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Recent content by cherife

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    [USA][7.72]Tibia World RPG OldSchool is back!

    I like it, I'm having fun with some friends. The xp rate is a lil high, but my time playing is low. It just needs some players and a better monster loot. The players will come with time. It's a nice server, no shop items, oldschool and fun.
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    Gesior acc. maker for TFS

    Aw! Thank you for the answer.
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    Gesior acc. maker for TFS

    Why is not like the other acc makers?
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    You are so fucking hilarious! You ask for a fix and then you post again saying that you don't need the fix anymore, saying that you are the best cuz you somehow already had that fix! Avarian, thanks for the release.
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    OtLand [Competition] OtLand logo

    Really nice Alkamenes
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    OtLand [Competition] OtLand logo

    The forum is blue lol
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    OtLand [Competition] OtLand logo

    I would stay with the current logo. I don't think that would fit very well...
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    OtLand [Competition] OtLand logo

    hahaha then put a watermark... MADE BY LUEXO Thanks everyone that liked my logo and good luck everyone.
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    OtLand [Competition] OtLand logo

    Hey guys, here is mine:
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    The Forgotten Server v0.2rc11 (Mystic Spirit)

    Thank you for another release!
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    My random designs :D

    I've already seen these pictures in another sites, such as in tutorials. I liked some of them, nice work.
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    Dangers Service for War Servers!! *Out Now!!*

    Cool! Nice work Danger! Last time that I opened a World War I got 80 players on it, it was great!
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    The player don't need to answer 'yes' here? Shouldn't be elseif? I got a little confuse reading the script :S
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    Avarian, I have sent you a PM. Please check it
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    Signature Competition nr.8

    Thank you Jester! And Zooro, I'm glad that you joined too ;)