catalog and assets.json but client wont open.
Yo, i think is not possible reverse Assets folder maybe im wrong, tested long time ago without sucess, you need edit file size for each sprite.lzma and some lines on catalog.

Is the most hard part to do it manually if you want keep updating on each protocol your server.