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is it possible to make otclient on web browser?


Nov 23, 2023
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everything is possible :D but how to go about it? what is the best way to make otclient in browser?
(Client) JavaScript/TypeScript (or WebAssembly + JavaScript/TypeScript) + Canvas + WebSocket + WebAPI + knowledge of binary data in a web browser + (optional) HTML + CSS + web framework.
(Server) WebSocket support in TFS (or WebSocket proxy in web account maker/microservice).
Or you could go down the route of making your own tibia like game, on your own protocol, and your own server etc (I would still recommend something like socket.IO for networking if you take this route) ...

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some people have talk about webassembly. Will it take a lot of work? I've never used webasembly.
some people have talk about webassembly. Will it take a lot of work?
Yes. WebAssembly is not magic; it has a lot of limitations. You only have access to Web APIs there, so you'd have to implement a WebGL/WebGPU renderer and use something like File System API for file access (or load everything from the server via HTTP, but still quite a lot of work). And there's also client-server communication - as mentioned above, browsers don't allow you to use raw TCP sockets (there's a draft of this feature though), so you'd have to implement WebSockets instead (on both the client side and server side).
And I guess many C/C++ libs that OTClient uses would not compile to WASM just like that.