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[US][7.72] Zenith Beta | Launches October 1st @ 11:00 AM EST

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Jan 13, 2017
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Washington, D.C.

Due to popular demand from our playerbase, on October 1st, Zenith will relaunch as “Zenith Beta”. It’s no secret that the original launch of Zenith was a rocky one. However, over the past few months, we have continued to work hard on the project, and we believe it is now in a much more stable position. Zenith now requires an encrypted client to play, which discourages or even outright stops unofficial macro use. There are no major bugs to abuse, the balance of the game has become much more stable, the lootrate and equipment scaling have been refined, and the game mechanics are running smoothly. Although we plan on relaunching the game with an official start soon, our team and community have decided an intermediate beta phase is the best option in the meantime while we continue to perfect the project.

If you played Zenith before, we encourage you to give it another try and see how much has changed. The past few months have been a huge learning experience for us on the Zenith team, and we have continued to work on this community-first, entirely free-to-play project. Check out our reply to this post to read about all of our updates since the initial launch.

The beta will be very similar to the upcoming official launch, with just a few beta-specific additions to keep things fun and encourage players to come check it out. Among these include a higher exp rate, no item loss on death, custom events with Azure rewards, and a few other exciting twists that won’t affect the core game. If you are new to Zenith, continue reading to see what it’s all about!


Server Info:​


  • Exp Rate: scaled from 10x to 2.5x (beta only)
  • Magic Level: x2
  • Skills: x5
  • Loot: custom
  • Spawn: custom

Frags & Skull system​

  • PZ Lock: 1 minute
  • White Skull Time: 15 minutes
  • Kills For Red Skull: 5
  • Red Skull Length: 5+ days (24 hours per frag)

For even more details on what the server entails, check out my full post last year announcing the start of the beta here: Zenith - A new type of Oldschool (https://otland.net/threads/zenith-a-new-type-of-oldschool.277356/)

The main concept of the server has not changed, but I will give a TL;DR/condensed overview of Zenith here in this post for convenience:

What is Zenith?

Zenith is an oldschool (7.7) server that we have been working on for over 6 years. Our goal was to create a free to play, oldschool OT server that preserved the RPG magic that made Tibia fun in the first place, while keeping it entirely free-to-play. We’ve done that by implementing the following:

  • A 100% custom map: Not the RL map with an extra island, not a modified version of some other server’s map, a one-of-a-kind map that was made entirely by us. The map is complete with road signs, shop signs, houses, boats, carpets, NPCs that respond to keywords, easy to find beginner spawns, secret areas with hidden entrances, and over 50 quests.
  • No vocations: The strength of your character is dependent on the spells you find, your skills, and your equipment. Players can choose to focus on one fighting style, or try and train themselves up to be proficient in multiple. Every single piece of equipment, from leather boots all the way up to magic plate armor gives certain buffs and skill modifications. For more details about this system, refer to the original Zenith post linked above.
  • Mid to low rate: Players start at level 1 with an experience rate of 10x. The rate drops quickly at first (down to 5x by level 61) and then more gradually (down to 3x by level 91). Everyone has done the noob grind a hundred times, we don’t want to make that part of the game last too long. We want people to enjoy the mid and late game content for as long as possible, and the experience rates reflect that.
  • Expanded items, spells, elements and monsters: We love classic Tibia as much as anyone else, but the content in 7.x was very limited. We have tastefully added monsters, items and spells from newer versions of Tibia into our server that we feel still fit the “oldschool vibe.” We have also introduced the drown, holy and lifedrain elements to further diversify gameplay.
  • Balanced late game content: Players won’t run out of things to do after they get level 100, 150, or even 200. We don’t want our high level players stuck grinding demons or dragon lords for eternity; there’s plenty of custom content to keep players engaged.
  • No runes at shops: We agree that players being able to buy runes from the shop really hurts the RPG aspect of the game. Because there are no vocations in Zenith, anyone can learn the spells to conjure any runes, as long as you have enough mana. Players can focus on whatever fighting style they like and supply themselves with runes.
  • Mana potions and health potions: All magic shop owners sell health and mana potions, which are stackable. These potions restore players’ health and mana based on a custom formula that scales as you level up. We designed them to be good enough for players to use in emergency situations, but not so good that the game is all about potion spamming.
  • Blessings and death penalty: Dying in real Tibia was a painful experience. In Zenith, dying is still undesirable, but it isn’t nearly as painful. To further ease the death penalty, players can buy blessings from their local temple NPC for gold. Blessings become more expensive as you level up to prevent abuse.
  • No offline skill trainers, no training monks: If you want to train, do it the old-fashioned way.
  • No “creature tasks”: Some people enjoy tasks, but for the most part they just force players down a certain path. We want everyone to feel free to explore the game in their own way without being punished for it.
  • No pay to win: There is no pay to win in Zenith. You can’t use real money to buy blessings, items, gold, exp boosts, permanent light, red skull removal, unban, etc. If you want to dominate, you need to put in the time.
  • Donations: Players wishing to donate can do so in exchange for “Azure Tokens.” Azure Tokens can be used to rent houses or be exchanged for cosmetics (special decoration items and outfits). Houses do not have teleports, private spawns or private islands; this would fall under the category of “pay to win.” Houses are only for showing off items. Players who wish to own a house but are not interested in donating can negotiate with other players to buy Azure Tokens for gold.


Q: Where can I see more info about the server?
A: You can join the discord here: Join the Zenith OT Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/fzP2a9gRXj) and become part of the Zenith community. Visit the website here: Latest News - Zenith (http://zenithopentibia.ddns.net/) and check out the Getting Started page. Finally, you can view the original Zenith beta announcement thread (linked at the beginning of this post) which goes into greater detail on some of the unique aspects of the game. All of the details about experience stages, creatures, skull times, server rules etc. are available on the Zenith website.

Q: What is the PvP like?
A: The server is regular “open PvP.” Frag and skull times are posted in the Server Info section on the Zenith website.

Q: Is this really free?
A: Yes, it's really free, and always will be. There are no "gotchas," no "future release for premium only," no surprises.
Just stopping by to tell people that this is the best server i have ever played. If you want to have a new Tibia experience then this is for you. Im enyoing myself just playing solo on this beta quite a lot 😀

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