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[France] [7.4 / Custom] Realesta - Renoria [May 12th, Friday at 20:00 CEST(Poland), 15:00 BRT(Brazil) and EDT (USA)] North America for the first time!

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not as much money in high rate that's why he wont start it.

problem with lowrate is that the players who have work and life outside of tibia won't spend too much time on a ot they know only last 1-4weeks and as soon as the playerbase starts dropping alittle they lose motivation cuz they know the downwardspiral has started and the numbers start dropping fast week by week until server is dead then everybody go ahead and play another ot for 2 week and the evil circle continues, sad what it has come to nowdays. 2 weeks and onto the next in all infinity. i really don't know how people have the energy to do it, just jump to server after server beginning all over again all year round
Yeah but so does lowrate why the fuck should you waste time on a LOW RATE that dies in 2weeks when you can have much more fun on a 2week high rate that isnt meant to last?
Move host to EU ffs
i played for a month on last edition, if they didnt annouce it is us host i wouldnt even realize it was still so smooth, and atleast br team joined so we could fight for a month not another 1week eu realesta. keep us host its very good
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