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[USA] [8.60] Marlboro Wars - December 1st 15:00 GMT-6

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May 1, 2013
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Welcome to MarlboroWars
Style 2 Malboro.png

MarlboroWars it's a well-known server on North and Latin America, so feel free to create your account.

Recently, the game/network code from our engine has been updated.
You can expect a more smooth server now in case you play with high ping.

About the server
A good war server type High Level - out of the ordinary, a place where you can get some fun with your friends or playing against your enemies!
Gameplay has been designed to be competitive - Server is hosted on Virginia, USA (Global Host)

Social Media

Login Details
IP: marlboro-war.net
Port: 7171 - Client: 8.60

You either can use the default 8.6 client or download our custom client here

General Information

Initial level: 300
Magic rate x35 - Skill rate x50

Gameplay (basics):
We think that is something you must find out by youself, you just need to know its a full war server with extra features to make it more enjoyable for everyone!

[Sorcerer] -> Unlike the druids, this vocation deals more damage but their healing is weaker compared with them.
[Druid] -> Unlike the sorcs, this vocation receive more heal percent with healing spells, also his buff spell grants more health and defense.
[Paladin] -> Weakest at the beginning but strongest in the end, the best single-target damage vocation.
[Knight] -> A balanced vocation that makes significantly damage and good tank, his abilities require a hugh manapercent amount tho.

First week you can get up to 5000 premium points by killing other players!
Dont miss the start!

war.png mb-war-2.pngmb_war.png

See you soon!
We are starting in less than 24 hours! Over 200 unique accounts registered.

We would also like to mention that this season, we'll try to maintain a great experience for everybody. Of course, we are referring to combos from third-party software. Not an easy task, but we can ensure to our players that we'll try our best.

Please feel free to review the server rules.
We starting in less than 30 minutes! Hope to see you there.

Santa is coming to Marlboro!
A christmas event will take place in less than hour (14:00 GMT-6)

During the event, on every purchase you will receive +50% premium points.
The event concludes at 00:00 GMT-6 on December 26th
make a better website xd
I mean the layout
because everyone has one

but server is okay ;)
A reset level took place today on 02.02.24, we encourage new people to try out our server.
All frags/deaths/assists/ranks and levels has been wiped - hope to see you there.
San Valentine's event is here! Say Hi to San Valentino for more information.

During the event, on every purchase you will receive +50% premium points.
The event concludes at 17:00 GMT-6 on February 18th

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