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  1. EaiComeu

    [7.4] Melindria - is comming

    Hello Otland. We come with a new propose. Do you like playing retro tibia, but you're sick of the old sprites? Melindria is the best option for you. Basic Information: -the server will have low rates -Hosted in Canada Rates: Experience Stages : 1-8 = 5x 9-25 = 4x 25-50 = 3x 50+ = 2x Loot...
  2. Nottinghster

    [7.4, 7.6, 7.7] Avesta (OTServ_SVN 0.6.3)

    Hello Folks! Today, I decided to release my Avesta editions for you, it contains 3 editions (version 7.4, 7.6 and 7.7). These files were used on my old server Tibia World RPG OldSchool in 2010 ~ 2011. P.S ¹: It's only a default datapack with sources (without map and there's 1 Bank NPC), only...
  3. Mandizinho

    [Canada] Global-Old Server 7.4

    It is with great pleasure that I come up here to disclose the opening of the new server 7.4 Old ! Opening Day 26/08/2016 8pm GMT -3 Introduction: The server was developed in partnership with three friends, in order to bring back the old tibia. With that the game was adapatado to bring fun...
  4. B

    What kind of 7.4 OTS You would like to play?

    We are playing on ots preaty long time. All of us have lots of expirience and observations. 1. What kind of 7.4 OTS you would like to play ? 2. What will make it so interesting ? 3. What kind of changes do you like?
  5. ond

    [7.4] TFS 1.2

    Not sure what I need to write here but... Note: I have never used Github before, so if I made any mistakes you will know why. About: Based on a downgraded branch by ninjalulz, which according to the file 'definition.h' is TFS 1.2 Will load older otb/otbm(7.4 to 7.72) files 7.4 items.otb/otbm...
  6. Felipe93

    [7.4] Avesta 7.4 Global map with spawns.xml and houses

    Hello i lost a lot time on this server but is a nice otserver for people that don't know of servers like me to test etc. npc workings most all houses works , all npc works, just few quest are working (scripts are inside must be added to map) vip system (via scroll) no maps bugs avesta has not...
  7. A

    [7.40] auda's Melody map (4MB)

    The Melody 7.40 project is up for contribution and I have now, sadly, decided to leave my ideas of a new gameworld behind. Many of you will probably tell me that this was a big mistake to upload it to the OTLand community, trust me I am still not comfortable with it. But I do know that if I keep...
  8. tarantonio

    [7.4] Avesta (fork) - GITHUB PROJECT - OPEN SOURCE!

    I decided to open a public open source project on github to improve the so well known server distribution named Avesta. It's based on rev 9.4.2012, the featured download on: https://code.google.com/p/avesta74/ For sure it has bugs, I uploaded sources too. I think we can get a perfect 7.4 -...
  9. Shanksera

    [7.4] [Epic Release] The best 7.4 real map in the web!!!!

    I've been working on this map and after few months I stopped mainly due to lack of time and nowadays nothing changed still busy.This map needs obviously some fixes , but It's still the most completed 7.4 real map in the net.95% of borders are fixed including swamp , sand etc. 90% of mountain's...
  10. Summ

    [7.4] Better Real Map <Still not flawless>

    Download Map 7.4: 7.4realmapbysumm.rar - Speedy Share - upload your files here Download Original 7.6 used to convert: world7.6.rar - Speedy Share - upload your files here Converted using RME! <3 Remere Thais temple: 32369 32241 7 Bugs: -some borders mostly including sand, mud, ice/snow...
  11. Karchii Oawaa

    [7.4] The full RL map!

    Well, as I've been striving to get this full map so hard. I finally got it. Now; I want to release it to the public. (So you don't have to go through the trouble I've had to go through, so generous eh). Unfortunately, I do not have any images. I haven't really gone through the whole map yet, so...