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[UK][7.4] Tibiara | PVP Enforced | Smooth Client

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I'm thinking about next week maybe, lets see. I will announce the launch about a week before
Discord knows first ;)

The next server launch will be Friday 29th September 18.00 CEST. The server and website will reset in about 24 hours so you can still play and try out today. The new rates will be announced tomorrow with the reset of the server.
The server has been reset and all accounts has been deleted.

You can now create an account for the launch on Friday, 29th Sept at 18:00 CEST.

An automatic proxy system has been added to the server to pick the best ping from 6 different locations all around the world.
Our latest tests showed ping improvements of over 50% from over 200 ms to a stable 100 ms. (USA)

The new rates are online and can be found on the website.

Official Discord: Join the Tibiara Discord Server! (https://discord.tibiara.com/)
Official Website: Latest News | Tibiara (https://www.tibiara.com/)
Create Account: Create Account | Tibiara (https://www.tibiara.com/account/create)
Information about rates and more: Game features | Tibiara (https://www.tibiara.com/about/game-features)
A client update was published yesterday in order to make the auto walk work exactly like classic tibia client.

Server is still online!
Everybody that is searching for a good 7.4 real map server should join now. If this server wont get players, none server will.
Well true, server still fun! and enjoyable phase if u wanna have a good time. Without griding days and days. Some new players joined including myself. Nice!
Sry, had no time the last days. Come and play guys, its worth it. I help newstarters forward!
I will give it a try, others should join as well. A thousand times better than some other servers 👀
Thank you everyone, appreciate the kind words. There will be some server and client side improvements soon.