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[Poland] [8.60] TibiaOnline | Long term RL map, upgrading system, fun events

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es neko nesaprotu :D
Nov 25, 2009
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We are glad to announce that TibiaOnline 8.60 Open Tibia Server is launched today! Extended real tibia map (+ Pyre, Oken, Gengia) working quests, item upgradins system, fun features and events! Join the journey on the long term OTS - TibiaOnline!

Server IP: tibiaonline.net
Port: 7171
Protocol: 8.60

Extended real Tibia map and spawns (+ Pyre, Oken, Gengia) and additional fun features, item upgrading system!

Uptime: 99%
Connection: 200 mbits
Website: tibiaonline.net


Experience rate:
Level 1 - 49: 100x
Level 50 - 99: 60x
Level 100 - 149: 40x
Level 150 - 199: 20x
Level 200 - 249: 15x
Level 250 - 299: 10x
Level 300 - 349: 5x
Level 350 - 399: 3x
Level 400+: 2x

Skillrate: 20x
Magic rate: 15x
Loot rate: 2x
Spawn rate: 2x

Protection level: 60
House level: 100
Guild from level: 100

Daily frags to RS: 5
RedSkull duration: 3 days

Rewards on level up:
20 level: 20k
40 level: 30k
60 level: 50k

==========EVENTS AND GAMES==========
Zombie Event - Survive from zombies in cemetery and the last one gets one of 5 rewards!
Snake Game - Classic snake game, 13 reward levels!
Thais Casino - Slot machines, possiblity to win donation item and nice expensive equipment!

Demon Oak, Annihilator, Demon Helmet, Pits of Inferno, The Inquisition Quest, In Service of Yalahar 10th mission, Firewalker Boots,
Behemoth, Medusa Shield, Banshee, Black Knight Room, Blue Legs, Svargrond Arena, Crusader helmet and more.

==========MORE FEATURES==========
Upgrading system (adds atk/def/arm to item if it already has) (up to +6)
Teleport to training monks in Thais depot!
Casting system! (command: !cast on; login: leave empty account number and password)
Teleport to Room of bosses for "Killing in the Name of" quest in Thais depot!
Removes charges of runes, ammunition, throwables (only spear and golden stone are endless)
Almost all NPCs + custom npcs
NPC Rashid at Thais depot buys all valuable stuff (rashid,djinn,esrik items)
Real tibia addons (NPC Addoner next to Thais depot) - no addon dolls
Nice donation items!
All cities!
Fast respawns!
Free premium!
Free outfits!
Free travel by boats!
Expensive Houses (3x more)
No flasks after using potions!

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